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Tevez can’t really leave for Juventus until he’s completed 250 hours of community service

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Carlos Tevez jetted off to Turin on Wednesday night to complete a £12 million transfer from Manchester City to Italian champions Juventus.

But it seems that there is one small hitch standing in the way of the Argentine taking leave of England for good: the small matter of the 250 hours community service that he has yet to complete.

Tevez was given the sentence in March after pleading guilty to driving while disqualified, and by accepting his guilt he was able to avoid jail.

But it turns out that he reportedly has a “significant” number of hours yet to complete – and he risks incurring the wrath of the British legal system if he flees the country before making amends.

With Italian football beckoning, Tevez won’t want to hang around in Cheshire – though given his well-documented distaste for the training pitch, perhaps he’ll be glad of the chance to skip pre-season workouts in Turin.

Expert football lawyer Daniel Geey claims that Tevez has several options:

“He can apply to revoke the order and the court has the power to impose for a substitute sentence,” Geey wrote on Twitter, though that would presumably open Tevez up to all sorts of other possibilities – including some time behind bars.

Alternatively, Geey says, he could “he may accelerate the work to finish in time before his transfer,” though again that seems unlikely since it could involve hanging around for several weeks if there is still a sizeable chunk of service to do. If he has 150 hours left, for example, that would probably take him a month even working full time. There is also a possibility that Tevez might have to pay a fine in lieu of the outstanding time left to serve.

Finally, the third option is to just head off into the sunset and hope for the best – though given his profile, it seems unlikely that he would be allowed to do so: “He could run the risk of arrest if probation officer seeks the county's approval based on impossibility of completing order.”

We know it won’t happen, but we can’t help but hope he goes for that last option. Think of the drama if Maccesfield Magistrates Court try to extradite Carlos Tevez from Italy! How good would that be?

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