Wednesday December 5, 2012 Group Stage: Group E Finished Donbass Arena

Shakhtar Donetsk 0 - 1 Juventus

  • Kucher 56’ (o.g.)

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  1. Champions League - Juventus beat Shakhtar to seal top spot

    Champions League - Juventus beat Shakhtar to seal top spot

    Juventus won 1-0 at Shakhtar Donetsk to seal top spot in Group E of the Champions League and consign Chelsea to third place. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Shakhtar Donetsk
    • Juventus
    • 90+3' Final whistle and that is that. Both teams are through, Juve as winners of the group. Chelsea are out.
    • 90+2' All Shakhtar here, but Juve are keeping them at arm's length. A goal kick to Juve as Asamoah runs it out.
    • 90' Buffon is angry with Kucher, but the pushing and shoving quickly turns to hugs and handshakes. Lovely.
    • 89' Juve sub: Vucinic is off for Matri.
    • 88' A bit harsh that, especially as it means he'll miss the first leg of the round of 16.
    • 86' Vucinic plays wide to Vidal and tries to get the return, but he's crowded out of it. Chiellini picks up a yellow card for a foul on Devic.
    • 85' Mkhitaryan blasts one from distance, but it's high, wide and desperate.
    • 84' Willian onto Rat and his cross is blocked by Barzagli. Buffon comes out and claims. The veteran Italian hasn't had a proper save to make this evening.
    • 83' Time's quickly running out for both Shakhtar and Chelsea, who incidentally are now winning 6-1.
    • 82' Devic holds off Bonucci and Willian puts the cross in, but cleared. Srna crosses from the otherside, but once again Juve are unmoveable.
    • 81' Willian hasn't been great tonight, but Juve have been so solid defensively. Fernandinho is furious with the ref as he gives a foul for Juve.
    • 80' Srna up to Fernandinho, his cross is really dangerous, but it evades everyone and out to safety.
    • 78' Pogba's fouled by Srna following some nice skill. Vucinic puts the ball out of play as Rakitskiy stays down.
    • 77' Great play from Giovinco to hold it up and let others move up the field. He plays across to Asamoah and Juve area back into position.
    • 76' Pogba flicks onto Vidal, but Willian is excellent getting back to cover. Shakhtar repond and break forward through Fernandinho.
    • 75' Kucher looks to have picked up an injury, but he stays on for now. Pirlo with an instant ball forward, but it's unusually poor.
    • 74' Pogba gives the ball away, but Barzagli bails him out. Rat threads the ball through tp Devic, but more excellent defending from Bonucci keeps him from shooting.
    • 73' Devic tries to turn on the spot and hoot from eight yards, but it's weak and blocked. Warming up now...
    • 72' He went down under the challenge of Barzagli, who did have his arm across him, but the fall was pretty exaggerated.
    • 71' Mkhitaryan is booked for diving in the box! It certainly looked like it could have been a penalty.
    • 70' Kucher keaves Pogba in a heap, but the ref plays advantage. Lichsteiner floats in the cross and Vucinic heads over when he should have left it for Vidal.
    • 69' Vucinic and Pyatov race to the ball and the striker is there first. He skips past the keeper, but is too tight an angle to shoot. He plays square to Giovinco who also can't shoot so he lays off to Pogba and his shot is blocked.
    • 67' Shakthar strike the post! Though it was a bit of a mess,. Willian works the ball out wide, Rat whips it in and Asamoah knows nothing about it as he sticks out his foot.
    • 66' Pogba plays a one two with Giovinco, but his cross is well overhit and Shakhtar pick it back up. They try to move forward, but it's just a black and white wall that is facing them.
    • 65' Fernandinho is brought down by Chiellini and that's the stoppage needed for Alex to come off for the substitute Ilsinho.
    • 64' Are Juve, who have probably the most formidable defence in Europe, going to concede two goals in half an hour? That's what needs to happen for Chelsea to go through.
    • 63' The ball is in by Rat and Chiellini has to clear for a corner after failing to get a shout with no one behind him. The corner is cleared at the near post.
    • 62' Chelsea have extended their lead to 4-1, so it's all about this fixture really. As it stands, Juve go through as group winners, Shakhtar runners up.
    • 61' Rakitskiy loops a ball over the top for Rat, but there's just a little too much on it and it's out for a goal kick.
    • 60' Pirlo's ball comes off the back of Bonucci and it's well over the bar. Noot a bad chance, but he completely mistimed his jump.
    • 59' Shakhtar might as well go all out for this now as they have nothing to lose. It's Lichsteiner again though who drives forward and he wins a corner.
    • 57' Right, it was actually an own goalas the deflected ball comes off the standing foot of Kucher who was trying to clear. It should also have been offside as Lichsteiner was coming from an offside position.
    • 56' Shakhtar 0-1 Juve - Lichstiener and Vucinic combine, the ball is whipped in from the right and Giovinco is there to get behind the defender!
    • 54' Fernandinho with a fantastic ball, Devic onto Mkhitaryan who shoots just wide of the far post! He should really once again have squared to Willian though.
