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You thought the English were bad at penalties….

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We at World of Sport have seen some pretty horrendous penalty misses in our time, but it takes something to barely even manage to move the ball from the spot.

In what must be one of the worst penalty attempt of all time, SP-America midfielder Pilo stumbles as he approaches the ball and somehow contrives to kick himself over as he leaves it no closer to the goal than when he began his run-up.

The Votuporanguense goalkeeper, not to his credit, had already dived full length across his goalline, committing himself far too early, but was still able to simply get to his feet and celebrate the miss.

Poor Pilo will surely never be able to forget the miss, and he was left sprawled out on the ground as play continued.

SP-America play in the Campeonato Paulista Série A3 - the third tier of Sao Paulo's state championship - so Pilo won't need to travel far if Roy Hodgson finds he has an English granny and fancies him to take a penalty for England at the next World Cup.

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