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Tour de France - Samatan - Pau

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  1. 0km - The peloton rolls over almost 12 minutes down - no change in the GC ahead of the rest day.

  2. 0km - Thomas Voeckler beat Niki Sorensen to take third place.

  3. 0km - Fedrigo takes it easily – his fourth career win on the Tour.

  4. 0.5km - Vande Velde is playing poker in the wheel of Fedrigo.

  5. 1km - Under the flame rouge for Fedrigo and Vande Velde. They have 16 seconds on the chasers.

  6. 3km - Now the two leaders have 20 seconds over the chasing duo. Just two kilometres to go now.

  7. 4km - Sorensen and Voeckler join forces, while Dumoulin and Devenyns hesitate.

  8. 5km - Voeckler is leading the chase, but the gap is 15 seconds.

  9. 6km - Vandevelde is able to join Fedrigo but there’s indecision behind.

  10. 7km - Now Fedrigo has an go! The Frenchman opens up a big gap.

  11. 8km - ATTACK: Another speculative dig from Sorensen. The Dane is reeled back in. Fedrigo is tight at the back, but now moves forward to cover an attack from Voeckler

  12. 9km - Levi Leipheimer needs a bike change. The Omega Pharma-Quick Step rider has not had a good Tour. Yesterday, he crashed into Robert Kiserlovski on the final descent - it was the latest of many crashes this season for the American.

  13. 10km - ATTACK: Saxo Bank's Nikki Sorensen predicatably has a dig from distance. Voeckler and Vande Velde combine to bring him back. It's back together.

  14. 12km - Another withdrawal to report: Yauheni Hutarovich of FDJ-BigMat.

  15. 15km - Still no movement from within the leading group. The roads are rolling and winding. There is going to be quite an interesting tactical battle before the finish.

  16. 18km - We missed it earlier because it was such a non-event, but Thomas Voeckler took the solitary point over the Cat.4 Côte de Monassut.

  17. 20km - The leaders pass through the narrow streets of Morlaas with 11:30 over the pack. Voeckler has the least pressure on him - he has already won a stage in the Jura mountains. It would be a nice story for Vande Velde if he won - the American was a great lieutenant for Ryder Hesjedal in the Giro, and Garmin have really suffered in this Tour with crashes.

  18. 25km - Complete indifference in the peloton as the five leaders increase the gap to 11 minutes.

  19. 31km - The gap is almost 10 minutes now. The best placed rider in the break is Voeckler, a huge 56:06 down on the yellow jersey Brad Wiggins. That explains the lack of chase by Team Sky. Soon there might well be an attack from within the group - at least one rider will try and pull clear ina bid to stop this one coming down to a sprint. Probably someone like Fedrigo or Vande Velde.

  20. 36km - The leaders are on the Cat.3 Côte de Simacourbe - 1.9 kilometre-long climb at 6.3%. Voeckler is on the front.

  21. 40km - Reminder of the six leaders: Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), Pierrick Fedrigo (FDJ), Christian Vande Velde (Garmin), Dries Devenyns (OMQS), Samuel Dumoulin (BMC) and Nikki Sorensen (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff). One of these riders will win the stage tonight. Voeckler, of course, already has one win this his name in this race. The gap is now 8:30.

  22. 43km - The gap is up to 7:50 so there's no doubt that this break will stay out until the very end. Sky, Orica-GreenEdge and Lotto seem to have no desire leading the chase for there sprinters, while Peter Sagan is happy in the knowledge that he already has three wins plus the green jersey on his shoulders.

  23. 47km - Team Sky lead the peloton over the top of the climb 6:20 down on the leaders. Perhaps there will be no attempt to reel them in today. Mark Cavendish won't be best pleased.

  24. 48km - Two more withdrawals: Kenny van Hummel (Vacansoleil-DCM) and Giovanni Bernaudeau (Europcar).

  25. 50km - Third withdrawal of the day: Australian Brett Lancaster (Orica-GreenEdge) has abandoned.

  26. 51km - Voeckler takes the solitary point available at the top of the climb. The Frenchman wore the polka dot jersey for one day earlier in the race.

  27. 52km - The last time the Tour came to Pau (and it's been here 57 times) was in 2010. The winner? Pierrick Fedrigo... It was the Frenchman's last UCI win and his third career Tour scalp. Can he make it four today?

  28. 53km - We're onto the Cat.4 Côte de Lahitte-Toupière - a 2.1 kilometre-long climb at 5.3%.

