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  1. - - He's played a supporting role for a number of years now, but his starring role today will taste so sweet for Van Summeren. Cancellara came so close, but was utterly let down by his team - and spent much of the latter stages of the race doing the hard work for other riders. Thanks for joining our live coverage of the 2011 Paris-Roubaix

  2. - - That's Van Summeren's first win in four years, after fifth and eighth-placed finishes here in 2009 and 2008 respectively. The 6'5" Belgian adds his name to the illustrious list of former winners of the Queen of the Classics, after an extraordinary finish to an extraordinary race

  3. - - What an extraordinary race! Fabian Cancellara of Leopard Trek finishes a wonderful comeback to just nick second place, 22 seconds behind, ahead of Rabobank's Maarten Tjallingii


  5. 0.5km - Van Summeren storms into the velodrome to raucous cheers from the crowd, and Cancellara can't reach him! The lofty Belgian is on his way around the track, as the chasing arrive at the velodrome!

  6. 1km - The last time-check we had was 40 seconds between Van Summeren and Cancellara, and it's surely too late for him to win this! Take nothing away from Cancellara though, this has been a quite staggering finish!

  7. 2km - Magnificent from Cancellara as he finally gets away from Hushovd on the approach to the Roubaix velodrome! Incredibly, the Swiss catches up with the chasing trio of Tjallingi, Bak, and Rast! Surely he can't do it?!

  8. 4km - Van Summeren reaches the outskirts of Roubaix now, and he's heading for the last section of cobbles. There's an uphill drag first, but Tjallingi is really starting to suffer now!

  9. 5km - Ballan takes over pace-setting ahead of Cancellara, and their gap from the front is 42 seconds now. It's likely to be two little too late for the defending champion, though, as his group finally start working together

  10. 7km - And it's Maarten Tjallingi now who has made his move and stormed ahead of Bak and Rast! He closing in on Van Summeren, and lies just 20 seconds back with 7km remaining! Bak and Rast sit a further 10 seconds back

  11. 8km - Cancellara can't shake off Hushovd, and it looks like he's dropping off slightly! The Leopard Trek rider won't want to carry the world champion all the way to the line, and he's definitely sitting back. Up top, Van Summeren's lead is being rapidly eaten into by Rast and Bak, and it looks like we're moments away from having a front three again!

  12. 10km - Cancellara is riding angry now, but Van Summeren has made his move. The Belgian does look to be blowing slightly, and he's off his seat, but there's only 10km here and he could be on the verge of the biggest win of his life! Bak and Rast are still chasing him, 25 seconds back

  13. 10km - This is cat and mouse cycling at its best, and Cancellara is leading Hushovd on an incredible charge towards the leaders. They're scything through the back markers like a hot knife through butter, but they're still 50 seconds behind Van Summeren who is up top on his own

  14. 15km - Cancellara's group finally springs into life! The Swiss lets the gap hit one minute before launching another attack to try and reel in the leaders. Hushovd only just manages to swerve around a motorcycle as the pair push, but then Van Summeren and Tjallingi immediately launch rapid attacks of their own from the lead group!

  15. 15km - The riders are barely visible through the dust as they tackle the four-star Camphin-en-Pevele cobbles, and things get even tougher as the lead group enters the five-star Carrefour de l'Arbre. The lead group of Lars Bak (HTC), Gregory Rast (RadioShack) Johan Van Summeren (Garmin-Cervelo) and Maarten Tjallingi (Rabobank) is now 50+ seconds clear of Cancellara and his third-placed group

  16. 20km - HTC-Highroad's Lars Bak and John Degenkolb are pushing the lead group hard and force a split, but Guesdon has caught the second group again after that puncture! The 39-year-old Italian won this race way back in 1997 - what a romantic result it would be if he could sneak a win here 14 years later! They're 45 seconds clear of Cancellara's group

  17. 25km - Guesdon suffers a puncture! He's had a fantastic race - pushing hard in the front group - but will drop back now

  18. 25km - Here comes sector six, and a four-star difficulty at Cysoing! The chasing group are now 40 seconds behind, after Cancellara and Hushovd's spat. HTC is working hard to stretch the gap, and Bernhard Eisel will really fancy his chances!

  19. 29km - Flecha is back! Cancellara will be so frustrated - he's had absolutely no help at all today! Flecha takes advantage of the ongoing tactical dispute between Cancellara and Hushovd, and powers back to join their chasing group! The big question now is whether anyone in the top group can press on and really punish Cancellara

  20. 30km - Cancellara refuses to work any harder at the front of the trio, with Hushovd and Ballan refusing to move up top! This is an intriguing situation, as Cancellara discusses the situation with the Garmin car! This is a real game of poker between Cancellara and Hushovd, with both riders refusing to budge!