    • 53' Pirlo clips the outside of the bar! Pogba with his back to goal, lays the ball off to the great man, he dummies the deender to the floor then unleashes the shot from the edge of the area.
    • 52' Vidal plays square to Chiellini and his shot is blocked as it hurtles towards goal. The atmosphere has picked up now, as has the game.
    • 51' In the Chelsea game, they scored to double their lead on the stroke of half time, but Nordsjaelland have pulled one back...
    • 50' Rakitskiy absolutely leathers it, it bends late and Buffon can only palm it out in front of him! Alex on the rebound can only put it high over the bar.
    • 49' Shooting opportunity from the freekcick for Shakhtar as Mkhitaryan is brought down...
    • 48' Devic drives down the inside right channel and gets into the area. He turns back inside though and the chance to find Willian is gone.
    • 47' A test for Buffon as Rakitskiy smashes one from 40 yards. Though for a keeper of his class it's not much of a test.
    • 46' Shakhtar substitution: The inneffectual Eduardo has been replaced by Devic.
    • 45+2' Giovinco has a crack from 30 yards. It's dips and bends but Pyatov is right behind it and pats it down. Rakitskiy next clears at the near post, the corner comes in and Pogba loops the near post volley well over the bar.
    • 45+1' There will be a couple of minutes of stoppage time. Other than the first 15 minutes of this, it's looking less and less like a proper attacking contest.
    • 45' Lichsteiner drives a volleyed cross to the back post and Srna is there to brilliantly clear, when he could easily have put into his own net and Pogba lurking behind him.
    • 44' Vucinic clips a ball over the defence for Pogba, Fernandinho does just enough to stop him getting any further.
    • 43' The clearance is charged down by Vucinic, but he eventually fouls Rakitskiy as they chase it down into the penalty area.
    • 42' Pirlo's ball bounces back out off Chiellini and away. That goal at Stamford Bridge means Juve cannot now afford to lose.
    • 41' Kucher catches Chiellini, doesn't get the yellow, but goes in on Pirlo immediately after and does.
    • 40' Pogba nicks the ball and threads the ball into an area he expects Vucinic to be, but the striker isn't there and the defender is on the cover.
    • 39' Ludicrous, just ludicrous. Another penalty in the Chelsea game, again to Chelse, again for handball. Luiz puts it away this time.
    • 38' Asamoah wins the ball back. Lichsteiner tries to send in an early cross, but it's deflected by the defender and Pyatov steps in before it can go out.
    • 37' Pirlo with a lovely pass out to Asamoah, he clips it back to the Italian and he has a dig from distance. Well wide.
    • 36' Mkhitaryan has gone down after being caught by Pirlo. He 'needs' treatment, but he'll be up very very soon.
    • 35' And it's now a penalty to Chelsea, again for handball. Again it's saved! Incredible.
    • 34' Pogba wins the ball high up the pitch and he quickly moves it onto Giovinco, who plays his pass behind the run of Vucinic.
    • 32' Penalty to Nordjaelland in the other game! And it's saved by Cech! Follow that here.
    • 31' Eduardo is yellow carded for a foul. Didn't see on who.
    • 30' A calamitous series of mistakes from the Shakthar defence as the long ball came up led to that chance. Vucinic could square the ball to his strike partner on the edge of the area, and his left footed shot to the far corner was so close.
    • 29' Fernandinho again glides through the middle and sprays out to Eduardo. He loses it and Juve straight up the other end and Giovinco puts it an inch wide of the far post!
    • 28' Srna and Fernandinho combine down the right, Vidal wins it back and Juve just keep it rather than break.
    • 27' This feels like the unstoppable force against the immovable object. Juve so tight defensively.
    • 26' A poor touch from Mkhitaryan as he tries to latch onto a through ball and it's out. The home side are back on the attack, but Rat's volleyed cross is out of play before he hits it.
    • 25' Willian holds his face claiming he's been caught, but play is waved on. Shakhtar on the attack, but Juve aren't letting it anywhere near their box.
    • 24' Lichsteiner plays inside and the ball gets to Chiellini. He's back to Pirlo and Juve are playing patiently here. Neither goalkeeper has had to make a save yet.
    • 23' Also still 0-0 at Stamford Bridge, so even if Juve were to concede, as it stands, they'd still be going through.
    • 22' Pirlo again whips the ball in and that is a handball surely! Fernandinho with his arm out and it clearly strikes it. Let off for the homeside and Chelsea.
    • 21' Stepanenko picks up a yellow for a sliding challenge that doesn't touch his man, but his studs were showing. A bit harsh that.
    • 20' Chiellini drives the ball forward, but only to the opposing defence. The game's in a bit of a lull at the minute as neither team can get into the final third.
    • 19' Stepanenko steps in to stop the break and Shakhtar lauch a counter. Eduardo onto Willian who puts a dangerous ball in and Chiellini bravely puts his head in where it hurts to clear.
    • 18' Juve give the ball back to Shakhtar as Mkhitaryan goes down under the slightest tap on his face.
    • 17' Pogba with a beautifully athletic piece of control to bring a high ball down on the stretch. Looked like Thierry Henry in his prime.
    • 16' The ball is hit long to Vucinic, he backs in, bu the ball floats harmlessly off his head and into the hands of Pyatov.
