Tuesday January 29, 2013 Group Stage: Group C Finished Royal Bafokeng Stadium

Ethiopia 0 - 2 Nigeria

  • Moses 79’ (pen.), 90’ (pen.)

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  1. African Cup of Nations - Moses puts unconvincing Nigeria through

    African Cup of Nations - Moses puts unconvincing Nigeria through

    Two penalties from Victor Moses put Nigeria into the last eight of the African Cup of Nations with a 2-0 win over Ethiopia. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Ethiopia
    • Nigeria
    • 90+7 That's it! Nigeria are through after that Moses late show. Zambia, the defending champs, crash out.
    • 90+6 Ethiopia haven't given up the ghost as they come forward again. It's 0-0 in the other match - meaning Zambia are out, and Burkina Faso through.
    • 90+5 Said with a rising drive into the side netting from the right. He's some player, set for Lierse according to reports.
    • 90+4 Ethiopia should have pulled one back but Said rasps the finish over after fine play down the left!
    • 90+2 NIGERIA SUB: Yobo comes on for Mikel.
    • 90+1 Seven minutes added time. Unsurprising.
    • 90' MOSES MAKES IT TWO! The second penalty is clipped bottom left this time, keeper going the right way. 2-0.
    • 89' Finally they sort that out and Moses will take the penalty.
    • 88' They are actually putting a new number on the shirt for Hintsa. Crikey.
    • 87' An outfield player has gone in goal. Hintsa I think, but the ref is being a pedant and making him get a different number on his goalkeeping shirt, to match his shorts. Idiotic waste of time.
    • 86' Bancha is a maniac, that's the second reckless red card challenge in three matches. And a penalty. He'd have only got a yellow had he not just been booked for mouthing off.
    • 85' BANCHA IS OFF! He gets his second yellow card of the match and second red of the finals after clattering Moses, who raced clear on the break and into the box after that free-kick was cleared.
    • 84' Mikel with a foul on the left-hand edge of the Nigeria box, he's booked....
    • 83' HOW DID THEY NOT SCORE?! The free-kick is swung far post to Ideye, who heads on goal but clawed away brilliantly by the keeper, but Musa flies in with another header, the ball ricocheting off the head of Moses and away!
    • 82' Phew, well Ethiopia could well have equalised there. Down the other end there's a kerfuffle as a Nigeria player has gone down... Bancha is booked for protesting. Free-kick edge of the box. Clumsy from Hintsa on Ambrose.
    • 81' WHAT A SAVE BY ENYEAMA! Fantastic stop as Said flew in with a header to the top left! He flew across and clawed it away!
    • 79' If Moses scores this penalty, Nigeria will have one foot in the quarter-finals - AND HE SCORES! Cool as you like, bottom right and the keeper static. 1-0!
    • 78' Nigeria have men forward as Ideye flicks the ball wide left to Moses - and he's taken down by Girma and it's a penalty Nigeria! Reckless challenge!
    • 77' Oboabona hits the deck hard after making a clearance. He's okay. Down the other end Bancha drops the ball again but again claims it before a Nigerian can pounce.
    • 76' Terrible from MBa, I have no idea why he is playing today. He hits an aimless long shot well over when he had four men running through.
    • 75' All getting rather scrappy now. Burkina Faso and Zambia are also goalless, by the way.
    • 74' Ethiopia are scrapping and scrambling for every ball but Hintsa fouls Mikel and Nigeria have it back.
    • 73' Enyeama has been solid and calm and he claims a high ball coolly after Ethiopia again countered.
    • 72' Mikel hustling and harrying in midfield but his team-mates are a touch sluggish.
    • 71' Musa with another direct run but again Ethiopia are doubling up on the danger men and manage to clear.
    • 70' Moses almost finds Emenike with a sweeping crossfield pass but it's just too heavy for him.
    • 69' Said almost catches Echiejele out after a short pass but the Braga defender gets it back to Enyeama.
    • 68' EHTIOPIA SUB: Bogale on for Saleh.
    • 67' Musa on a mazy run but he takes on one man too many and it rolls out for a goal kick.
    • 66' OFF THE LINE BY ABEBAW! Moses's corner was met by a towering header from Oboabona but the defender was placed on the post to clear! The danger is still there though and Mba shoots from range AND THE KEEPER SPILLS IT but he pounces before anyone else can!
    • 65' NIGERIA SUB: No surprises as Ahmed Musa comes on for the ineffectual Uche.
    • 64' Corner to Nigeria as an Echiejele cross is headed behind by Abebaw.
    • 63' Ogude is booked for leaving Teshome in a heap. He is causing real problems now.
    • 62' Moses wins a free-kick on the right wing. It's cleared and then MBa lunges in on Teshome on the edge of the box and he is booked.
    • 61' Ethiopia are defending in packs as Emenike is closed down by two players. This is much more like the draw with Zambia, no idea why they were so poor against Burkina Faso.
