Saturday January 19, 2013 Group Stage: Group A Finished FNB Stadium

South Africa 0 - 0 Cape Verde Islands

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  • Live Commentary

    • South Africa
    • Cape Verde Islands
    • 90+2' FULL TIME. Cape Verde finish the game the happier side but it was a dull game. Would expect South Africa to be very disappointed with their performance and see this as two points dropped.
    • 90+1' Corner is swung in to the near post but Khumalo gets too much on it and it flys over the bar.
    • 90' Cape Verde are organised and South Africa still struggle to break them down. Chabangu has it but as he lays off to Matlaba the shot goes flying wide.
    • 89' Tavares flicks the ball past Sangweni but the defender has the pace to get back and make a tackle before the counter was sprung.
    • 88' Chabangu has won a free kick from distance which looks to be struck by Mphela. He strikes it hard but high and it goes over harmlessly.
    • 87' Chabangu skips past Soares and plays to Phala but the winger is dispossessed.
    • 86' Tavares has caused all sorts of problems for South Africa's defenders and holds the ball up brilliantly before crossing but the ball is cleared by Matlaba.
    • 85' Dangerman Mendes comes off for Roni. It would seem Cape Verde are happy with the point.
    • 84' South Africa play another long ball forward but Mphela is unable to bring the ball down. Goal kick.
    • 82' South Africa free kick taken by Chabangu is headed a few times in the box but Varela mops up and clears.
    • 81' Chabangu gets time and space in between defence and midfield but picks a difficult pass and over-hits it and it goes out for a goal-kick.
    • 79' South Africa endeavour to win a corner but it is horribly over-hit.
    • 78' Nando receives treatment for a knock. Cape Verde continue to try and play while South Africa look devoid if ideas.
    • 77' Heldon makes way for David Silva.
    • 76' Really poor from South Africa as they keep hitting and hoping. Khumalo gives away a foul on the halfway line for a high foot.
    • 74' The game has settled back down and is back to how it was in the first half. Scrappy stuff.
    • 73' Fantastic cross from Nivaldo finds Tavares diving to get to the ball and his header goes across goal but Khune makes a fantastic save to tip it round the post.
    • 71' Serero plays a beautiful pass through to Mphela but Nivaldo makes a superb interception to stop the shot coming in.
    • 70' Babanco found Nivaldo on the left hand side and whips a fantastic cross towards Tavares but Khumalo gets there first and clears for a corner. Great defending.
    • 69' Cape Verde are beginning to come back in to this game. They've weathered South Africa's storm and are starting to play themselves.
    • 68' Majoro makes way for Mphela.
    • 67' Mendes picks the ball up on the right and dribbles towards the penalty area but is dispossessed just before he is able to find the space to get a shot away.
    • 66' Tavares holds the ball up in the penalty area and finds Mendes who gets his shot away early but it is blocked. Goes out for a corner.
    • 65' Babanco brings Cape Verde forward and feels he is being pulled back but the ref waves play on. The cross find Tavares but his header is wayward.
    • 64' More wasteful play in possession from South Africa. The visitors are so comfortable dealing with these long balls.
    • 63' Platini makes way for Tavares. Straight swap.
    • 63' South Africa finally work the ball wide to Phala who gets into a good position to cross but the delivery goes high and wide. Mexican wave has started in the crowd.
    • 61' Cape Verde have great shape and South Africa are really struggling to find a way through. Khumalo is the latest player to pass the ball aimlessly forward.
    • 60' Tshabalala is sacrificed as Serero comes on in a straight swap.
    • 59' Cape Verde finally have the ball in the Bafana half but the cross from Babanco fins only Khune. Platini then receives a yellow card as he barges into the goalkeeper as he emerges with the ball.
    • 58' Phala squeezes a cross in after a few tricks and turns on the right wing but Nando is able to clear for a corner.
    • 56' Majoro latches on to a long ball and plays the ball to Parker whose miscontrol sets up a 50-50 challenge between Tshabalala and the goalkeeper on the six yard box but the goalkeeper gets there first.
    • 55' Really quiet inside the stadium. South Africa yet to do anything to excite the crowd.
    • 54' Parker attacks the box but his dribble is cut out by Varela as the striker attempts to cut inside and get a shot away.
    • 53' South Africa starting to pen back Cape Verde. Ncgongca plays a great long ball to Chabangu but his control lets him down and it goes to Vozinha.
    • 52' Nothing much happening. The ball is being traded between the sides with no real penetration. Tshabalala tries to inject some pace but his cross is too long and goes out for a goal kick.
    • 50' Parker receives the ball on the left wing. He cuts inside and crosses to Chabangu in the box but his overhead kick attempt tamely falls to Vozinha.
    • 49' Letsholonyane tries to win a header against Mendes but accidentally knocks the Cape Verde winger on the head and concedes a free-kick.
    • 48' More of the same from the first half. Neither team enjoying any sort of control and another free-kick given away by Tshabalala.
    • 47' Tshabalala makes some ground and glides over a couple of tackles but his through pass is intercepted by Varela on the edge of the area.
    • 46' South Africa make a change as Dikgacoi comes off for Chabangu. It looks like an injury to the Crystal Palace midfielder.
    • 46' Cape Verde get us back underway. Hopefully we'll see a bit more quality in the second half.
    • HT The referee blows for half-time. A really quite dull opening to the African Cup of Nations. Neither team has been able to settle into the game though Cape Verde have shown more quality than hosts South Africa in the final third. All to play for in the second half.
    • 45+1' Heldon wins a free kick wide on the right as he finds a gap. Tshabalala brings him down but the delivery from Babanca is poor and goes straight to Khune in goal.
    • 45' Ngcongca receives the first yellow of the game as he brings down Mendes from behind.
    • 44' Corner from Babanca finds Varela who flicks the ball on to the far post. Mendes is there to collect but his shot back across goal is wild and he slices it over the bar from inside the six-yard box.
    • 43' Matlaba concedes a free-kcik as Heldon threatens to bring the ball down and attack the full-back before he got in on goal.
    • 42' Mendes and Babanco try to work a way into the penalty area but Dikgacoi intercepts and breaks quickly up the pitch. He passes to Phala who attempts to take on his full-back but overruns the ball and it goes for a goal kick.
    • 41' Cape Verde have the ball on the byline with Carlitos taking throw in after throw in on this right wing. Neither team taking control of this game.
    • 40' Babanco swings the ball in towards the South Africa goal but Khune comes out to collect.
    • 39' Platini again wins a free-kick as he runs with the ball past Dikgacoi who sticks out a leg rather than attempts a tackle.
