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Giro d'Italia - Gabicce Mare - Saltara

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  1. To quote Rob Hayles "It's not the British­ winner we expected today, but it's a British winner­ so who cares?" Indeed.... expect fireworks­ tomorrow.... after all, Monday is a rest day... lets­ see how Nibali handles the pressure... and the attacks!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 16:25
  2. @ irzal: Cadel didn't do too bad (7th) for a rider­ who is 'too old'. Nibali rode very well though.

    From Ray, on Sat 11 May 16:24
  3. Well Wiggins is still as always in the hunt , and with­ team sky behind him looks like it's going his way ,­ praise the lord!!

    From mark, on Sat 11 May 16:20
  4. Watching this in Oz... amusing. Guys, forget about how­ well Evans did only losing 30 seconds to Wiggo.... look­ at the flags of the top 2 on the stage..... if Alex D­ holds on how many stages wins is that so far in the­ giro... I think that's 4 (including the TTT). By­ the way, ignore that last official time check.... its­ rubbish... i.e. wrong!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 16:06
  5. Nibali.... up on all the TT experts at the first­ check..... when he was consistently losing minutes to­ them in the TdF TTs...... funny how he suddenly gets so­ much better after a move to Astana..... a team with a­ few dodgy riders in the past..... and a very dodgy­ manager... Mr Daz himself Vinokurov

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 15:37
  6. So, if Wiggo is sick, and crashed and had a bike­ change... and only finished 10 seconds off the­ lead..... not that bad really

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 15:27
  7. I think Vaughters has just given us the reason why­ Wiggo is in the shi*e at the moment.... he is literally­ in it!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 15:20
  8. Ten minutes without an update!!!

    From John, on Sat 11 May 15:13
  9. Phil Liggett... don't you dare retire!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 15:00
  10. Who is this commentator on Eurosport, has no idea­ what's going on.

    From Duncan101, on Sat 11 May 14:47
  11. Ok. This is a joke. Did the Sky bus run 15 black cats­ over on the way to the start in Naples! Funnily enough,­ in 1989, Sean Yates actually crashed after hitting a­ black cat in the Giro! Italian cats strike back! Come­ on Wiggo, put it down on the road and win it!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 14:31
  12. Looking forward to see dutch jongster Kelderman, he has­ a good time trail so I think he has a change to move up­ in the classification as I see Gesink drop to place 20­ or so after this itt.

    From Rjc, on Sat 11 May 12:28
  13. Wiggins won the last year Tour based on Team Sky­ strategy and order, infact Froome proved his power.­ This Giro is as a right time for Wiggins to perform his­ own capability without Froome. But ... I think he­ can't as yesterday he lossed more than 1 minutes­ due to only soft landing to the pavement, funny show ..

    From irzal, on Sat 11 May 12:18
  14. Good call Igor... Kišerlovski has a good a chance as­ any of them.... and there have already been a few­ surprises in races in Italy this season (i.e. Milan San­ Remo)!!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 12:02
  15. I' m fan of Radioshack and Kiserlovski,if it's­ going to be dry race all day Wiggins can easily give­ 2-3 minutes to none-timetrialists GC guys like­ Kiserlovski and Scarponi are.But i think its going to­ be rainy race so gap to wiggins will be smaller beacuse­ he will "stop" on all downhill curves so gap­ around 1 minute to Wiggins and Kiserlovski can be­ happy.

    From Dragan, on Sat 11 May 12:01
  16. Assuming he isn't ill, Jack Bobridge will probably­ post a time that won't be beaten until some of the­ favourites come in.... as he is usually pretty good­ against the clock. Wiggo will hopefully win today, as­ he certainly needs a confidence boost! Don't agree­ that he is nothing without Froome. Whilst Froome was­ probably the strongest in the mountains in the Tour­ last year, I don't think Froome would have had the­ mental strength to lead the tour for the duration that­ Wiggo did... This year Froome can prove me wrong­ (unless he gets into a Hinault / Lemond battle with­ Wiggo!!)... which will be great for British Cycling,­ and another positive story for African cycling­ (following on from Milan San Remo). Great Giro so far­ though... full of drama!

    From alex, on Sat 11 May 12:00
  17. I am sorry that noubody didnt mentioned my countryman­ Robert Kišerlovski, he was very good past week, if he­ survive today cronometar with small time loss, he will­ be one of favorites even to win this Giro, because real­ mountain stages are stil to come next two week. Robert­ is good climber, he is well preparied and focus only­ on Giro this year, this is his 3th Giro, and hi is­ capiten of of good team Radioshack !!! Go Kišerlovski­ Croatia is with you!!!

    From Igor, on Sat 11 May 11:59
  18. Ray, sorry to say that Cadel has already out of date,­ too old to compete, now it is a time for Nibali.­ Meanwhile, Wiggin is almost nothing without Froome­ beside him.

    From irzal, on Sat 11 May 11:26
  19. I'd like to see Cadel Evans shine through any time­ soon.

    From Ray, on Sat 11 May 10:24
  20. Where´s Fabian when you need him? Hopefully there will­ be a little more to the race than Wiggins today, who­ knows though?

    From Ciarán, on Sat 11 May 8:20
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