    • 15' Pogba with a needless foul on Srna, who is right by his own corner flag. It was a pitiful falling over from the captain, but Pogba should never have given him the excuse.
    • 14' One thing's for sure here though. Shakhtar are not settling for the draw. Good news for Chelsea fans.
    • 13' Mkhitaryan with excellent skills to flip the ball over the defender and keep the ball, but Chiellini is there and he's having none of it, clearing for a corner that comes to nothing.
    • 12' Pirlo arcs it into the box, bt it's easily cleared and Alex is eventually fouled. Shakhtar can build from the back.
    • 11' Pyatov only half clears under pressure and Juve pick it up. Giovinco is eventually tripped by Kucher and it's a dangerous freekick...
    • 10' Fernandinho with a burst forward, but Asamoah dispossesses. Juve break back and Giovinco picks up the long ball and clips it over for Vucinic. His left footed volley is high and wide, but from such a difficult angle.
    • 9' Willian is over the ball...he floats the ball into the box and Eduardo bundles Chiellini over and it's a foul.
    • 8' Vidal pulls Wililan back as he skips past the midfielder. Yellow card and we're only seven minutes in.
    • 7' Giovinco is penalised for deliberate handball. That could be a yellow too...trying to gain an advantage there just outside Shakhtar's penalty area.
    • 6' Fernandinho lurks dangerously in the area, but again Juve are quick to pounce on the ball. The home side on top in these early stages.
    • 5' Giovinco is absolutely tiny. Surprising no matter how many times you see him play. He cuts back onto his left foot and curls a poor pass straight to Pyatov.
    • 4' Kucher is lucky not to pick up an early yellow card and a subsequent suspension after bringing down Vucinic from behind.
    • 3' Eduardo gets out of a tight spot and sweep wide to Srna. Willian is back on the ball in the area, but Pogba steps in to take the ball.
    • 2' Buffon claims before Willian can get to the ball and is quick to throw out. Willian does Vidal, but Chilean gets back well to clear for a throw.
    • 1' Shakhtar get us underway, shooting from right to left and this feels like a proper European match.
    • 19:40 The players are in the tunnel, Pogba seems to be wearing war paint on the side of his head. Also of little interest, the referee tonight is Jonas Eriksson from Sweden.
    • 19:35 There's also not that much difference this time in finishing first or second. Porto, Madrid, Arsenal are all through as runners up, though to be fair the two teams you'd really want to avoid in the next round would be Barcelona and Dortmund, who are both winners of their group.
    • 19:30 Shakhtar's last home game against Juventus came almost 35 years ago in the 76/77 UEFA Cup. Juve lost 1-0, but won on aggregate thanks to a 3-0 victory back in Italy. Juve only then went on to go and win the thing.
    • 19:25 Make sure you're following the Chelsea match as all the action unfolds. What Chelsea do will obviously affect what Juventus need to here. Find it here.
    • 19:20 Luiz Adriano is banned for this game after THAT goal. Not only that he has to do a day of community football service. That'll teach him. Fair? The fact is it wasn't illegal and the referee did nothing about it.
    • 19:15 Mircea Lucescu: "Just the fact that we’re playing against Juventus motivates us. We’re really not doing our opponents a favour. If our game still ends in a draw, then it was fate. We do not have an agreement with our opponents." We shouldn't doubt their intentions, it's just when these situations arise, they so often happen with a co-beneficial result...the problem with these mini-leagues.
    • 19:10 So some interesting selections in there. Little Giovinco starts up front for Juve, while the man Man Utd could really have done with keeping hold of will start in midfield. Donetsk's team looks pretty strong even though they've already qualified. Eduardo will start up top as well. How's he been doing in Ukraine Shakhtar fans? Tweet me @TomEmburyD.
    • 19:05 Juventus are unbeaten in 15 games in UEFA competitions since losing 4-1 to Fulham in the 2009/10 Europa League. A pretty formidable team really, having gone an unbeaten season last year in the league as well.
    • 19:00 The teams are in - Shakhtar: Pyatov, Kucher, Rat, Rakitskiy, Stepanenko, Fernandinho, Willian, Alex Teixeira, Srna, Eduardo, Mkhitaryan SUBS: Kanibolotskiy, Kryvtsov, Kobin, Gai, Douglas Costa, Ilsinho, Devic///Juventus: Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci, Lichtsteiner, Pogba, Pirlo, Asamoah, Vidal, Vucinic, Giovinco SUBS: Storari, Caceres, Padoin, Giaccherini, Marrone, Quagliarella, Matri.
    • 18:55 A team from Italy, one from Ukraine, a draw would suit both nicely...fully expect a thunderous end-to-end encounter with both sides going all out for the win.
    • 18:50 So, a draw or victory for Juventus will see the Italian champions through to the next stage. Shakhtar are already qualified and just need to avoid defeat to go through as winners. Not great for all you following Chelsea fans on the whole.
    • 18:45 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of the final Champions League Group E match between Shakhtar Donetsk and Juventus from the Donbass Arena.
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