Sunday February 5, 2012 Quarter-final Finished Stade de l'Amitié

Gabon 1 - 1
(4 - 5)

  • Mouloungui 55’
  • Tidiane Diabaté 84’

  1. African Cup of Nations - Mali stun hosts Gabon

    African Cup of Nations - Mali stun hosts Gabon

    Mali eliminated African Nations Cup co-hosts Gabon 5-4 penalties in their quarter-final after the two sides had played out a 1-1 draw. More

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    • 4-5 Keita with the vital spot kick and he slots it in perfectly. Ovono yet again goes the right way, but there's nothing he can do. Aubameyang is in tears, and it's just a shame that the hero of the group stages is the villain here. Mali carry on their extraordinary record in the quarter finals of the ACN.
    • 4-4 Manga has to score and he goes for the Panenka! Ridiculous, but he scores! What a hero.
    • 3-4 B. Traore with a similar run up to Aubameyang, but his effort is right into the top left corner. Perfect.
    • 3-3 Aubameyang goes bottom right, but his run up was too slow and finally Diakite guesses right and it's a comfortable save!
    • 3-3 Kante tucks it away and for the third time in succession Ovono goes the correct way, but to no avail.
    • 3-2 Mouloungui goes bottom left and yet again Diakite goes the wrong way.
    • 2-2 Yatabare with another nerveless penalty. Ovono again goes the right way to his right, but too much power.
    • 2-1 Mbanangoye with a perfect penalty as he rifles it right into the top right hand corner, the keeper again going the wrong way.
    • 1-1 Diabate for Mali and he tucks it away, though Ovono did go the right way and might have got finger tips.
    • 1-0 Gabon to take the first penalty - And it's Poko who steps up...lot of pressure on the youngster, but he sends Diakite the wrong way.
    • 0-0 Diakite is on the floor with a towel over his head preparing for this. One of these keepers will be a hero...
    • 120' Again no stoppage time and we go straight to penalties...
    • 119' Maiga milks a foul for all it's worth from Mbanagoye. Diabate wins the flick on and the very last kick of the game is a fantastic chance for Keita! But he slides in and from four yards scoops over the bar.
    • 118' The outswinger from Yatabare goes straight out as it swings first out then back in. So frustrating at this time in the match.
    • 117' Mali reply through Maiga and he manages to win a corner - he's clearly very tired now. As are all the players to be fair.
    • 116' A header back across by Do Marcolino is cleared, but Gabon well on top in the last couple of minutes.
    • 115' Tamboura this time calmly clears any hint of danger. Kante is perhaps too relaxed this time as he takes a touch in the box. He gets lucky though as his clearance comes off the striker and out for a goal kick.
    • 114' Mouloungui can't get away from Kante, who sweeps up the danger well, at the expense of a throw.
    • 112' A rather aimless ball into the box from Diabate. Maiga goes up for the ball and is hurt as Mali pour forward.
    • 111' Diabate goes for the spectacular with Maiga up in support. They don't have too many bodies forward, but a shot from that type of distance is pointless.
    • 110' Palun fouls his man as he leaps for the ball. This one's 40 yards from goal, centre of the pitch. This time a good ball and Diabate gets a head on it. He should do better as it goes wide, but a tough chance.
    • 109' And yet again...not so woeful, but still not great and Ovono stretches to claim.
    • 108' Power and pace from Diakite and yet another promising freekick, though barely any today have come to anything.
    • 107' Mali have never lost a quarter final in the ACN. They'll probably fancy their chances from the penalty spot as well.
    • 106' Extra Time Second Half: We're back underway very quickly and the Gabon supporters are creating a proper din now.
    • 105' Freekick for Mali averts the danger and the referee blows for half time on the stroke of 15 minutes.
    • 104' Berthe clears the cross under pressure with Diakite charging out to meet it too. He concedes the corner, it's dealt with, but another...
    • 103' Gabon substitution: Madinda is off, surprisingly as he's been one of their better players, and Mbanangoye.
    • 101' Maiga's header fails to find a Mali shirt, but they have the throw. Yatabare with another overhit cross and straight out for a goal kick.
    • 100' De Marcolino is lurking, waiting for Diakite to miss it, but the keeper does well on the stretch. Mali on the whole looking the more likely though.
    • 99' A rather tired challenge from Poko gives away the freekick in a dangerous area. Once again the delivery is terrible. This is the quarter finals of an international tournament, it has to be better.
    • 98' Tamboura is allowed to get in the cross, and Ovono does well to leave the ball, knowing it will sail past Diabate and out for a goal kick.
