Tuesday January 22, 2013 Group Stage: Group D Finished Royal Bafokeng Stadium

Tunisia 1 - 0 Algeria

  • Msekni 90’

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  1. African Cup of Nations - Msakni stunner steals win for Tunisia

    African Cup of Nations - Msakni stunner steals win for Tunisia

    Youssef Msakni struck at the death as Tunisia sealed a 1-0 win over neighbours Algeria in their African Cup of Nations opener. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Tunisia
    • Algeria
    • 90+5 That's the final whistle! Tunisia stun Algeria with a late screamer, 1-0 and they go joint top of Group D with Ivory Coast.
    • 90+5 Feghouli with the corner, the keeper flaps but Hicheri again heads clear. And Ifa puts it behind for surely the last corner. The header comes in from Belkalem, but it's well wide. Goal kick and that should be it.
    • 90+4 Hicheri with a desperate defensive header under pressure, and Algeria have a late, late corner. But it's headed behind by Hicheri again. Where's the Algeria keeper?
    • 90+3 Late sub for a now desperate Algeria as Aoudia comes on. No sign of Boudebouz or Bouazza then.
    • 90+2 Well a terrible game ends in some style as Youssef Msakni hits a blinder from 30 yards, curling and powerful, no chance the keeper. Algeria have been the better side, but barely as it's been a stinker until now. I predicted late drama and it has come.
    • 90+1 WHAT A GOAL BY TUNISIA! In the first minute of stoppage time Msakni scores a cracker, from nothing, smashing a long-range drive into the top right!
    • 90' Kadir to take this one but a delay as the ref cools some shoving between Abdennour and Slimani. Kadir takes it but Abdennour - who like Hicheri is imperious in the air - heads away.
    • 89' Abdennour with an important defensive header from a fine Slimani cross. Late corner...
    • 88' Free-kick to Tunisia, which Chammam finally gets over the wall - but well over the bar.
    • 87' ALMOST A FREAK GOAL FOR ALGERIA! Lacen fizzes a vicious cross from the left, the ball ricochets off Abdennour and strikes Kadir - but goes wide. Neither knew anything about that.
    • 86' ALGERIA SUB: Lemmouchie comes on for Guedioura, who has been disappointing.
    • 85' Soudani with a shot from the left but Abdennour blocks it.
    • 84' Soudani with a dangerous cross but Slimani can't reach it and Tunisia clear.
    • 83' Tete-a-tete as Abdennour and Slimani come together... Both remember they've been booked so calm down soon enough.
    • 82' Msakni trots off... but I don't think his night is up, just instigating a drinks break.
    • 81' Darragi finds space on the right wing, racing in and Medjani appears to trip him - but nothing given. Lucky.
    • 80' Darragi tries an ambitious through ball but straight to Mbolhi.
    • 79' Free-kick to Algeria on the left, but Kadir's ball in is cleared by Hicheri, who is very good in the air.
    • 77' Algeria win a throw through Guedioura on the right, but it's overruled as he committed a foul. Free-kick.
    • 76' Soudani almost gets in behind the Tunisia defence but Hicheri scrambles it away.
    • 75' BIG MISS BY HARBAOUI! He was sent clean through after Darragi steals the ball in midfield, but with just the keeper to beat he waited far too long as the ball came across him and - from an angle - puts well wide. Poor, as he has been since he came on.
    • 74' ALGERIA SUB: Soudani comes on for Kadir.
    • 73' The replay shows that there was contact - but Abdennour was fouled first.
    • 72' A tangle as Feghouli and Abdennour come together in the Tunisia box - but play-on says the ref as Ben Cherifia claims.
    • 71' Booking for Mesbah for taking down Khalifa after losing possession.
    • 70' JUST OVER FROM GUEDIOURA! Loads of power with his right-foot effort from range, but inches over the bar!
    • 69' Fine deep cross from Mesbah but too high for Feghouli and it goes out for a goal kick.
    • 68' Tunisia with the corner then, which Chammam swings in but Mbolhi gathers easily.
    • 67' Ifa with a surging run forward, he finds Harbaoui who races in but well read by Mbolhi, who rushes out to smother. Corner.
    • 66' Feghouli swings the ball in but it's pretty predicatble and is cleared to touch.
    • 65' Kadir goes down to win a free-kick a good 35 yards out.
    • 64' Algeria are looking more likely now, but it's not saying much. I am feeling a late drama of some sort - often the way in these cagey North African derbies.
    • 63' Chammam with a cool header back to the keeper after a sustained spell of Algerian pressure.
    • 61' Harbaoui has been very disappointing, again caught offside needlessly.
    • 60' Algeria are starting to fare better as the match progresses, the impact of the constant pressing felt quicker by Tunisia.
    • 59' Kadir lines up a shot from the left wing but blocked by Hicheri.
    • 58' Slimani gets in down the right but his low cross is met by Ben Cherifia before a team-mate can pounce.
    • 56' JUST WIDE BY MESBAH! Finally some joy going forward as Tunisia were caught short for once as Algeria countered. But the Milan left-back's fizzing low drive from 25 yards was inches wide of Ben Cherifia's goal.
    • 55' Guedioura tries to release Slimani with a rare through ball, but it's too far to the right and rolls out. This is a dire match for the neutral, a function of both teams' organisation.
    • 53' Poor, poor effort as Mesbah shoots from range at the free-kick, miles wide.
    • 52' Abdennour with a shove in Slimani's back. He needs to watch out, he's been booked already. Free-kick around 35 yards from the Tunisian goal...
    • 51' Msakni with a tidy little pass to release Harbaoui, but it's a shade too heavy and rolls out for a goal kick.
    • 50' Back to the scrappiness as fouls punctuate any attempts to string passes together.
    • 48' Tiny bit better from Tunisia as an overlapping run from Ifa creates space, but the Msakni ball is overhit.
    • 47' Any hopes of a more positive start to the second half evaporate as both sides line up deep.
    • 46' The second half is underway. Hopefully more fun than the first.
    • 46' TUNISIA SUB: Darragi replaces fellow midfielder Traoui. Not surprising - he is better on the ball than the Esperance DM.
    • 45+2 Half-time in Rustenburg and it's goalless after a dreary match so far between Tunisia and Algeria.
    • 45+1 Two minutes added time being played.
    • 45' Tunisia come forward now as Khalifa finds Hammami, but he hits a hopeful crossfield pass that doesn't reach Harbaoui.
    • 44' Great cross from Lacen that almost lands for Feghouli but Tunisia scramble the ball clear.
    • 43' Guedioura has a pop from range but it hits team-mate Slimani en route and flies well wide for a goal kick. Slimani was offside anyway.