    • 60' High boot from Mikel and Ethiopia have a free-kick. They counter too as Saleh runs at pace but Nigeria clear.
    • 59' Better from Nigeria as they focus on possession in building an attack - before Uche panics and tries an aimless cross that is blocked.
    • 58' Great pass Hintsa and Said finds space on the right and his team-mates are lining up - but Omeruo is again able to head clear. Nigeria break but they're the more predictable now.
    • 57' Enyeama with a towering claim from that corner. He then plays it long but it goes over Emenike's head and is back with Bancha.
    • 56' Corner to Ethiopia as the free-kick hits Nigeria's wall.
    • 55' Oboabona gives the free-kick away with a late rap on Said's Achilles. Should have been a card!
    • 54' Moses on the right but his low cross is blocked by Abebaw. Corner. Moses again sends it in and Omeruo again heads over!
    • 53' Mikel with a nice turn in midfield and a long pass but too straight and Bancha gets there before Emenike.
    • 52' Nigeria have a corner now - Omeruo meeting it with a header that he sends over!
    • 51' Omeruo with a fantastic block to prevent Said diving in with a header! This is great stuff from Ethiopia!
    • 50' Girma in space on the right and he fizzes a cross in but Enyeama claims. Should have gone back post - Said was there.
    • 49' Nigeria trying to get back on the ball - they've barely had a sniff this half.
    • 48' Corner to Ethiopia that Saleh swings in but Oboabona heads clear. Hintsa again shoots from range but blocked. Nigeria counter but Uche on the right gets his cross-shot all wrong.
    • 47' Said again is the target of a high ball but Oboabona gets there first. Now a long shot from Hintsa, but straight at Enyeama. Good start Ethiopia.
    • 46' The second half is underway as Ethiopia go on the offensive...
    • 46' Two half-time subs for Ethiopia, Teshome coming on, as does Ibrahim.
    • 45+2 Half-time and a strange game is still goalless. Both teams need to win.
    • 45+1 Bit of a hoo-haa after that, Nigeria cannot believe the ref changed his mind when realising who he was set to book. Meanwhile, after the initial free-kick is cleared, a loose ball drops to Omeruo on the turn but he blasts it over! No more than 10 yards out!
    • 45' Confusion as Elias commits a foul and the ref reaches for a card! He's already been booked and the ref seems to realise this, and puts his hand down. Deary me!
    • 44' So a Nigeria free-kick to the left of the D, definitely a shooting opportunity. Moses or Mikel? Moses again, bent into the wall. Poor.
    • 43' Hintsa flies into Mikel and is lucky only to see yellow. Rafa Benitez shouldn't watch this, Moses already taken out once.
    • 42' So, after Nigeria bossed the opening exchanges, Ethiopia have looked dangerous from set pieces and have used this to gain confidence.
    • 41' Finally some good passing football from Ethiopia on the right, and a fine cross from Kebede that shaves the head of Said before dropping wide!
    • 40' Ethiopia have a free-kick on the left wing... Abebaw sends it in but it's a weak, low ball that Nigeria clear. But a mix-up in the Nigeria defence sees Said run throug down the left - good defending from Omeruo to close him down, the blocked shot easy for Enyeama.
    • 39' Down the other end Moses cmbines with Emenike and is surely pulled back but play on - he fires straight at Bancha from the angle.
    • 39' Another long ball almost sends Oukri clean through, the bounce leaving Nigeria's defence for dead, but Enyeama stays calm to gather.
    • 38' Long throw from Echiejele, the keeper doing well to hold on to it after colliding with his own defender.
    • 37' Moses puts the ball in but the ref blows his whistle to halt some holding. Finally the ball comes in, deep again, out for a Nigeria throw on the left.
    • 36' Poor throw by Girma, Nigeria on the offensive but Ambrose's cross is blocked behind for a corner.
    • 35' Said is isolaed up front, in that the two wide men accompanying him are not really getting much on the ball.
    • 34' Moses with a fine corner to Echiejele deep towards the far post, good leap and a powerful header but the keeper is well placed to parry!
    • 33' Great long pass by Mikel that sends Emenike through, the keeper flies out and it ricochets off both for a corner.
    • 32' Moses cuts in from the left, back to Mikel but he overhits the pass aimed for Emenike.
    • 31' MBa goes in a bit high but just a free-kick, no card.
    • 30' Ethiopia with a free-kick on the left - great ball in and it bounches at the far post but Okwury can't reach it and the ball goes wide!
    • 29' Taken short to Moses but he is closed down quickly and the ball rolls out fo a goal kick. That was Ambrose's fault, inexplicably passed it short when Moses didn't exactly have space.
    • 28' Moses is fouled again on the right wing this time, Elias with the block.