    • 38' Parker again with some poor control which lets him down. Could have had a shot on goal if he had chested the ball down rather than to Nando or Varela who have been magnets to the ball in their own penalty area.
    • 37' Really scrappy game this. Neither team can really gain control of the ball long enough to produce anything of any real note. South Africa with a throw in on the left.
    • 36' Wasted corner from Tshabalala and Cape Verde break through Mendes. He passes to Varela but his pass is over-hit and easily collected by Khune.
    • 35' South Africa enjoy possession at the back but aren't going anywhere with it. Matlaba attempts a run down the line but his pass does not find a teammate. The ball goes out off Nando though for a corner.
    • 34' Quick throw in from Cape Verde finds Platini breaking in to the penalty area. He runs the ball to a wide angle on the left side of the area but his shot goes into the side netting.
    • 33' Tshabalala delivers a free kick to the far post from the left wing. Phala sees the ball coming but miscues his connection with the ball and it bounces out for a goal kick.
    • 32' Vozinha comes sprinting out of his area to get the ball and finds himself on the right wing. He clears before there is any real danger from South Africa though.
    • 31' Platini breaks in midfield after some scrappy play sees Phala lose control of the ball. In trying to resurrect the situation he brings down the on-rushing midfielder. Cape Verde with a free-kick in crossing territory.
    • 30' Wonderful long pass from Ngcongca who finds Majoro in the penatly area but the striker's control lets him down and Nando clears.
    • 29' A wasted opportunity from South Africa. A free kick wide on the left is swung in but it is well over-hit and goes out for a goal-kick.
    • 28' Letsholonyane robs the ball in midfield and breaks. He passes to Majoro who finds some space on the edge of the area to shoot but Nando throws himself in front of the shot to block.
    • 27' Free kick from Heldon striking the ball from distance. His shot is wild and goes flying over the bar.
    • 26' South Africa break from a Cape Verde free-kick. Phala smashes the ball 50 metres up the pitch but the first touch from Parker is not good enough and the ball is cleared.
    • 25' Mendes cleverly finds space between the Bafana midfield and defence. He turns and tries to dribble down the line but is halted by the defender.
    • 24' Cape Verde attack down the left through Heldon but his pass to Mendes who would've crossed is intercepted but he opposition right-back.
    • 23' Corner from South Africa comes to nothing.
    • 22' Platini gets away from Dikgacoi who scythes the midfielder down. South Africa emerge with the ball after some smart passing. Matlaba breaks down the left and wins a corner off the legs of Varela.
    • 21' Corner to Cape Verde who play it short to Varela. The ball is cleared but as it is put back into the box, Heldon attempts am outrageous overhead kick but does not connect.
    • 20' Tshabalala concedes another free kick but Cape Verde lose the ball to Phala who tries to set South Africa on their way but the defenders again come out on top.
    • 19' South Africa have not settled in this game at all and are struggling to win the battle in midfield. Cape Verde will be delighted with their start to this game.
    • 18' Nando goes up for a header and falls awkwardly. He is on the floor clutching his right arm. He should be OK. Free-kick to Cape Verde.
    • 17' South Africa finally settling down with some possession. They switch the play to Phala but his one-two with Letsholonyane sees the ball go out for a goal-kick.
    • 15' Cape Verde with a chance. Great through pass right through the middle of South Africa's centre of defence into Platini who is one on one with the keeper. He strikes early with his left foot but screws his shot wide of the post.
    • 14' Matlaba ventures forward and tries to clip a cross in to Majoro but it goes over the strikers head and into Vozinha's arms.
    • 13' Tshabalala strikes it straight at the goalkeeper who saves easily. Cape Verde with the ball now.
    • 12' Soft free-kick given after Majoro goes down easily off some pressure from Nando. Bafana have a free-kick central to goal about 30 metres out.
    • 11' Mendes has the first real effort on target from distance but he skews his shot high and wide.
    • 10' A great switch of play from Nando finds Platini on the right who crosses but Dikgacoi clears before it finds it's man.
    • 9' The Blue Sharks are starting to control possession but not in dangerous areas. Vozinha, Nando and Varela of Cape Verde have had the ball the most.
    • 8' Cape Verde manage to put a few passes together in the opponents half but as has been the story of the opening minutes, a lot of pressure sees the ball cleared long by South Africa.
    • 7' The referee blows for an innocuous foul agains Phala who is adjudged to have pushed Nivaldo as he collected the ball from a throw in. Cape Verde withthe free kick on the half-way line.
    • 6' Another series of long balls are dealt with by both defences. Cape Verde have the ball with their goalkeeper Vozinha.
    • 5' Scrappy game so far. Both teams are pressing high meaning neither team can get a foothold on the ball. Long passes are not finding their targets and at the moment, defence is on top.
    • 4' The Blue Sharks knock the ball up the pitch but Khune gives the ball to Matlaba whose long ball finds nobody. Cape Verde win a free kick in the middle after Letsholonyane fouls.
    • 3' Cape Verde are pinned back slightly here as Bafana put pressure on the visitors high up the pitch.
    • 2' Tshabalala whips it in to the near post and finds Khumalo who has to stoop to header and nods it harmlessly wide.
    • 1' South Africa make a lively start down the right wing through Phala who gets the better of his full-back and draws the foul near the corner position.
    • 16:00 And we're off. Our hosts, South Africa will kick off the 29th African Cup of Nations shooting from right to left in their famous yellow shirts.
    • 15:55 South Africa are this year's host nation for the competition. Bafana Bafana fans are making a lot of noise with their famous vuvuzelas as officials and delegates declare the start of the tournament. The players will hope they can match the party atmosphere with a win.
    • 15:50 This is the first time Cape Verde have ever reached this stage of the African Cup of Nations. They managed it having beaten African powerhouse Cameroon 5-2 in their qualifier for the tournament.
    • 15:45 TEAMS: South Africa: Khune, Matlaba, Ngcongca, Sangweni, Khumalo, Phala, Letsholonyane, Dikgacoi, Tshabalala, Parker, Majoro. Subs: Sandilands, Meyiwa, Pa Gaxa, Masilele, Nthethe, Chabangu, Mphela, Serero, Furman, Mahlangu, Manyisa, Rantie. /// Cape Verde: Vozinha, Varela, Babanco, Nando, Platini, T.Varela, Heldon, Soares, Nivaldo, Mendes, Carlitos. Subs: Fock, Rilly, Stenio, Guy Ramos, Rambe, Tavares, Lima, Gege, Ronny, Pecks, Djaniny, David Silva.
    • 15:40 Hello and welcome to our live commentary of the first game of this year's African Cup of Nations between South Africa and Cape Verde.
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  • South Africa