  21. 30km - The chasing quartet of Cancellara, Hushovd, Ballan, and Flecha is now a trio, as Flecha drops off. The trio are closing unerringly on the front group, as they fly over the 200m Templeuve - L’Epinette cobbles

  22. 35km - Cancellara runs wide on a corner, but handles the bike magnificently as he rides up onto the pavement with minimal fuss. Meanwhile, Guesdon tries to push the pace in the leading group once again, and Van Summeren does well to stick with him. Intriguing stuff up top, and the gap is just 25 seconds at the moment!

  23. 40km - ... Lars Ytting Bak (HTC-Highroad), Jurgen Roelandts (Omega Pharma-Lotto), Manuel Quinziato (BMC Racing Team), Frederic Guesdon (FDJ), and Baden Cooke (Saxo Bank-SunGard), John Degenkolb (HTC-Highroad), Tom Leezer (Rabobank), Gabriel Rasch (Garmin-Cervelo) and Gregory Rast (RadioShack)

  24. 40km - So the lead group currently consists of: Maarten Tjallingi (Rabobank), Martin Elmiger (AG2R-La Mondiale), Timon Seubert (Team NetApp), Jimmy Engoulvent (Saur-Sojasun), Mitchell Docker (Skil-Shimano), David Boucher (Omega-Pharma Lotto), David Veilleux (Europcar), Andre Greipel (Omega Pharma-Lotto) Koen de Kort (Skil-Shimano) and Gorazd Stangelj (Astana), Johan Van Summeren (Garmin-Cervelo)...

  25. 40km - Cancellara's trio is caught by another small group containing Ballan, which is lucky for Flecha who looked to be flagging. They're distancing themselves from the peloton, but the leading group still have a one minute, five second lead as they reach the two-star Merignies a Avelin

  26. 45km - Cancellara noticably cranks up the pace, and Flecha and Hushovd have to work hard to keep pace! The Swiss ride shows that incredible turn of pace that won him the title last year, and that's fantastic riding from Flecha and Hushovd to keep pace

  27. 47km - Thor Hushovd attacks from the peloton! Cancellara sticks close behind, and this might just be the move that terminally splits the group! Gaps are beginning to emerge, and Cancellara finally starts to move to the front of the group

  28. 50km - Another BIG crash sees Europcar and Vacansoleil riders tumble towards the back of the stretched peloton. Sliding out on the corners again, which is bizarre given how dry the conditions are. The lead group heads onto the Mons-en-Pevele cobbles, which are five-star difficulty

  29. 50km - This has been an electirfying Paris-Roubaix, but the sheer number of spills has been quite incredible. Boonen is the big-name casualty, but Chavanel has also had a tough time of it with two punctures and a big crash of his own. Very bad day for Quick Step

  30. 52km - BOONEN RETIRES! The Quick Step rider calls it after a nightmarish afternoon, and that's one of the favourites out...

  31. 55km - Another team sky rider goes down in a big tangle! Filippo Pozzato (Katusha) is amongst the fallers, and he's really struggling to get back to his feet. John Degenkolb (HTC-Highroad), Tom Leezer (Rabobank) and Gregory Rast (RadioShack) sits 27 seconds behind the big leading group, with the peloton 53 seconds back. Cancellara is in amongst a group of terrific riders - just ahead of Boom, with Farrar and Hushovd also there

  32. 60km - The peloton closes in on Orchies, and some three-star cobbles. Cancellara and his Leopard Trek team look in a good position in the peloton, as the two breakaway groups have merged into one! They're 40 seconds ahead of the bunch

  33. 62km - CHAVANEL GOES DOWN! Oh and that's a brutal fall. The Quick Step man slides out on a paved section, after a real effort to get back into the bunch. Horrible fall for one of the top favourites here, and the two biggest riders in the Quick Step team have had an utterly forgettable day today!

  34. 65km - Boonen remains a further 30-odd seconds behind the peloton, and is in real danger of being left behind. He continues to push to catch up AND BOONEN GOES DOWN IN ANOTHER BIG CRASH! A Rabobank rider goes down fast, catching Boonen and Sky's Geraint Thomas as four or five riders take a heavy, heavy tumble. Quick Step's bad day gets worse, and that could be it for a battered and bruised Boonen!

  35. 70km - There's now 40 seconds between the leading group of riders and the chasing group of Quinziato, Guesdon, Boom, Cooke, Bak, Van Summeren, Hayman, and Roelandts, with the peleton a further minute+ behind

  36. 75km - Boonen is working incredibly hard as he reels in the bunch - about 800m ahead and with Cancellara in its ranks - but his team-mate Chavanel has suffered another front puncture! Horrible luck for Quick Step, and Chavanel might just wait for Boonen now as he loses more time on the front runners...

