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What would working in an office with Luis Suarez be like?

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Luis Suarez's unsavoury behaviour on the pitch is often defended with praise for his fierce competitive spirit and in a new ad for Uruguayan company Abitab, we get to see how that would translate to working in an office.

Suarez torments his new co-workers throughout the ad — kicking photocopiers and diving to the ground when touched. He also blows out a young colleague's birthday candles.

The ad, however, does not show any racial abuse or repeated biting of other human beings. Perhaps they're saving that for the director's cut.

As enjoyable as it is, getting paid to make fun of his lesser offences doesn't suddenly mean that he isn't guilty of biting Branislav Ivanovic, or racially abusing Patrice Evra, or even stroppily trying to force a transfer from a Liverpool team who have shown him unwavering loyalty.

But it is a reminder that, like most people, Suarez actually exists somewhere between the popular yet simplistic views of him as being an angelic martyr and the embodiment of pure evil.

Brooks Peck / Dirty Tackle / Eurosport

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