0 vs. 4
Agg (0-5)
That's it. Full time. A hugely impressive victory for Real Madrid and Ronaldo. Number 10 could happen.
There will be one more minute of added time.
Real Madrid Goal

Right Footed - Bottom Left

GOAL! Bayern Munich 0-4 Real Madrid. Ronaldo scores. A simple but brilliant take. He fires a low shot under the wall's jump, leaving the 'keeper flummoxed.
Isco's lovely run finds Bale, but he's quickly tackled. Ronaldo then wins a free kick after buying a cheap free kick - he dives, basically - just outside the D on the left.
Ronaldo's effort from the free kick hits the wall.
Bayern making some nice passing triangles just by their byline. Kroos concedes a free kick on Modric 35 yards out.
Lahm dribbles across his box as Neuer gets back into position - a very silly risk to take, but one he gets away with. Schweinsteiger goes in late on Modric as he looks to clear, but he escapes a booking.
Real Madrid Substitution
Casemiro is on, Di Maria is off.
Di Maria breaks down the left, and with Bale supporting him down the middle, sends in a cross that Lahm blocks for a corner on the left. Modric takes short, Di Maria swings it in and Bale's volley is blocked.
Alaba's shot from 30 yards out comes off Ronaldo, and it's out for a corner.
Real Madrid Substitution
Isco replaces Benzema.
Kroos steps onto his left and sends his shot just a foot over the bar.
Gotze displays some lovely control to keep the ball in the air and away from two defenders on the right of the box, but his shot is wide.
Ramos is replaced by Varane.
Real Madrid Substitution

RT @RichJolly: Fulham, Middlesbrough, Braga & Rangers have all reached a European final since Real Madrid last did.

Muller is off now, for Pizarro. Ramos clears the first corner, then Pepe deals with the cross.
FC Bayern München Substitution
FC Bayern München Substitution
Changes now. Ribery is off in place of Gotze.
Bayern have been miserable. They've kept to their approach, which is a mixture of admirable and perverse.
Bale floats a crossfield ball for Di Maria, he stands up a cross to the back post, but Ronaldo can't keep it down.
Imagine how annoying Sergio Ramos is. He has really tickled Muller with his reactions this half.
Ramos blocks Robben's shot from outside the box.
Kroos's long shot is well hit, but Casillas is equal to it.
Bale steams down the left but treads on the ball just by the Bayern box, and the German side come up the other end.
Thomas Muller wins a corner on the right wing.
Ribery twists and turns to work an opening on the edge of the box. He drives in side and skids a low shot to the near post, but Casillas stops easily enough.
Very moving.
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SO SAD! Bayern Munich fans are not happy with this performance. http://t.co/WefwgDgWBM

Alaba's cross is out for Lahm on the right, and his cross is headed away. Bayern retain the ball and play in front of the Real defence. The ball is worked to Robben on the edge of the box and he sends a curling shot just a fraction wide.
Kroos aims an ambitious diagonal pass for Muller on the right wing, but he can only send it out for a throw as he tries to control it.

One of these days a Pep Guardiola team is going to pass someone into a coma

It would be easier to feel sorry for Pep Guardiola had he not subjected us to Barcelona and all that came with it.
Lahm's second cross is deflected and over to Alaba at the back post. He comes onto his right foot and flashes a powerful shot at goal that Ramos blocks. The corner comes to nothing.
Bayern come back now, but they need five goals. It's not going to happen. Or is it? No.
Real still keeping possession, and an excellently-weighted through ball from Ramos finds Di Maria offside on the left.
Andi Thomas, of SB Nation, has his say.

Pep Guardiola, with the game gone, decides to embrace the sarcastic substitute.

A good spell of possession for Real ends with a Carvajal pass out of play.
Real look to launch another break, for a change.
Bayern kick off, and Martinez has swapped with Mandzukic.
FC Bayern München Substitution
Thats it, half time. See you in 15 minutes, if Bayern aren't too depressed to come out for the second half.
Ronaldo's free kick is well over.
Yep, Mandzukic elbows Di Maria, and has got away with it again. Still, Ronaldo has a free kick to take.
Bayern have all the ball now, but it just doesn't matter. Real are sitting back and Bayern aren't good enough. Lahm fouls Ronaldo on the left wing, and Di Maria is down already, claiming he's been elbowed. All go.
Robben plays an extended exchange of passes with Kroos, and his cross is cleared for another corner. The second is headed up by Ribery and caught by Casillas. Ribery, minutes before, slapped Carvajal, but got away with it. This could turn nasty/funny soon.
Pepe is waiting to come back on, but Robben has a corner first.
Real fail to clear a corner, Robben curls it in against Pepe who goes down injured. Robben is furious. Funny to see Robben accuse someone of diving, though, isn't it?
Kroos again tackled late by Alonso, but he gets the ball away. Lahm has the ball on the right, but the cross is headed out. Alaba has a shot from distance that Pepe blocks.
Robben's free kick is approximately two million miles over the bar.
Real Madrid Yellow card