    • 27' Said again gives chase to a long ball but again it's easy for Enyeama. Long ball it is then.
    • 26' Moses almost sends Uche clean through but he overhits the pass. Mikel wanted a simple ball so he could build a proper attack.
    • 25' Moses is the key man for Nigeria, he picks out Ogude nicely and Uche flicks it on for Echiejele but he hammers a poor effort well over.
    • 24' Poor kick out from Enyeama and Ethiopia could be in - Tekle thinks he was fouled but the ref waves him away. Now Said gives chase to a long ball, Oboabona there to nod back to Enyeama though.
    • 23' Said gets in space down the left but Oboabona clears to touch for a corner. Dawit to take, and Enyeama stays on his line as no-one makes contact and the ball bounces behind!
    • 22' Ambrose and Uche both dive in to meet Moses's free-kick but the latter heads well over.
    • 21' Emenike is fouled by Elias and the Ethiopia defender is the first man to be booked today.
    • 20' Emenike tries to release Moses but the keeper watches it roll out. After a good start, Nigeria have softened their approach.
    • 19' Mba wins a free-kick off Girma in the middle of the park.
    • 18' A nice passing move from Nigeria sees Mikel pick out Moses, who lays it off for Uche, but his cross is blocked before Emenike can attack it.
    • 17' Cool goalkeeping by the Ethiopia man Sisay Bancha, who lets the ball run under his dummy clearance and behind for a goal kick, with Emenike chasing him down.
    • 16' A corner results from the free-kick, which Dawit swings in - and Said is unmarked as he meets it with a header, but well over. Not the best in the air, Oboabona let him go!
    • 15' Moses with a flick on from Ambrose's pass but Uche can't get on to it. Good defending by Oboabona as Ethiopia break, but the minnows have men over and Echiejele fouls his man on the right.
    • 14' Uche gets his pass all wrong, putting it behind Emenike who was in down the right.
    • 13' Said almost gets in down the left but the pass is overhit and runs out for a goal kick.
    • 12' Nigeria with a long spell of possession but it comes to nothing as Echiejele gives it away.
    • 11' Short corner routine by Ethiopia but it's taken too quickly for their team-mates, who aren't positioned to attack the ball, which drops beyond Said at the back stick.
    • 10'' Better for Ethiopia as Said runs at Oboabona to win a corner.
    • 8' This slightly random Ethiopia side look a touch confused positionally - they're just sitting deep, with little or no midfield movement.
    • 7' A rare move forward for Ethiopia but the ball swerves out and into Enyeama's arms. Goal kick.
    • 6' Emenike gets a touch but Ethiopia clear long, looking for the danger man Said. Enyeama gets there first.
    • 5' Great pass from Mikel but Bancha rushes out to get there just before Uche! Nigeria all over Ethiopia at the start of this match!
    • 4' Moses is okay after that rotten tackle and will take it... Deflected but into Bancha's arms.
    • 3' Moses on the ball again but he is caught by a lunge from Elias! That was two footed, lucky not to break the man's leg and no card either!
    • 2' Foul by Kebede on Moses on the Nigeria left... Great ball in by Moses for the free-kick and Ambrose flies in with the header but over!
    • 1' The first half is underway!
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    • 16:45 The ref today is Bouchaib El-Ahrach of Morocco. Hopefully he won't incorrectly award any late penalties, like Egypt's Ghead Greisha, who was sent home after denying Nigeria victory against Zambia. African Cup of Nations - Keeper Mweene scores as Zambia hold Nigeria
    • 16:40 The biggest surprise has to be that Warri Wolves winger Sunday Mba starts for Nigeria, who need to win to qualify. Nusa makes way, while Musa is replaced up front by Uche. Nigeria going for broke, with Stephen Keshi again shuffling his pack. Ambrose returns from suspension in defence, but Yobo is still left out after his weak display against Burkina Faso. Ethiopia, meanwhile, make EIGHT changes. Also going for broke.
    • 16:35 TEAMS - Ethiopia: Bancha, Gebreyes, Bune, Alula Girma, Elias, Estifanos, Saleh, Hintsa, Oukri, Kebede, Said; Subs: Tadelle, Zinabu, Hailu, Bogale, Ibrahim, Teshome, Bekele, Assefa, Tassew /// Nigeria: : Enyeama, Ambrose, Omeruo, Oboabona, Echiejile, Mikel, Ogude, Moses, Mba, Uche, Emenike; Subs: Agbim, Yobo, Obiorah, Egwueke, Musa, Ideye, Gabriel, Onazi, Uzoenyi, Igiebor, Oshaniwa, Ejide
    • 16:30 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Ethiopia v Nigeria in their final Group C match at the African Cup of Nations, at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium. Kick off at 5pm, and both sides could go through, or out, even if they win!
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    Manager: Sewenet Bishaw

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    Manager: Stephen Keshi

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