  29. 54km - Sagan rolls over to take points for seventh place over the intermediate sprint. He already has an insurmountable lead but that doesn't stop him. No one else bothers to even compete.

  30. 57km - Nikki Sorensen crosses the intermediate sprint in pole position ahead of Thomas Voeckler. But it was uncontested. Greipel will probably try and take maximim minor points to consolidate his second place in the green jersey competition - just in case something happens to Sagan between here and Paris.

  31. 60km - The Lotto team of Andre Greipel are now on the front of the peloton. Could the German make it four today? Or will Mark Cavendish finally double up after all his team duties? Perhaps the Lanterne Rouge Tyler Farrar can nick a win? Matt Goss could break his duck? Or will that man Peter Sagan rule once again?

  32. 65km - The six leaders have 5:15 on the bunch. Still no clouds in the sky on what is a picture-perfect day in France. The peloton is going through the feeding zone.

  33. 70km - We spoke to Bernie Eisel at the start and asked the Austrian with the Australian accent about Cav's chances: "Of course he’s ready. He always is when it's a day like this," said Eisel. "When there is a bunch sprint, of course he’s ready. That's why he’s here. We will try and it's my job to make it happen and we'll all be there to support him in the final but first we've got to see what happens in the first 30km."

  34. 75km - Nikki Sorensen has joined the other escapees so we now have a six-man group riding 6:35 ahead of the bunch. Saxo Bank have dropped off the front of the peloton.

  35. 78km - This is interesting: Saxo Bank have moved to the front of the peloton to take up pace-setting. They clearly don't have much confidence in their man Nikki Sorensen catching the leaders or in the leading group sticking out. Perhaps they're preparing the way for their Argentine sprinter JJ Haedo.

  36. 80km - Eurosport spoke to the bete noire of the peloton this morning and quizzed him about the tacks incident yesterday: "I'm fed up with this, so I'll take off my sunglasses so you can see into my eyes. I am upset and disappointed that people would think I could attack to improve my position if I had known about what had happened. I would never take advantage of other riders' misfortune and it saddens me that people are saying these things."

  37. 83km - Team Sky have come to the front of the peloton to control things - not that there's much to control. The gap is six minutes now.

  38. 84km - The peloton has completely eased off - they're going under 20kmh now. The break is now 5:20 up the road.

  39. 86km - Nikki Sorensen still rides solo in pursuit of the leaders - he's 35 seconds down. The pack is now three minutes back.

  40. 90km - There's a big French rivalry in this break between Fedrigo, Dumoulin and Voeckler. In fact, Voeckler and Fedrigo are former team-mates and are very close - with Tommy V recently saying Fedrigo was one of the biggest talents in the peloton... Blog: Blazin' Saddles - No attacks but lots of tacks

  41. 92km - One Saxo Bank rider is not happy and attacks. It's Nikki Sorensen, who has already tried today to attack. It's going to be touch for the Dane - the five leaders have about 35 seconds.

  42. 93km - Yellow jersey Brad Wiggins comes to the front of the peloton - a sign if ever there was one that things are slowing up in the bunch.

  43. 95km - We have five more riders off the front: Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), Pierrick Fedrigo (FDJ), Christian Vande Velde (Garmin), Dries Devenyns (OMQS) and Samuel Dumoulin (BMC).

  44. 98km - It's all coming back together now as the peloton makes contact with all the leaders. We're back together as one, so expect a second wave of attacks shortly.

  45. 99km - The nine-man leading group have another quintet in pursuit. There's still only 11 seconds here as Grivko tries to push on yet again.

  46. 101km - The break is pretty much doomed as four riders break from the bunch to join them - including Vinokourov.

  47. 102km - We've been riding for more than 50km now and still no real break has formed. The current five leaders still only have 10 seconds. Now Bernie Eisel moves to the front of the peloton and claps his hands in a bid to slow things down.

  48. 104km - Peter Sagan moved into third place in the youth standings yesterday, but it's very much a two-horse race, with Tejay Van Garderen (BMC) leading Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) by 1:54. Sagan is more than 40 minutes down. White jersey standings

  49. 105km - Vincent Jerome of Europcar has withdrawn from the race. He's the first of the team to pull out.

  50. 108km - A slender 14 seconds now splits the leaders and the peloton, who have caught Haedo and Kroon. Edvald Boasson Hagen was on the front of the peloton and imploring his colleagues to slow down by putting his hands out and waving them like a bird. But no: still the attacks come in thick and fast.

