Wednesday March 9, 2011 Last 16 Finished White Hart Lane

  1. Milan out after draw at Spurs

    Milan out after draw at Spurs

    Serie A leaders Milan crashed out of the Champions League after a 0-0 draw at Tottenham, going out 1-0 on aggregate. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • AC Milan
    • 90+3' It is all over! Tottenham are into the last eight after a memorable night at White Hart Lane. Was not vintage, but they get the job done with a 0-0 draw.
    • 90+1' Robinho flashes a shot just over the bar after a great one-two with Ibrahimovic. Almost the leveller.
    • 89' Going to be three minutes added to this one.
    • 88' Corluka heads out out the ball from Seedorf before Lennon breaks up the park.
    • 87' Pato goes for goal from distance. Well past the post. The home fans are trying to sing Spurs home in this one. Has been a nervy occasion, but Spurs almost there.
    • 86' Strasser replaces Flamini. That is not a unpopular move among the Spurs fans. Merkel's cross is collected by Gomes.
    • 85' Bale battling for the loose ball. Milan quick to launch their own attack. Dawson nods out Antonini's cross ball.
    • 84' Modric tackles Abate. Spurs win a corner. Modric hammers in the cross before the ball breaks back out to Bale.
    • 83' Nesta complaining that he was fouled by Pavlyuchenko. Spurs push for the clinching goal.
    • 82' Spurs going to freshen things up for the final 10 minutes. Off goes Crouch and on comes Pavlyuchenko.
    • 81' Corluka gets Merkel's corner out. Frantic stuff this now for Spurs as Milan throw caution to the wind. Really going for it.
    • 80' Dawson nods Antonini's cross behind his own goal. Corner to Milan.
    • 79' Corluka looking at a cross and a short pass, but does neither as he fades a drive straight to Abbiati from acres out. Poor stuff.
    • 78' Gomes races from his line to pluck Merkel's cross from the sky. Dominant goalkeeping. Spurs on the ball.
    • 77' Superb effort from Pato. Cracks the shot into the sidenetting from 20 yards after Merkel was again involved. These are going to be a long 13 minutes..
    • 76' Ibrahimovic collects the pass from Nesta, but no way through before Sandro nods out Merkel's cross. Milan cranking this up now.
    • 75' Alex Merkel replaces Kevin Prince-Boateng for Milan. Fabio Capello looking on from the stands at White Hart Lane.
    • 74' Lennon's cross hits the arm of Antonini, but ball play man. Modric's cross is then plucked out the air by Abbiati.
    • 73' Tottenham are looking to reach the quarter-finals for the first time since their only previous European Champion Clubs' Cup appearance in 1961/62. They are on the break here.
    • 72' Milan still with 61% of possession in the match. Spurs pick up the ball in the middle of the park. Seedorf halts a Bale run.
    • 71' Seedorf making his 153rd appearance in Europe this evening. Quite staggering stuff. He makes a fine tackle on Lennon and on we go.
    • 70' Spurs make their second change of the match as Jermaine Jenas takes over from Pienaar.
    • 69' Nesta headers the ball out of the area. Jankulovski departs to be replaced by Antonini for Milan.
    • 68' A few worried faces among the home support. Spurs so near yet so far from the last eight. Lennon on the ball for the home side.
    • 67' Bale replaces Van der Vaart for Spurs. Flamini takes Bale out of the play seconds later. Free-kick to Spurs in their half.
    • 66' Gomes makes a vital save from Robinho! Fine stop. Robinho picks up the loose ball, but he is crowded out as he stabs the ball wide of goal. Milan almost level the tie overall.
    • 65' Abate with the cross from out on his side's right. Gomes collects that cross.
    • 64' Van der Vaart goes towards Corluka, but Seedorf is on hand to deal with the danger. Crouch then fouls Silva moments later.
    • 63' Pato wasn't 10 yards from the free-kick. He is going to be booked for charging down Van der Vaart's free-kick.
    • 62' Spurs back in the Milan half. Can't be long until they change something here. Flamini is booked for a poor tackle on Pienaar.
    • 61' Ibrahimovic deemed to be offside in the home area. Looks to the skies in anguish. Was well offside there.
    • 60' Crouch guilty of fouling Nesta in the air. All a bit predictable for Spurs. Using too many long balls aimed at Crouch.
    • 59' Jankulovski bounds down the left flank again. He delivers the cross, but that is poor as the ball just flies out of play. Goalkick to the visiting team.
