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Giro d'Italia - Longarone - Treviso

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  1. Horrendous weather! Call this the Giro di Douche­ (Deutsch shower).

    From Bill K, on Thu 16 May 16:35
  2. Unfortunately, it looks like Wiggo really was ill after­ all, and in these weather conditions even a small­ problem is going to put you on your knees. Sensible­ option is to not start tomorrow, hold a quick news­ conference and then focus on the Tour. It may be a­ route that is better suited to Froome, but it still­ offers opportunities for Wiggo! Next few days will be­ interesting if the snow that is forecast arrives. May­ work in Evans favour if some of the big mountain stages­ get shortened. Hope he wins it... he gets loads of­ stick but seems a decent bloke who always gives 100%!

    From alex, on Thu 16 May 16:17
  3. Must be just like riding at home on the Isle of Man for­ Cav! If he wins this stage he can also be known as the­ Manx Torpedo!

    From Albert, on Thu 16 May 15:10
  4. Don't know if it's his cold or fear of­ descending in bad weather, but Bradley looks no longer­ to be a threat; shame. Sky should turn their attention­ to Uran now, and then Froome and Porte for the Tour.­ Maybe Wiggins can be a lead-out man for Eddy Boss!

    From PETER, on Thu 16 May 14:36
  5. cheers Jake s.....good call

    From William, on Thu 16 May 14:31
  6. actually I would suggest cyclingnews is better as they­ are doing a lot more updates. Here's the latest - ­ So many of the teams are wearing black rain gear, it­ is very difficult to pick anyone out. Wiggins still at­ the very back of the pack. (Wiggins is on the slide­ - that's my additional comment by the way)

    From jake s, on Thu 16 May 14:26
  7. ok, its off to the Beeb for me

    From William, on Thu 16 May 14:22
  8. ...and another - Expect that to be the first of many­ spills today. If you can't see the TV pictures,­ it's difficult to get across just how wet it is.­ There are streams running down the sides of the road in­ places. The peloton has slowed almost to a standstill­ as they take the bend that accounted for Belkov et al.­ Wiggins is towards the back of the peloton and barely­ pedalling.

    From jake s, on Thu 16 May 14:17
  9. Her's a thought - why not copy paste the BBC­ commentary for Eurosport fans? Here goes Yikes! A­ massive spill in the leading five. Belkov leads round a­ sweeping right-hand bend and his front wheel just gives­ way and down he goes. Lammertin, Felline and Marcato­ follow him on to the tarmac - not that you can see it­ for all the water on the road. De Backer is the only­ one who manages to stay upright.

    From jake s, on Thu 16 May 14:16
  10. Someone find them 10p for the phone please

    From Tony M, on Thu 16 May 14:08
  11. no comm today ??

    From William, on Thu 16 May 14:01
  12. In the absence of live comments, I bring you the news­ as of 4 minutes ago. The breakaway (of four) have­ nearly two minutes on the peloton. Chasing is Marcato,­ 22 seconds adrift.

    From jonathan, on Thu 16 May 13:55
  13. BBC Sport has theirs up now.

    From r, on Thu 16 May 13:55
  14. Where is the commentary

    From Mike, on Thu 16 May 13:20
  15. Looks like a stage for the climbers today! :-)

    From Jimbo, on Thu 16 May 12:41
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