FC Bayern

Real Madrid

Alonso goes in with a lunge 30 yards from goal, and is booked. He's out of the final. The rank stupidity of getting booked in a situation like this.
My Lord. Almost four. Neuer again comes out to head the ball away, and it comes to Ronaldo on the left wing, and his volley is inches wide of the goal.

RECORD! Cristiano Ronaldo's 15th goal in the CL this season makes him the record European Cup goalscorer in one campaign.

Ramos, an absolute idiot. He goes in for a late lunge on the right on Lahm. He gets the ball, but could easily be booked. If he were, he would miss the final. What a lucky boy, but what a stupid one too.
GOAL! Bayern Munich 0-3 Real Madrid. Ronaldo scores. Ribery comes onto his right and loses the ball. Real Madrid counter down the right. Benzema sends the ball forward for Bale, sprinting to the edge of the box, and with a few touches he slides the ball square for the supporting Ronaldo, who slides in the ball at the near post.
Real Madrid Goal

Right Footed - Bottom Left

Bayern are keeping possession in their own half.
Another real counterattack. Benzema lurks on the left, waiting for options, and his cross is deflected behind for a corner on the left. Di Maria will take, but Bayern head it clear.
Ribery is closed down by Modric on the left wing, and Bayern are forced back into midfield.
Coentrao blocks Lahm's cross, and the danger passes, briefly.
Real break from the corner. Benzema takes on his marker, and yet again is tackled. He needs to calm down and remember he isn't Bale or Ronaldo.
Alaba has acres of space on the left of the box, and his pull back is to absolutely nobody. Then Robben cuts in from the right and has a left-footed shot deflected behind for a corner on the left.
Benzema misplaces a pass and Bayern come forward, but Real get the chanc to break again. It's for Ronaldo on the halfway line, and he teases two defenders, gets room, and sends a low shout under Dante's leg and just wide of the goal.
The ball is stabbed throught to Ribery on the edge of the box by Lahm. He spins his marker and sends a low shot just wide of the post.
Real fail to clear properly, but Alonso ends up smashing his foot through the ball, and it's out for a throw.
Robben sets free Lahm on the right to cross, but Casillas is able to claim the ball.
Jacob Steinberg makes a good point.

This is like when Linvoy Primus scored twice in the first half against West Ham in 2006.

Neuer has a little panic as he takes the ball off the toes of Benzema. They're all over the place.

RT @RichJolly: I refer you to my earlier comments. Bayern would have no chance against Shawcross and Huth.

Real Madrid Goal

Header - Bottom Right

GOAL! Bayern Munich 0-2 Real Madrid. Ramos scores again. Kroos has a nibble at Bale, 25 yards from goal and to the right of the box. Di Maria takes, it's flicked on by Pepe, to Sergio Ramos who is a few yards behind, and he sends in another header! That's it. Game over, man. Game over.
Dante has his studs up for that challenge. He should be off.
FC Bayern München Yellow card

FC Bayern

Real Madrid

Dante goes in with a wild hack on Ronaldo as he looks to break, and is booked.
GOAL! Bayern Munich 0-1 Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos scores, a brilliant header. Modric takes the corner, curling it to the back post. Up goes Ronaldo, but it's too high for him, and as the ball drops, Ramos's jump lets the defender power a header past Neuer. Real Madrid are close to qualification.
Real Madrid Goal

Header - Bottom Center

Real break, Di Maria hits a wonderful long book for Benzema. He takes the ball down just inside the box, but he's quickly tackled and Real have a corner on the right.
Ronaldo is now told off for wasting time by the touchline as Bayern tried to take a throw. Mourinho is back at Real.
Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema come forward, and Ronaldo lays off the ball for Real. Di Maria's cross comes to Bale, who crosses to the back post and Boateng heads away. Di Maria collects, cuts onto his right foot and shoots well over.
Some traditional Pepe activity. Pepe comes over to antagonise Ribery after he had fouled Carvajal, but the referee is there to break up the disagrement. This could get saucier as tempers get more fraught.