    • 58' Van der Vaart throws over the cross, but headed wide by Dawson. Milan have a goalkick. Relief at last for the Italians.
    • 57' Lennon dinks over a cross. Seedorf seemed to handle the cross, but referee says no. The Dutchman was a bit lucky to get away with that.
    • 56' Crouch tries to head Lennon's cross to Modric, but Seedorf is on hand to clear. Much better from Spurs there.
    • 55' Crouch rises in the area to win the header, but no danger to the visiting defence. Easy take for the MIlan keeper Abbiati.
    • 54' A lot happening, but not much of it happening at the Milan end. All a bit of an effort for Spurs. Redknapp not looking too happy with something.
    • 53' Dawson moves in to win the ball from Abate. Sandro wins the ball before passing the ball to Van der Vaart, but Crouch is fouling Seedorf in the area.
    • 52' Flamini hammers a shot at goal. Wide of the target, but Milan continue to get under the home side's skins. This match still well in the balance.
    • 51' Interesting start to this second period. Gareth Bale is out warming up for Spurs. Would be expecting to see him soon. Milan in possession.
    • 50' Lennon appeals for a handball against Silva. Seemed to handle in his box, but nothing doing. Suddenly Spurs on the attack.
    • 49' Jankulovski is booked for a late tackle on Lennon. No complaints there from the Milan player.
    • 48' Ibrahimovic is fouled by Dawson. Milan back on the ball in what all too familiar territory in the first period. Sandro knocks the cross away from Abate. Lovely move.
    • 47' Lennon picks out Crouch. He heads across goal from five yards rather than go for goal. What a great chance for Spurs there.
    • 46' So Spurs are 45 minutes away from the last eight. They get us underway in the second half.
    • 45+1' No time for Abate to take the throw-in. It remains 0-0 here. Not sure how Spurs have survived that, but they continue to lead 1-0 on aggregate.
    • 44' Redknapp looks keen to get his side up the tunnel as the ball goes out of play.
    • 43' Assou-Ekotto goes for goal from distance, but he has smashed that volley wide of the target. A minute to be added to the half.
    • 42' Milan with 66% of possession. This has felt like a home game for them this evening. Jankulovski across to make the tackle on Lennon.
    • 41' Gallas back to win the ball from Pato. Great defending by the Frenchman. His mind has had to be on the job in this first period.
    • 40' Sandro is late on Boateng as Milan win another free-kick. Referee speaks to Sandro. Nothing much in that one.
    • 39' Gomes nudges away a cross by Abate. Milan really piling on the pressure. That Spurs defence is being sorely tested.
    • 38' Gallas forced to smack the ball away from Ibrahimovic. Milan have a corner seconds later, but the delivery is poor as Spurs get the ball out.
    • 37' Pato tries to win some space out wide, but he has ran that ball out of play. Milan back on the ball seconds later. The visiting side doing all the attacking.
    • 36' Crouch penalised for a foul on Silva. A rueful smile from the England striker, but no major complaints. On we go.
    • 35' Crouch wins a header before Van der Vaart sees Abbiati save his howitzer seconds later from outside of the box. Always heading straight at the keeper with that shot.
    • 34' Crowd trying to encourage Spurs to get forward, but easier said than done at the moment. Spurs back on the ball at the back.
    • 33' Gallas hammers out Boateng's shot from distance. Spurs really being forced back at the moment. Milan dominating possession.
    • 32' All Milan at the moment. Doing things at a nice pace. Pato caught offside when he was clearly on. Lucky for Spurs.
    • 31' Gomes forced to save from Pato. Super play from Milan as Ibrahimovic slipped him in from 12 yards out. Assou-Ekotto tidies up by making the clearance.
    • 30' Lovely effort from the Dutch midfielder. Narrowly over the bar. Abbiati had it covered, but worth a bash from that range.
    • 29' Seedorf takes Modric out of the game. The referee has given Spurs a free-kick. 30 yards out. Van der Vaart is going to have a go at goal.
    • 28' Ibrahimovic is back to nod away from Van der Vaart after he won a corner with Abate blocking Modric.
    • 27' Harry Redknapp and Joe Jordan trying to work out how they should be going about this. Milan have certainly posed a few questions this evening.
    • 26' Ibrahimovic smashes a free-kick well over the bar from 30 yards. High and handsome. No threat to Spurs there.