    • 97' Freekick for Gabon, cleared by Kante and Tamboura is fouled as he goes to block the ensuing shot.
    • 96' Mouloungui holds the ball up and a little fortuitously wins the throw. Madinda does his best on the left touchline, but is crowded out.
    • 95' Terrible delivery, but he gets lucky as the first man slices the clearance and out for a corner - only the second of the game for Mali.
    • 94' Keita's had no influence on the game today. He wins the freekick here though and it'll be swung in by Yatabare...
    • 93' Madinda whips the corner in, but it's a clear hand ball by Do Marcolino.
    • 92' Extra Time First Half: Maiga with an early shot, not too far away. Gabon make a very early change, Moubamba off with Palun coming on.
    • 90+4' This is bizarre, Gabon get another corner, but the referee blows the whistle about 30 seconds from time. That's outrageous, even with all time gone you'd expect him to let the corner be taken. Off we go into extra time.
    • 90+3' Gabon have the corner and this will basically be their last chance of the 90 minutes...
    • 90+1' Ovono pumps one towards the box and Traore works his socks off to try and fashion a corner. To no avail though and it's a goal kick.
    • 90' It hasn't worked today at all and yet again it fails to remotely trouble the defence. Four minutes of stoppage time here...
    • 89' Diakite to chuck in yet another long throw...
    • 88' Diabate is caught offside. Unless there's late drama here this match is going into extra time...
    • 87' Gabon starting to look a bit leggy now and after dominating for 80 minutes, look like they're losing belief.
    • 86' Gabon are in a hurry to try and regain the lead late on. Another freekick, but this time poor. Poor touch from Apanga in defence and he gifts it to Maiga, whose shot from distance isn't very far away.
    • 84' Goal! Gabon 1-1 Mali - Tamboura puts in a deep cross, Maiga heads it back and Diabate is there to turn on a six pence and fire under Ovono, who probably should have done better.
    • 83' Diakite needs two attempts to hold the cross, and quickly releases the ball. Tamboura scuttles forward at pace...
    • 82' The long throw from Gabon, Manga heads clear, but at the expense of a corner.
    • 81' Not a great challenge from Keita, who must be getting frustrated at both his and his team's inability to create anything of any real note.
    • 80' Do Marcelino hits an early shot and Diakite scrambles across his goal, but it goes about a yard wide.
    • 79' Ovono is again put under pressure on the high ball, but Diabate, whose just come on for Sow, is adjudged to have fouled him.
    • 78' Freekick nowo for Mali. Ovono comes out, doesn't really get there with any conviction, but does enough to palm it away.
    • 77' Mouloungui with a good challenge, but he concedes the throw...Mali work it into a cross, but there no conviction from a forward and Apanga clears with ease.
    • 76' Mali are really pressing for the first time in the game and they have Gabon pinned back.
    • 75' Goal kick as Mouele hits the clearance off Maiga and out. Unlucky for the striker there as he got himself in a good position.
    • 74' Another yellow card from the ref's pocket, this time for Mouele as he's late with a flailing leg.
    • 73' Suppose the wall did it's job then. Do Marcolino picks up a yellow for a late challenge.
    • 72' Gabon with a set piece. It's about 40 yards from goal and Mali make a three man wall, seriously. Is Aubameyang that good? Maybe, but he's not here as it clips the wall and fails to trouble anyone.
    • 71' What a chance for Maiga. Manga clears the ball against the striker's chest, Maiga carries on his run, but has to stretch as he hits a left footed effort that Ovono saves with ease.
    • 70' Just 20 minutes for Gabon to hold on and they'll face the might Cote d'Ivoire if they do so.
    • 69' Gabon substitution: A well deserved rest for Cousin, and Do Marcolino replaces him.
    • 68' Madinda drives forward in the inside left channel, but his shot is dragged well wide.
    • 67' Berthe is incredibly hesitant and it allows Gabon to take hold of the ball not far from goal. They're patient, but eventually Traore breaks up the play and draws the foul.
    • 66' Sow drives in the shot, but he gets lucky as it takes a deflection; it was a terrible attempt and was goin miles wide.
    • 65' Aubameyang slides a low ball into the box. Mali deal with it, but not over convincingly, though they get the foul and some respite.
    • 64' The story of the match for Mali so far as another attack breaks down on the edge of the area.
    • 63' Mali substitution: Traore comes off for Yatabare.
    • 62' Ovono claims the high ball well, and throws out quickly. Keita commits the foul and it will give Mali the chance to make a subsitution...
    • 61' Mouloungui with nice skill out on the left and his delivery isn't bad either. Cousin picks it up at the far post, but can't make anything happen.
