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Giro d'Italia - Riese Pio X - Brescia

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  1. Ah, nice quick bit of editing to make the correction -­ shame that you have once again failed to acknowledge­ the amendment to the orginal text.

    From Felix, on Sun 26 May 16:36
  2. Having to teach journalists and editors English­ again...6km: a full complement = everybody is­ present compliment = saying something nice about­ someone.

    From Felix, on Sun 26 May 16:03
  3. Looks like Nibs is going to have a go at winning the­ Final Stage , since he appears to be up there mixing it­ with Cav's train !

    From Skippy, on Sun 26 May 16:00
  4. Haven't seen mention that this is the home town of­ Felice Gimondi ! Wonder if he is getting any credit for­ bringing the Giro finish here ? Looks like Mark does­ not need the win after these intermediates to retain­ the Red ?

    From Skippy, on Sun 26 May 15:51
  5. Cadel's comments in English , were allowed to go to­ Air without the German being imposed above ! Well done­ ! Finally someone realises that there are those that­ want to hear what he says !

    From Skippy, on Sun 26 May 15:21
  6. Should have saved the original comment ! What i­ asked yesterday was " Did anyone findout WHO the­ Wheelchair User was ?" as a result i did a­ blogpost in " Parrabuddy " which you can­ google since the moderation does not allow me to give a­ link ! Also i commented on Leyton Hewitt snatching­ defeat from the Jaws of Victory ! Having ridden the­ full route of the Giro each year for 15 seasons , this­ was the first i had to quit thru Ill health , more than­ the sAvage weather , Respect to ALL the Racers that­ completed the Event !

    From Skippy, on Sun 26 May 15:11
  7. Not good this ES, if the tennis had kept going, as it­ could have done for quite some time as NO tie break for­ final set, would you have just binned the final stage­ of Giro d'Italia??........................and­ cycling the BIGGEST sport you have!!! VERY POOR!!

    From Jean claude, on Sun 26 May 14:55
  8. Tennis match finished at 2.40, we now into a load of­ gabble in the studio...........DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Tony M, on Sun 26 May 14:43
  9. Running late on RAI 3 as well. I'd guess that­ EuroSport are getting their feed from them so won't­ have anything to show until RAI 3 start. Just started­ the RAI 3 coverage at 14:15 UK time.

    From trevor, on Sun 26 May 14:19
  10. First it was live at 2.00, then 2.10, revised yet again­ to 2.25 HOW MANY MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Tony M, on Sun 26 May 14:11
  11. According to ES twitter, Giro is on at 15.00 CET -­ whether it's reliable information is quite another­ question. I see they have mended their schedule too, so­ fingers crossed...

    From Gray, on Sun 26 May 12:31
  12. Tony, no race either, at least on continental­ Eurosport. Tennis all freakin' day on 1 & 2.­ Disgraceful.

    From , on Sun 26 May 11:01
  13. No course profile again, no intermediate­ sprints..............give up Eurosport......stick to­ snooker

    From Tony M, on Sun 26 May 10:46
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