  51. 110km - Just a few minor climbs today so - provided a break sticks at some point - there won't be much change in the polka dot jersey standings. Swede Frederik Kessiakof has a 14-point lead over Pierre Rolland. Polka dot jersey standings

  52. 111km - Saxo Bank pair JJ Haedo and Karsten Kroon have pinged out of the peloton in pursuit of the leaders. They have a small gap. The leaders have only 15 seconds. Such a fast and tense start to the stage - nothing is sticking whatsoever.

  53. 113km - One jersey which is pretty much decided is the green jersey: yesterday Peter Sagan picked up points for second in the stage and first in the intermediate sprint. The Slovak youngster has 333 points with his nearest challenger, Andre Greipel, on 236. Unless Sagan crashes out, he'll ride into Paris and mount the podium in green. Green jersey standings

  54. 115km - It looks like this Millar quintet will be reeled in. So many riders are trying to ping off the front of the pack that the pace is extremely high. The gap is still under 20 seconds.

  55. 116km - Europcar may have Arashiro on the front, but they have Thomas Voeckler struggling to keep up with the peloton on the back.

  56. 117km - The break still only had 16 seconds despite a huge effort from Grivko et al to pull away.

  57. 118km - A lot of riders are trying to leave the peloton in pursuit of the leaders, but there is no coordination and each individual is reeled in. Rabobank, Lotto and Argos are all there, as are Saxo and Katusha.

  58. 120km - The five escapees have 20 seconds on the peloton as they pass through the splendid market town of Auch.

  59. 124km - Yukiya Arashiro of Europcar has joined Millar and Grivko in a five-man group that also includes Bert Granbsch (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) and Rui Costa (Movistar). Understandably, numerous teams want to bring this back - Orica-GreenEdge, Katusha, Saxo Bank and Saur Sojasun are all on the front of the peloton leading the chase. The gap is about 15 seconds now.

  60. 126km - Brian Holm, manager at Omega Pharma-Quick Step, on Chavanel's withdrawal: "This morning he was really ill. He spoke with the team doctors who advised him to pull out. The start of the stage was really fast too and he was not able to keep up, so he abandoned. That's the Tour de France."

  61. 128km - Now David Millar of Garmin and Andrey Grivko (Astana) are riding hard on the front.

  62. 130km - Alexandre Vinokourov is trying to break away once again. Matthieu Ladagnous of FDJ is there too. The peloton is very strung out. Daniel Oss comes to the front for Liquigas.

  63. 131km - More on Sylvain Chavanel's withdrawal: the Frenchman has been ill and on anti-biotics for the past few days. Today just proved too much.

  64. 132km - Those riders were given no leeway from the bunch. Thomas Voeckler is now on the front of the peloton for Europcar, milking the applause by the numerous fans on the side of the road. These are small roads over rolling fields - very lumpy indeed. Hard for a break to form.

  65. 135km - The leaders were all but reeled in before Vino put in another dig on the front, taking Nikki Sorensen and Pierrick Fedrigo with him. They have been joined by Frank Schleck, but it looks to be coming back together once again.

  66. 137km - Lovely weather in south-west France, with temperatures in the mid-20s and not a cloud in the sky.

  67. 138km - Five initial riders made up that group: Vinokourov, Fedrigo, Martin, Devenyns and Sorensen. Three are in pursuit and about to join on.

  68. 140km - Another group has tentitively formed off the front of the peloton - including Alexander Vinokourov of Astana.

  69. 145km - It's back together now with the peloton having reeled in those six men. Bad news for French fans: Sylvain Chavanel has withdrawn from the race.

  70. 149km - Team Sky's Mark Cavendish was setting the pace yesterday for Team Sky up the first Cat.1 climb, which was an odd sight. Could today finally give Cavendish a chance to win his second stage: "I hope so, we'll have a look. I haven't sprinted for about a week now."

  71. 150km - Orica-GreenEdge are still without a win this year. Matt Goss told Eurosport this morning: "It's a lumpy one today with virtually no flat. It could be one for us and if it's a bunch sprint at the end we'll be there. We still have a few more opportunities before Paris. In the flat stages, it's not too hard to beat Sagan but the other pure sprinters will fancy their chances,"

  72. 152km - Three more riders have joined the leaders: Rafael Valls Ferri (Vacansoleil-DCM), Jurgen Roelandts (Lotto Belisol) and Mattieu Sprick (Argos-Shimano).