    • 42' Counter attack for Tunisia as Msakni releases Khalifa down the right, he takes a while to steady the shot and drives it at a good height for Mbohli. Didn't look like he thought he could score there.
    • 41' Algeria have a free-kick on the left which Kadir swings in, decent ball but Tunisia clear.
    • 40' Both teams are defending very deep and closing the spaces at all opportunities. It's like a Serie A game 10 years ago.
    • 39' Khalifa comes forward, finding Hammami on the right, but his final ball is poor and Mbolhi claims.
    • 38' Harbaoui has been leading with the arm and this time he is penalised for it, and carded after catching Belkalem.
    • 37' He was complaining because the free-kick went the other way, but Chammam's delivery is cleared and the loose ball is claimed by MBolhi.
    • 36' The ref calls over Medjani and warned for complaining after Harbaoui's arm strays towards his head.
    • 35' That move has spurred Tunisia on a bit but Ifa goes down, expecting a free-kick but losing the ball and ignored by the ref.
    • 34' Harbaoui strays offside to halt a promising and now rare Tunisian foray forward.
    • 33' The ball ricochets around the Tunisia box, they're all at sea and it lands for Kadir but he woefully mis-kicks the ball well wide. Should have got it on target!
    • 32' Belkalem flies in to meet he corner with the header but Khalifa holds him up and the Algeria defender heads wide.
    • 31' Kadir will take this but is insisting on doing that thing where he clearly places the ball outside the corner quadrant.
    • 30' Great cross by Mesbah again looking for Slimani but Abdennour flies in to head behind. He gives out to his right-back for again switching off.
    • 29' SLIMANI HITS THE BAR! Fantastic run and cross from Feghouli on the left, Slimani leaps like a salmon and powers the header towards the top right but it cracks off the woodwork and away! First real chance!
    • 28' Jemaa watches on with ice strapped to his knee - so it seems that took the brunt of his knock on the foot.
    • 27' A series of aimless long balls are the result of unrelenting pressing from both sides. Very tight.
    • 25' Guedioura spots a good run from Feghouli down the right but, off balance, he overhits it.
    • 24' Harbaoui, who came on for Jemaa, fouls Mesbah as he gives chase down the left wing.
    • 23' Lacen with a good crossfield pass to release Mesbah but Khalifa gets back to clear for a corner. Tunisia get it away buy a long ball frees Kadir, only for him to shoot straight at Tunisia keeper Bencherifia.
    • 22' The referee declines to play advantage after Khalifa fouls Lacen. He has a word asking both teams to cut it out. I expect booking to follow soon.
    • 21' Mesbah is fouled now as the bitty start to this match continues.
    • 20' Now a Tunisia free-kick around 30 yards out, central so a shooting chance. Ifa drives it straight into a hefty wall though, low and weak.
    • 19' Poor low ball from Lacen, into the wall and Tunisia clear before Feghouli gives away a free-kick.
    • 18' Mouelhi fouls Feghouli around 30 yards out to the right, and Algeria have another free-kick.
    • 17' Histrionics from players of both sides as Cadamuro and Msakni collide. Free-kick to Tunisia, no cards. Poor delivery from Abdennour though.
    • 16' TUNISIA SUB: Jemaa couldn't run that knock off. Hopefully not too serious, would be a blow to the tournament if he was out.
    • 15' Kadir with an excellent, teasing cross from the left wing but Ben Cherifia claims well, admittedly under no pressure from Slimani, who pulled out of that.
    • 14' Free-kick to Algeria on the right then but Ben Cherifia takes it easily.
    • 13' Abdennour takes down Feghouli, who rolls around like a rag doll and rejects the Tunisia defender's hand of apology. A booking is justified but Feghouli was a disgrace there.
    • 12' Cadamuro on the right, he whips in a superb cross and Slimani flicks the header on goal but tipped over by Ben Cherifia! Ah, offside with the assistant's flag up. Replay shows it was marginal.
    • 12' Jemaa is back in play after treatment on that ankle knock. Let's see if he lasts.
    • 11' Feghouli is unable to bring the ball away but Mesbah gets it back. He is tackled and Tunisia counter but Algeria win it back. So cagey, so negative so far.
    • 10' Mesbah and Feghouli combine but the Milan left-back's cross is blocked.
    • 9' Abdennour does well to clear as Foued Kadir came forward.
    • 8' Msakni gives the ball away but Tunisia survive that one although Algeria do have possession.
    • 7' This could be serious for Jemaa, which would be a huge blow for the Carthage Eagles.
    • 6' Jemaa, Tunisia's all-time top scorer, is down after jarring his ankle in a 50-50 with Belkalem.
    • 5' A series of Mesbah throws on the Algeria left wing but Tunisia clear their lines and Msakni wins a free-kick.
    • 4' Algeria starting with a shade more in the territorial stakes, with Tunisia hemmed back for a bit.
    • 3' Khalifa is harshly penalised for a foul on Mesbah.
    • 2' Cagey start from both sides. They're set up to cancel each other out, so this could be a pattern.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
    • 17:57 The teams are out and singing the anthems. Decent crowd now, compared to Ivory Coast v Togo, as the Algerians travel well.
    • 17:55 This match has far tighter odds than others we've seen so far, with William Hill making Algeria favourites at 29/20 and Tunisia at 2/1. I think those odds should be reversed, but I'm not a bookie. The draw is 15/8. Basically similar odds all round.
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    • 17:45 Algeria, meanwhile, make several surprise selections as Rafik Halliche, the ex-Fulham defender now in Portugal with Academica, is benched behind Essaid Belkalem of JS Kabylie, while wingers Ryad Boudebouz and Hameur Bouazza lose out to Adlene Guedioura and Foued Kadir, in better club form. Islam Slimani, who has scored five in six matches since debuting last year, leads the line. Another centrally-focused, solid formation.
    • 17:40 The only faint surprise in the Tunisia XI is the preference of young goalkeeper Moez Ben Cherifia over the experienced Aymen Mathlouthi. Ben Cherifia did feature in Esperance's run to the African Champions League final though, and their 2011 win, and is regarded as a hot prospect. Five of his club team-mates join him. A 4-3-3 but with the wide men more defensive.
    • 17:35 TEAMS - Tunisia: Ben Cherifa, Abdennour, Chammam, Ifa, Hichri, Msakni, Hammami, Mouelhi, Traoui, Jemaa, Khalifa /// Algeria: Mbolhi, Medjani, Belkalem, Cadamuro, Mesbah, Mostefa, Feghouli, Lacen, Guedioura, Foued, Slimani
    • 17:30 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Tunisia v Algeria in a North African derby in Group D of the African Cup of Nations at Royal Bafokeng Stadium. Kick off at 6pm.
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    Manager: Sami Trabelsi