The first 5 mins are out the way. Time for the nerves to settle. Lots of pressing from #FCBayern and the fans are behind them! #FCBRMA 0-0

Bale volleys over with an open goal from 50 yards. Benzema chases a long ball, and Neuer runs out to head the ball away. It comes to Bale, but he slices a high, awkward volley over the goal.
Boateng cuts out a deflected cross, and good defensive work allows Bayern to break down the left. Ribery is tackled by Bale, and Bayern have a throw.
Ribery aims a cross for Mandzukic, but it's too firmly hit and out for a throw on the right wing.
Muller almost finds Mandzukic but Pepe intercepts. A ball over the top for Benzema is marginally overhit.
Benzema picks up the ball in space in the middle of the pitch, but he's clearly offside and Bayern take the free kick short.
Carvajal is crowded out and Bayern are back on the attack. Ramos attempts to break forward but loses possession, but the ball is now back with Casillas, who punts it all the way to the 'keeper.
Alaba's cross is half-cleared, and Muller sends in a terrible one of his own. Real clear to the sidelines. They just need to do this 30 more times and they're through.
As predicted by many websites, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid has kicked off. Bayern have started energetically. Ronaldo sets up Di Maria for a break down the left, but his shot is well stopped by Neuer.
Five minutes to go, and the atmosphere in my living room is electric. I can only imagine its slightly more exciting in the ground, but I wouldn't be so sure.

RT @UEFAcomAndyJ: Arjen Robben just had the @FCBayernEN players in a huddle furiously wagging his finger at all of them. Would be great to …

This game is huge. It is massive. It is big. It is enormous. It is not only large, it is dense. It has its own force of gravity, and is denser than dark matter. It is denser - even - than the editors of The New Statesman. This staggering match is just 15 minutes away, and if you would like to tell me your predictions you can do so on Twitter at @lxndrnthrtn.
Tactics are more important than life itself, so praise be to the Bayern Munich Twitter account for writing down the formations in a graphical layout. A touch of class.

.@Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 49 goals in the 49 matches he has played with Real Madrid in the Champions League. #BayernRealMadrid #RMLive

Poor old Carlo. For such an excellent picker of jobs, he's been slightly blindsided by the rise of Atletico. Barcelona have fallen below the necessary level, but Atletico have done surprisingly well in both the Champions League and La Liga. It would be fairly amusing if Atletico end up denying Madrid in one or both of the trophies. It might even lead to Ancelotti looking for a new job this summer - United have a job going.
Carlo Ancelotti: "For this club this is a very important competition, especially because if we win this season the club will have 10 European Cups. It would be something special for everyone. And the sooner it is achieved the better. If we could get it in my first year here it would be amazing. We have to try to win another trophy, either the League or the Champions League. After three semi-finals I think Real Madrid deserves to play a final."
Guardiola obviously doesn't remember AC Milan vs Juventus in the Champions League, where Juventus and AC Milan (under Carlo Ancelotti) played out the most grim football ever recorded. In fact, it was so awful there is no report, just a footnote, and the footnote is of a crowd of football supporters crying. It is entirely possible that Madrid will play for a draw, but when you have Bale and Ronaldo, it makes it often easier to score than not.
Pep Guardiola: "Franck [Ribery] played like he was possessed at the weekend. He fights and fights and for this reason the people love him here at the Allianz Arena. He is one of the best players in the history of Bayern Munich and we need his help. I really can't imagine them playing for that result [a draw] for the full 90 minutes. They don't have the mentality just to stick men behind the ball and defend."
TEAMS: Bayern Munich: Neuer, Dante, Boateng, Lahm, Alaba, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Ribery, Robben, Muller, Mandzukic. Subs: Raeder, van Buyten, Martinez, Rafinha, Pizzaro, Gotze, Hojbjerg. /// Real Madrid: Casillas, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao, Carvajal, Alonso, Modric, Bale, Ronaldo, Di Maria, Benzema. Subs: Lopez, Varane, Marcelo, Casemiro, Morata, Isco, Illarra.
Welcome to live coverage of the Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.
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