  73. 155km - Three riders out ahead: Dries Devenyns (Omega Pharma-Quick Step), Arthur Vichot (FDJ-BigMat) and Daniel Oss (Liquigas-Cannondale). But they only have about 10 seconds on the peloton. Reports coming in that Sylvain Chavanel has been dropped by the bunch.

  74. 155km - The Popovych move came to nothing, but now there's a big effort on the front by QuickStep's Dries Devenyns.

  75. 156km - Puncture for yellow jersey Brad Wiggins. The British rider will see the irony in that - he was one of the few major GC riders to avoid flatting yesterday. Video: Wiggins - Send tack saboteurs to the football

  76. 157km - ATTACK: An early dig by Yaroslav Popovych of RadioShack-Nissan sparks a reaction from a cluster of riders in the peloton.

  77. 158km - The remaining 162 riders are off! There was one withdrawal yesterday - Croat Robert Kiserlovski pulled out of the race after the Astana rider crashed heavily on the final descent, breaking his collarbone. The crash was related to the ridiculous tacks episode, where 'fans' threw a load of small nails on the Mur de Peguere climb.

  78. 12:50 - There was no change in the overall standings with Wiggins retaining his yellow jersey. The Briton leads Sky team-mate Chris Froome by 2:05 with Italian Vincenzo Nibali (Liquigas) in third, 2:23 down. Despite his scare Australian Cadel Evans (BMC) stays fourth, 3:19 in arrears. General Classification

  79. 12:45 - Yesterday, Spaniard Luis Leon Sanchez won stage 14 of the Tour de France on a day of drama and sabotage in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The Rabobank all-rounder attacked from a five-man break 10 kilometres from the finish of the 191km stage to secure his fourth career win in the Tour. But series of punctures - including three for defending champion Cadel Evans - brought about a truce on the front of the main peloton from the Sky team of race leader Bradley Wiggins. Sanchez wins stage 14 despite puncture chaos

  80. 12:40 - Welcome to live coverage of stage 15 of the Tour de France, a 158.5km ride from Samatan to Pau. It's a largely rolling affair with three minor climbs thrown in to mix things up.

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  1. I thought Sky would have wanted to deliver Cav today to­ state the dominance once again. Lets hope there are­ fireworks on Wednesday as a lesson in defence is­ getting old. I want Wiggins to win this tour but I­ don't want Wiggins to win the tour and the press­ hate him for the way he has done it. The only way­ Wiggins can silence the press and get everyones respect­ is to put in an attack in on Wednesday but lets be­ honest...... It's not going to happen. Come on­ Sky stick it to the critics in the mountains so­ everyone can say Wiggins was a worthy winner. As for­ Froome.... if Wiggins cracks you can have your go but­ as it stands he should have shown some respect to his­ leader and not spoken out the way he did. His stock­ will sky rocket after this tour and he should be happy­ he is where he is.

    From John, on Mon 16 Jul 16:59
  2. Oh my God....where do these 'posters' come­ from?! Does anybody (apart from Richard) actually know­ anything about professional cycling and Le Tour! :(

    From Pete Cuzz, on Mon 16 Jul 16:53
  3. Then again Perl, I think most people prefer to see a­ fast exciting finish, not a slow lumbering wobbling­ uphill debacle. And this is a very old sporting event­ with a lot of tradition. It's watched by millions­ who clearly like it as it is

    From trouble, on Mon 16 Jul 16:44
  4. Perl post 40, you said, "PS: Voeckler will win­ ." Now all posters on here know I know nothing­ about biyicle riding, but I think I know more then you.­ If you make a point, don't make a prediction that­ could totally destroy the point you are making and make­ yourself look very foolish. I bet you won't be­ showing you face again today then. Anyway back to my­ ignorance. It's so stupid, the man who is winning­ the whole race, every day is coming in about 20th, yet­ he his winning it. And day after day he keeps coming in­ 20th and keeps exactly the same distance in front of­ the 2nd and 3rd placed man. Anyway my boyfriend, well­ actually my ex boyfriend, I'm currently available,­ says the thinks they glue the yellow jersey on the guy­ so that they can't get it off him

    From trouble, on Mon 16 Jul 16:41
  5. Richard is correct. Why must the tour insist upon­ having mountain stages culminate with the final peak­ being several dozen km (in many instances) before the­ line? It is a waste and it enables those who crack to­ recouperate prior to the finish. It is poor planning. ­ Nobody is asking for 5 HC climbs every day, but we need­ uphill finishes that splinter the group and separate­ the men from the boys. PS: Voeckler will win today.