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    Manager: Vahid Halilhodzic

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  1. was good

    From misrak Getahun, on Tue 22 Jan 21:25
  2. I think Boudebouz is better in left side better then­ Kadir is more individual

    From mallorca, on Tue 22 Jan 20:27
  3. Half A Brain you should bet in williamhill you will­ make some serious money

    From mallorca, on Tue 22 Jan 20:24
  4. This is football last minute goal ,i dont understand­ something is missing in Algeria team ,there very good­ players ,the striker had one chance clear he hit the­ bar ,maybe next game

    From mallorca, on Tue 22 Jan 20:22
  5. Yup. I was right. Tunisia is ALWAYS like this. They­ manage to get results be it playing good or bad. I feel­ sorry for Algeria. LoL.. But what a goal...

    From Half A Brain, on Tue 22 Jan 20:11
  6. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool­ tunis

    From Lucian, on Tue 22 Jan 19:49
  7. 1 2 3 viva algerie ...jus wait n see boudebouz and­ fehgouli terrorising the wing with soudani bangin em­ goals

    From nguri, on Tue 22 Jan 17:00
  8. North-African game? I bet it would be 50% defensive,­ 40% midfield and 10% attack. Just what happened in last­ CAF tourney. Not more than 2 goals in the match. ;-)

    From Nnamezie, on Mon 21 Jan 20:39
  9. Nice.. North African Derby. I will try to watch it. A­ draw would be the logical outcome but I suspect Tunisia­ might just sneak in.

    From Half A Brain, on Mon 21 Jan 20:30
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