  37. 80km - Boonen has a long, arduous chase ahead of him, and it'll be a tall order to get back into contention. Sky leads the peloton out of the forest, and several more riders go down in a heap in the midst of the bunch. A group including Quinziato, Guesdon, Boom, Cooke, Bak, Vansummeren, and Roelandts attack from the peloton, and are closing down the leading group

  38. 83km - TOM BOONEN PULLS UP IN THE ARENBERG! The Quick Step rider has a mechanical failure towards the end of the Arenberg cobbles, and it takes an age for the team car to catch up with him and hand over a new bike! The Belgian waits an agonisingly long time for the replacement ride, and he's lost so much time there

  39. 85km - The peloton reach the Arenberg a minute and 50 seconds later at an absolutely furious pace! The teams are treating it like the lead-out to a sprint, and Lars Boom has made a tremendous break at the start of the cobbles

  40. 85km - Here comes the Arenberg, and the peloton has really upped the pace to try and reel in the gap ahead of the 2.4km, five-star cobbles. The man who originally proposed the road for the race - Jean Stablinski - once said "Paris-Roubaix is not won in Arenberg, but from there the group with the winners is selected"...

  41. 85km - Roger Hammond goes down! That's gutting for the 37-year-old, and it looked like he might have done his collar bone then as Heinrich Haussler shot over and island in the middle of the road and both men went down. Nasty crash

  42. 90km - Kevin van Impe goes down now, after clashing with a Katusha rider. There's a very rough, very open stretch of cobbles now heading towards Arenberg, and the 10 escapees are up to two minutes and 40 seconds clear!

  43. 95km - A Europcar rider clips the curb from the edge of the peloton, and goes down heavily. He gets back on his bike, and rejoins the bunch at the back. There's some real hustling going on to get to the front of the bunch!

  44. 100km - We're into the final 100km of the Paris - Roubaix! Jimmy Engoulvent has suffered a chain problem and dropped out of the breakaway, as the peloton clears the 1.6km sector 18 at Maing à Monchaux-sur-Écaillon

  45. 105km - The Forest of Arenberg is fast approaching, and the favourites - Cancellara, Boonen, Hushovd, and Chavanel - might just start getting a little bit worried as the breakaway's lead extends to two minutes and 15 seconds. Video: Boonen's 10 to watch out for today

  46. 110km - One minute and 55 seconds gap now for the 11 breakaway riders, and the cloud of dust they're producing on the dry, dirty cobbles is quite spectacular. Video: Thor Hushovd is desperate to win Paris-Roubaix

  47. 115km - So the leading group now consists of Martin Elmiger (AG2R-La Mondiale), Timon Seubert (Team NetApp), Jimmy Engoulvent (Saur-Sojasun), Mitchell Docker (Skil-Shimano), Nelson Oliveira (RadioShack), David Boucher (Omega-Pharma Lotto), Marteen Tjallingi (Rabobank), David Veilleux (Europcar), Andre Greipel (Omega Pharma-Lotto), Koen de Kort (Skil-Shimano) and Gorazd Stangelj (Astana). They're one minute and 35 seconds clear

  48. 115km - Greipel's group reaches the leading seven, and this is developing into a serious breakaway now! A Lampre rider skids out on a corner as the stretched-out peloton tries to reel in the leading 11

  49. 120km - The lead is down to just 20 seconds now, as Matt Goss and Simon Clarke recover from punctures...

  50. 123km - The peloton is really getting strung out now as the next cobbled section comes up at Aulnoy. Our television coverage is now underway, and you can watch it LIVE on British Eurosport!

  51. 128km - The lead is down to 35 seconds from the chasing four, as David Boucher drops back into the peloton after a puncture. The bunch are one minute 20 behind

  52. 128km - There's a crash in the peloton! The bunch grinds almost to a halt on a steep section of cobbles, and Bjorn Leukemans (one of the favourites for the race at 25/1). After much scrapping and scrabbling around, they're back on their way, but the Belgian faces a slog now to get back into contention in this searing heat

  53. 133km - It's very dusty, and very dry as the riders head through Vertain à Saint-Martin-sur-Écaillon. Greipel's small breakaway group has been quickly swallowed up, but remaing at the head of the peloton. The leading eight are now one minute and 10 seconds clear

  54. 138km - Cancellara switches bikes, as the peloton reduce the breakaway's lead to 55 seconds. Omega Pharma-Lotto's Andre Greipel tries to stir a reaction from the peloton with another escape, and a handful of riders follow him

  55. 148km - The third cobbled section approaches at Quievy a Saint-Python, with Elmiger, Seubert, Engoulvent, Docker, Oliveira, Boucher, Tjallingi, and Veilleux ahead by one minute and 25 seconds!