    • 25' Poor keeping by Gomes as he came off his line. Pato rounded him, but that was superb defending by Gallas to keep his eye on the ball with a few opposing players ready to pounce.
    • 24' Gallas knocks the ball off the line from Robinho's deflected shot. Right on the line. So close to the opener from Milan.
    • 23' Robinho gets a look at goal from the edge of the area. Lifts his shot over the bar. Decent attempt. The Italians in the mood.
    • 22' Dawson forced to look sharp to block an effort by Pato. Milan continue to seek the away goal they need. Have been the better side so far.
    • 21' Lennon clips Prince-Boateng. Free-kick to the visitors. Pato's delivery is met by Crouch. Gomes would have taken that, but Crouch takes no chance.
    • 20' Crouch fouls Nesta and that is a free-kick to the vistiing side before Ibrahimovic is late on Gallas seconds later.
    • 19' Great defending by Nesta to block the shot from Van der Vaart at the edge of the box. Van der Vaart dinks a cross into the box, but nodded away by Silva.
    • 18' Robinho fouls Van der Vaart and Spurs have a free-kick at the halfway line. Chance to piece together some passes here.
    • 17' Crouch nods a header wide of the target. Difficult to hit the target under so much pressure, but fine cross by Pienaar. Better from Spurs.
    • 16' Spurs back on the ball. Lennon and Modric try to combine, but the move breaks down before Sandro races back to deprive Ibrahimovic of the ball.
    • 15' The Brazilian swings in the corner, but Prince-Boateng is guilty of foul play in leaning on a white shirt. Respite for the home side.
    • 14' Ibrahimovic smacks a stunning shot around the wall, but Gomes dives across goal to tip the shot wide. Robinho to take the corner.
    • 13' Sandro catches Prince-Boateng and that is another free-kick. Boateng needs no excuse to hit the deck. 30 yards out.
    • 12' Pato hoists the ball across goal, but really poor delivery as Sandro does the necessary. Spurs got away with that one a bit. Pitch is immaculate this evening.
    • 11' Robinho is brought down by Assou-Ekotto. Dangerous times for the home team as Pato prepares a free-kick for the visiting side.
    • 10' Van der Vaart attempts to fire in a free-kick from just inside the home half. Too much pace on that free-kick. Wide of goal and AC Milan have a goalkick.
    • 9' Jankulovski makes a run down his left flank. Chips the ball over from Seedorf, but can't get the delivery right as the cross goes behind. Spurs with a goalkick.
    • 8' Sandro makes a fine tackle on Prince-Boateng, but he is penalised. Milan have lost only once in their past 14 games. They continue on the attack.
    • 7' Jankulovski gets across to make a great tackle on Van der Vaart. Not sure this is going to finish goalless this evening.
    • 6' A really bright start to the match from both teams. Milan certainly going for this. Great ball by Pato across the face of the home goal. No takers, but a lovely ball.
    • 5' Great play by Spurs! Lennon cross to the back post. Crouch met the header, but Abbiati does just enough to get in front of Van der Vaart to collect the loose ball.
    • 4' Good defending by Dawson to nick the ball away from Ibrahimovic, who was set to pull the trigger from inside the area. Seedorf fires wide from distance momenets later.
    • 3' Great move from the home side. Pienaar slips a lovely ball into the feet of Van der Vaart. He turns on the edge of the box, but drills a shot wide of the target. Positive start in every sense.
    • 2' Early offside flag goes up against Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Milan need to score this evening. Home fans in full voice.
    • 1' We are off and running in this one.
    • 19.40 A reminder of those teams for you: Tottenham: Gomes; Corluka, Gallas, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon, Sandro, Modric, Pienaar; Van der Vaart; Crouch Subs: Cudicini, Bale, Hutton, King, Jenas, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko AC Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Jankulovski; Boateng, Flamini, Seedorf; Pato, Ibrahimovic, Robinho Subs: Amelia, Strasser, Papastathopoulos, Oddo, Merkel, Yepes, Antonini.
    • 19.37 Teams in the tunnel. Almost ready to go in this one. Spurs in white, Milan in traditional red and black. A full house inside White Hart Lane. Some atmosphere. Should be a corker. Can Spurs do it? Big night for them.
    • 19.35 More from OptaJoe: "Since 1992/93, 15/16 teams who managed a 1-0 away win in the first leg of a CL knockout tie have qualified for the next round. Spur." Click here for OptaJoe