    • 60' Mali are hanging on a bit at the moment. Gabon are doing the right thing going for the kill, but they don't want to over commit.
    • 59' Cousin with an unbelievable chance to double their lead. Mouloungui sweeps in a low ball and Cousin is all alone , but his connection is really poor and he scuffs it onto the far post.
    • 57' Suddenly Mali spring into life as Maiga turns his man and unleashes a shot from 20 yards to the near post. Ovono gets down quickly though and averts the danger.
    • 56' Gabon deserve that. Or more accurately Mali deserve that after offering nothing so far.
    • 54' Goal! Gabon 1-0 Mali - Mouloungui breaks the deadlock and it was from a set piece. The ball was pumped in from close to the half way line. It beat everyone but Aubameyang at the far post, and he cut it back for Mouloungui to calmly sidefoot home.
    • 53' That freekick earlier; it was layed off then no one decided to take a shot and Gabon simply ran up the other end of the pitch with Mali seriously undermanned.
    • 52' Gabon win the corner, but it's cleared and Aubameyang has a shot from distance that's high and wide.
    • 51' Freekicks seem the best opportunity of scoring in this match and Mali have one here. It's a ridiculously bad freekick and Gabon break...
    • 50' Foulf from Madinda on Traore, who had got to the ball first and was looking to turn away from the midfielder.
    • 49' Maiga does his best as he ploughs a lone furrow up front. Is that the right saying? Comment below if I'm wrong.
    • 48' Moussono throws long up the line and it somehow bounces twice without a Malian getting a head on it and Gabon break forward...
    • 46' Gabon get the game back underway, but Mali quickly get it back. A lovely piece of skill from Sow to beat his man is followed by a comically bad cross that he shanks straight out for a goal kick.
    • 45+2' There's not even time to pump in a freekick for Mali as the referee is militant about when to end the half. Not a great half of football, lets hope for better in the second.
    • 45+1' Mouloungui has looked lively so far, but there's nothing he can do to prevent the goal kick there as he chases the ball down. Two minutes of stoppage time...
    • 45' Diakite tries to bulldoze his way through the Gabon defence and almost does so. Apanga comes across though and just about deals with the threat.
    • 44' Now it's Mali's turn to get a dangerous freekick. It's outside shooting range, but Keita really should do better as he gets way too much on it and the ball sails into Ovono's arms.
    • 43' Traore tries to slide the ball through for Maiga, but Manga positions himself well to clear the danger.
    • 42' Gabon take an age over the set piece, but eventually Mouloungui hits low towards the far corner and Diakite saves with ease.
    • 40' Classic centre forward's performance from Cousin as he wins another freekick by backing into the centreback. This is a chance, perfectly in the middle, 22 yards from goal...
    • 38' Berthe loses the ball in defence and it's left to Diakite to clean up. Apanga beats Sow in the air and Gabon clear their lines.
    • 37' The flow of this game is being broken up too much by niggly little fouls, offsides etc. But it seems to suit Gabon who are well on top.
    • 36' Nice cushioned volley from Aubameyang to Cousin, who tries to get a header in, but is crowded out. Cousin's looked a real handful today.
    • 35' Traore has Gareth Bale like hamstrings as he stretches high to get the ball before Aubameyang. The Mali centre-backs will go for anything that can be gone for...
    • 34' Traore pumps one in from the right, a 'falling leaf' cross. And yes that is a real technical term. The keeper gets under it though and claims.
    • 32' Cousin breaks the offside trap, but his ageing legs just don't have the pace to really get away from the defence. Still he's in the area and elects to cross to Aubameyang who's scuttling to the far post. Not accurate enough though and from a tight angle the youngster goes for a shot that's just not on.
    • 31' Cousin is next to have an effort, this time from the edge of the area and it's not too far away.
    • 30' Diakite did get out very quickly, and the ball did seem to hold up slightly for the striker, but still...he had options and could easily have rounded the keeper.
    • 29' Aubemeyang is so close as he breaks the offside trap! He's got an age to set himself, but he slices the bouncing ball off the far post!
    • 28' Cousin again wins the header in the air and Aubameyang hares after it, but he won't get there and it's sweeped up.
    • 26' Keita flicks out to Tamboura on the overlap, but the ball gets caught under his feet and out for a goal kick.
    • 25' The freekick is swung in deep and Mouloungui, the man seems to be everywhere, almost gets on the end of it.
    • 24' Mouloungui is again fouled and again it's Diakite. It's very innocuous, but he needs to be careful, just keep out of it.