    Manager: Gordon Igesund

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    Manager: Lucio Antunes

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  1. That was our first game ever on ACN, our players were­ kind of nervous. Morroco will see our best on Wednesday­ like Cameroun could see few month ago. We are a­ emerging African small nation, with strugling and­ qualified people in a number of fields. Football is one­ of them. FORÇA CABO VERDE. Frantz, Praia, Cape Verde

    From Frantz, on Sun 20 Jan 15:47
  2. Didn't watch the match, but have to say that it­ looks like the final games in group A would be the­ deciders.

    From Nnamezie, on Sun 20 Jan 0:47
  3. This is one of the worst football matches I have ever­ seen.

    From Bob, on Sat 19 Jan 17:43
  4. I wish South Africa, the host Nation good luck [Philip­ Yongukor from Abuja, Nigeria]

    From Philip, on Sat 19 Jan 17:33
  5. I am at work now, can't really comment, but is it­ true that CVI actually beat the Camerouns 5:0?, if so,­ then this march is heading for a 1:1 draw

    From Bolaji, on Sat 19 Jan 17:03
  6. Wat channel is showin this game in united kindom

    From Akanbi, on Sat 19 Jan 16:35
  7. Was not 5-0 but 3-2. 2-0 victory for Cape Verde on the­ first leg and 1-2 in second leg in Cameroon.

    From José Casimiro, on Sat 19 Jan 16:08
  8. The quality of football in this tournament is right up­ there with Womens football or the Scottish 3rd­ division. For the sake of my eyesight i wasn`t gonna­ watch it, but then i remembered the awesome sound of­ the vuvuzelas!

    From Anti septic, on Sat 19 Jan 16:06
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