    From Perl, on Mon 16 Jul 16:32
  6. I miss the HTC Train too...!

    From The Colonel, on Mon 16 Jul 16:24
  7. If anything the Green Jersey race has been a total loss­ with only 2 real sprints where all the sprinters were­ in and which Cav and Griepel won!! No offence to Sagan­ he is obviously a talent but he is not the best­ sprinter in the race - the real sprinters will show him­ the way in Paris!

    From The Colonel, on Mon 16 Jul 16:23
  8. I now know it was a bad idea for Cavendish to join Team­ Sky.... I miss HTC Highroad...!!!!

    From Pew Vegas Inc, on Mon 16 Jul 16:22
  9. Mountain stages need uphill finishes. The Vuelta has 10­ uphill finishes this year. The TDF usually has 3-4?­ It's stupid to have a grueling mountain stage with­ a long downhill finish.

    From RichardW, on Mon 16 Jul 16:16
  10. Anybody else mute the sound when the Eurosport droning­ Irish is on ? What an earburner and never answers a­ question, the king of waffle.

    From PETER, on Mon 16 Jul 16:09
  11. We'll get excitement in the morning papers ......­ "it always kicks off in Pau" ... rest day =­ newsday!

    From RiChArD, on Mon 16 Jul 16:06
  12. I am rooting for Vande Velde today.

    From Brahms, on Mon 16 Jul 16:05
  13. We've just had 2 years with celebrations of the­ Alps & the Pyrenees .....! How climber friendly do­ you want? 20 consecutive climbs of the Ventoux with a­ procession up Alpe D'Huez to finish the tour?????

    From RiChArD, on Mon 16 Jul 16:04
  14. Yes, I'm so happy for your long-suffering British­ fans, who haven't had a contender since Robert­ Millar. But seriously, putting aside the nationalism­ for a moment, this tour is devoid of any drama. I hope­ Nibaldi rips them apart in the next couple of days, not­ that I'm expecting that. But maybe he goes up the­ road and Wiggins has a bad day and Froome follows­ Nibaldi. Then we will have a real Tour with REAL­ drama. Until then...yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!

    From Perl, on Mon 16 Jul 16:02
  15. Why don't they create a course for climbers for­ once? The Giro and Vuelta both do this but the TDF­ never does. Time trials are a bore and winning a TDF­ because you can TT makes for boring viewing.

    From RichardW, on Mon 16 Jul 16:01
  16. This just isn't working out.... I can't wait­ till Friday for a flat out sprint! (they might not even­ give it a go then at this rate!) I want to see Cav in­ full flight!

    From RiChArD, on Mon 16 Jul 15:55
  17. Thanks RiChArD for the update on Didi - a sad loss as­ would have brightened up the coverage this year. Kelly­ et al doing their best with the coverage but its up to­ Evans, Nibali and VDB etc to spice it up on wednesday­ and Thursday. Maybe Wiggo will be the domestique next­ year...... and bring Duffers out of retirement for the­ comentary?

    From STEPHEN, on Mon 16 Jul 15:54
  18. I can't believe the peleton just let the escapees­ take this with an off day tomorrow. With a BMC rider­ there, Radioshack better smarten up or they may blow­ the team cladsification.

    From , on Mon 16 Jul 15:52
  19. Looking like Cav has lost another chance at reaching­ no.22. Will he stay on to make it a 4th on the Champs­ Elysees? I think he should quit now and get some­ practice in going up hills for the Olympic road race!­ Peter Sagan well and truly deserves the green jersey­ anyway. By the way, why do many of you want Wiggins to­ get beaten? Chris Froome fanclub come out of the­ woodwork?! He's just following orders...which he­ should; he's a domestique! Maybe next year will be­ different. And Perl...your comments make me sick. This­ TDF has not been a bore at all. 4 British riders­ winning stages and Sky in complete control. We should­ be proud and ecstatic at how it's going!!

    From Pete Cuzz, on Mon 16 Jul 15:51
  20. I agree Perl, but Wiggins is 2:05 mins ahead.­ anyways,whats happened Cavvy???

    From , on Mon 16 Jul 15:49
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