    • 23' First yellow of the match as Diakite fouls Mouloungui with his trailing leg. Shooting chance for Gabon...
    • 22' Gabon go the Stoke route as Ovono punts long, Cousin leaps to get the flick on and Aubameyang chases it down, going shoulder to shoulder with the last defender and again claiming a penalty.
    • 21' It was actually a perfect tackle Berthe. Apologies big man, but it's a very risky challenge to going in for. Inches mistimed and it would have been a pen.
    • 20' Cousin goes down under the challenge in the box. It looked like a foul from here, but the referee has a perfect view and says no.
    • 19' Mouloungui is fouled deep in his own area and Gabon will gratefully take the freekick.
    • 18' Mouloungui cuts onto his left foot and puts in a cross to the far post, where Cousin stretches every sinew to meet it, but it only comes off the top of his head and away to safety.
    • 17' Traore tries to whip it into the top left corner, but it's well over the bar. Maybe leave it to Keita next time.
    • 16' Mali with a chance from this freekick, almost 30 yards from goal to the left...
    • 15' Moubamba steps in to intercept the ball, but it's given straight to Diakite in goal. Traore darts in from the left for Mali with a lovely jinking run and gets fouled as he releases the ball.
    • 14' Cousin caught offside again and he was well off there. At 34 he doesn't want to be running to get himself back on.
    • 13' Mouele launches a long throw into the box, but it's cleared pretty comfortably. Moussono catches Sow and it's a clear freekick.
    • 12' He was down for a while there receiving treatment, but we're back up and running now.
    • 9' Ovono going up for the high ball is fouled. He goes down and isn't getting up in any kind of hurry. Lets hope he's fine for Gabon's sake.
    • 8' Aubemeyang is beaten to a high ball. He looks like he styles himself vaguely on Nilmar with that hair...he scores a bit like him too.
    • 6' Tamboura launches the ball long from the throw. Manga loses the ball for a second, but Apanga reads the danger and is back covering.
    • 5' Ovono confidently clips the ball to his right back, only just evading onrushing attackers closing him down.
    • 4' Pitch isn't looking great, the ball's bobbling around quite a bit. Cousin gets a little arm in the face from Berthe, but it wasn't malicious.
    • 3' Traore goes for the one-two, but it doesn't come off and Gabon get their first chance just to get on the ball.
    • 2' Throw for Mali early on and they've settled straight away, dominating territory and looking good.
    • 1' There's a "minute silence" just before kick off. It certainly wasn't a minute and it even more certainly wasn't silent. Anyway...we're off and Mali get us underway in this quarter final.
    • 15:55 Mali are looking to make their first semi-finals since 2004. They've lost to Ghana in the group stages, though that's nothing to be ashamed of, but have been able to get used to conditions in Libreville when beating Botswana on Wednesday.
    • 15:50 TEAMS - Gabon: Ovono, Mouele, Brou, Ecuele, Moussono, Poko, Moubamba, Madinda, Aubemeyang, Cousin, Mouloungiui/// Mali: Sou Diakite, D Diakite, Berthe, Kante, Tamboura, Traore, Sam Diakite, Sow, Keita, A Traore, Maiga.
    • 15:45 Gabon have never contested a Nations Cup semi-final before but the tournament co-hosts will feel they've got one hell of a chance playing in their own country against Mali. They're playing in the same stadium they won all three of their group games in as well.
    • 15:40 Alain Giresse: "It will be a good quarter-final in a full stadium. One thing is certain: I know the players and the team perfectly. We will establish a clear strategy to counter them."
    • 15:35 Gernot Rohr: "I met Alain at a wedding a couple of months ago and we joked about our paths crossing in the quarter-finals. We played together in Bordeaux, he's a friend, and now the competition has thrown us together. He is facing his old side and his old fans, but now I'm coach of Gabon and he's coach of Mali."
    • 15:30 Mali are managed by Alain Giresse, who was in charge of the Panthers at the last ANC. So obviously he's going to have fantastic insight into their strengths and weaknesses.
    • 15:25 Mali have no injury concerns and coach Alain Giresse will be able to call on midfielder Samba Diakite, who returns from suspension.
    • 15:20 Gabon star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Moïse Brou Apanga missed training ahead of this clash having picked up knocks in the 1-0 win over Tunisia. But both should be fit for the game in Libreville. There are also doubts over Rodrigue Moundounga and Cedric Moubamba, who have muscle strains, but again both players should shake off the knocks and prove their fitness.
    • 15:15 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of the African Nations Cup quarter final match between Gabon and Mali at the Stade d'Angondje.
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