  56. 153km - Quick Step's Tom Boonen: "Sunday will be another battle but our team is ready. We have some great riders on the team and we can count on an outstanding Chavanel; after what he did on Sunday in the Ronde he's become a race favourite. There's plenty of competition. I'd put Cancellara a little bit above the rest, but there are at least 8 riders who could win it. We're going to do our best to give the team a prestigious win."

  57. 158km - Frenchman Arnaud Coyot (Saur-Sojasun) has retired, which will be massively disappointing for the 30-year-old who finished Paris-Roubaix 10th back in 2005

  58. 161km - The breakaway bunch hit the cobbles! The gap from the peloton stands at 50 seconds, after the Troisvilles sector!

  59. 168km - AG2R-La Mondiale's Martin Elmiger launches an attack! Simon Seubert (Team Netapp) joins the Swiss as the fierce racing continues, and Jimmy Engoulvent (Saur-Sojasun), Mitchell Docker (Skil-Shimano), Nelson Oliveira (RadioShack), David Boucher (Omega-Pharma Lotto), Marteen Tjallingi (Rabobank) and David Veilleux (Europcar) also join the move.

  60. 173km - Cofidis's Kevin Ista tries to launch an attack, but the Belgian is quickly reeled in. The peleton is very stretched now, and continuing at a blistering pace.

  61. 178km - Toisvilles a Inchy presents just the first of 27 cobbled sections. Race organisers classify the sections with stars - five for the longest and hardest, one for the shorter sectores. The first sector is three-stars, so a moderate-difficulty start for the 196 remaining riders.

  62. 188km - We're under 30km away from the first cobbled section - a 2.2km path in Troisvilles a Inchy. Video: Cancellara confident ahead of Paris - Roubaix

  63. 192km - ATTACK OVER: The peloton have caught up with the six leaders. They never built a lead much greater than half a minute to be fair.

  64. 198km - "With it being spring classics season, Saddles obviously only has one person to talk about - and a third Spartacus-themed blog in succession will look at Fabian Cancellara's self-proclaimed Superman status ahead of defending his Paris-Roubaix crown on Sunday." Check out Blazin' Saddles unique take on the Paris-Roubaix

  65. 208km - The gap is still around the 35 seconds mark at the moment. if you are a casual cycling fan who maybe only watches the Grand Tours you might be wondering why this race is considered so special. Well here is Belgium's Tom Boonen to explain. VIDEO: Boonen on Paris-Roubaix 'magic'

  66. 218km - Our leading group is now six strong: Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky), Marco Bandiera (Quick Step), Mirko Selvaggi (Vacansoleil-DCM), Anthony Ravard (AG2R-La Mondiale), Bert De Backer (Skil-Shimano) and Luis Pasamontes (Movistar). They have a lead of 35 seconds on the peloton so there is a chance this attack could stick for awhile. We are coming up now to the first paved area.

  67. 228km - Wiggins, Bandiera and Selvagg are still ahead of the group but they have not been able to build any sort of a lead. Earlier in the race Mark Cavendish ran into trouble and had to change his bike…so we are still waiting for a real patter to emerge here. Think you know your Paris-Roubaix history? Most wins? Youngest winner? Fastest editions? Those questions and more answered here

  68. 238km - User Lewis reckons that "Gerraint Thomas is a good outside bet" but it is another British Team Sky rider who has made an early move. Bradley Wiggins, along with Marco Bandiera (Quick Step) and Mirko Selvaggi (Vacansoleil-DCM) are on the attack. They have 18 seconds on the Latvian Aleksejs Saramotins (Cofidis) and 25 of the peloton.

  69. 248km - 197 riders started today but we are already down one with Vitali Boets (Lampre) calling it quits after just 3km. Resonably calm conditions at the moment but a head wind is expected to pick up. The first attack of the day came from Adriano Malori (Lampre-ISD) and Germany's Andreas Schillnger (Team Netapp) but they were quickly gobbled up.

  70. - - Of course this a race that I'm sure you would like to watch. Action kicks off on Eurosport at 11:15am. If you do not have Eurosport, remember you can subscribe to the Eurosport Player to see the drama unfold. All the Spring Classics and Grand Tours for just £3.99 a month

  71. 258km - We are underway.....258km of cycling to come. Cancellara is the favourite again with the bookmakers but Tom Boonen and Thor Hushovd are among those fancied too. Maybe an outsider could surprise? Leave your thoughts and predictions below.

  72. 09:20 - Welcome to our live coverage from the Paris Roubaix as Fabian Cancellara looks to defend his title on the draining cobblestones.


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