    • 19.30 Here is a tweet from our friends at Opta: "Spurs' defence has been shaky at times in Europe this season, but they are not the only ones. Of all the teams still in the Champions League only Milan have allowed more shots on target (43) than Tottenham themselves (39)." Click here for OptaJoe
    • 19.25 Gennaro Gattuso is suspended following his first-leg yellow card and will also serve a four-match ban after the UEFA Control and Disciplinary body ruled he assaulted the Tottenham assistant coach Joe Jordan after the match. Mathieu Flamini, Luca Antonini, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Gianluca Zambrotta are a booking away from a ban.
    • 19.20 Tottenham prevailed in the clubs' one previous two-legged encounter in the 1971/72 UEFA Cup semi-final. They won the first leg in north London 2-1, Steve Perryman's double overturning Romeo Benetti's opener, before a 1-1 draw in Milan, Alan Mullery's goal taking Tottenham through despite Gianni Rivera's penalty equaliser. Keeping goal for Milan was Fabio Cudicini, father of Tottenham's reserve custodian Carlo.
    • 19.15 Harry Redknapp's team have won all four games at home in this season's competition, including a 3-1 defeat of Milan's neighbours FC Internazionale in November on their way to claiming first place in Group A.
    • 19.10 Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf is confident the inclusion of Kevin-Prince Boateng will help the Serie A leaders as they try to recover a 1-0 deficit from the first leg, but feels a team effort is needed at White Hart Lane. "We lost the last match without him. I don't think it is one player that will make the difference," said the Dutch player. Click here for...Milan hopeful about Boateng's fitness to face Spurs
    • 19.05 Harry Redknapp is confident his Tottenham side can complete the Milan double having enjoyed a win over Internazionale in the group stages. "When you have that advantage in a two-legged game, if you sit back and think you have the lead then you find yourself in trouble," he said. "We have to treat it as a one-off and we have to go for it. It's not natural for us to sit on a 1-0 lead for 90 minutes. Click here for...Spurs get serious
    • 19.00 MILAN TEAM NEWS: Former Spurs player Kevin-Prince Boateng starts for Milan, who are are set to go with a three-man strike force of Pato, Robinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
    • 18.55 TOTTENHAM TEAM NEWS: Rafael van der Vaart is fit to start for the home side. Vedran Corluka is also fit after that horror challenge by Milan's Mathieu Flamini three weeks ago. Bale is on the bench for Spurs alongside Ledley King.
    • 18.50 Teams for this evening: Tottenham: Gomes; Corluka, Gallas, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon, Sandro, Modric, Pienaar; Van der Vaart; Crouch Subs: Cudicini, Bale, Hutton, King, Jenas, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko AC Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Jankulovski; Boateng, Flamini, Seedorf; Pato, Ibrahimovic, Robinho Subs: Amelia, Strasser, Papastathopoulos, Oddo, Merkel, Yepes, Antonini.
    • 18.47 BREAKING NEWS! Tottenham defender Gareth Bales is on the bench for this one.
    • 18.45 Good evening and welcome to live coverage of Tottenham v Milan in the second leg of their last-16 tie in the Champions League.
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    • Starting line-up

      • Gomes
      • V. Corluka
      • W. Gallas
      • M. Dawson
      • B. Assou-Ekotto
      • Sandro
      • L. Modric
      • A. Lennon
      • R. van der Vaart Substitution Out (66′)
      • S. Pienaar Substitution Out (71′)
      • P. Crouch Substitution Out (83′)


      • C. Cudicini
      • L. King
      • J. Defoe
      • J. Jenas Substitution In71′
      • A. Hutton
      • G. Bale Substitution In66′
      • R. Pavlyuchenko Substitution In83′
    • Starting line-up

      • C. Abbiati
      • I. Abate
      • A. Nesta
      • Thiago Silva
      • M. Jankulovski Yellow Card Substitution Out (70′)
      • C. Seedorf
      • M. Flamini Yellow Card Substitution Out (87′)
      • K. Boateng Substitution Out (76′)
      • Robinho
      • A. Pato Yellow Card
      • Z. Ibrahimovic


      • M. Amelia
      • M. Oddo
      • M. Yepes
      • L. Antonini Substitution In70′
      • S. Papastathopoulos
      • R. Strasser Substitution In87′
      • A. Merkel Substitution In76′
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