Saturday December 15, 2012 Day 22 Finished St. Andrew's

Birmingham City 2 - 2 Crystal Palace

  • Žigic 66’
  • Diop 82’
  • Murray 39’, 60’

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    • Birmingham City
    • Crystal Palace

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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      3.5 -
      Substitution Out57′ 4.8 -
      3.5 -
      3.8 -
      2.5 -
      2.8 -
      Goal 4.3 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out64′ 4 -
      Substitution Out54′ 3.3 -
      2.3 -
      Yellow Card 2 -
      Substitution In64′ Goal 6.8 -
      Substitution In57′ 3.7 -
      Substitution In54′ 3.7 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      5.5 -
      6.7 -
      6.3 -
      8 -
      Yellow Card 6.8 -
      7 -
      7.7 -
      6 -
      7.7 -
      Substitution Out76′ 7.3 -
      Goals ×2 Substitution Out81′ 7 -
      Substitution In81′ 10 -
      Substitution In76′ 10 -

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  1. j you are a villa fan i see,you need to learn to­ read,we are birmingham city,not small heath,at least we­ have the name of our city not a smelly derelict subburb­ like aston.with an old fashioned victorian ground,one­ minute you moan and slag off your team then you get a­ couple of wins and you slag off others,your not safe­ from the drop yourself vermin

    From GOD IS LOVE, on Wed 19 Dec 22:23
  2. Sort it out, or GET OUT!

    From HEISENBERG, on Sun 16 Dec 14:18
  3. happy days at smell heap? 11POINTS OFF THE NEAREST PLAY­ OFF PLACE AND ONLY 7 POINTS AWAY FROM THE DROP­ ZONE.....but who cares? not me.

    From J, on Sun 16 Dec 12:09
  4. Ian Holloway what have you done to our winning­ mentality and happy team spirit? I am starting to worry­ we are a shadow of that side that we were before­ Holloway came along

    From CPFC 2012, on Sat 15 Dec 17:12
  5. stuff um palace !!!

    From Rick Deckard, on Sat 15 Dec 15:56
  6. Come on Palace!!

    From CPFC 1905, on Sat 15 Dec 15:20
  7. tom clark (aka up yours) good to see you know what you­ are "fools" .You are the one that needs to­ keep away, then we can get back to football !!!!!

    From Mr Football, on Tue 11 Dec 12:40
  8. ............pre m...........we are nearly there blues­ ......all we need is the eye of the tiger in front of­ goal......and we can light up christmas the right­ way............make your mark in life blues ......kro­ .....buster ....gut...

    From buster gut, on Mon 10 Dec 19:09

    From MAD!, on Mon 10 Dec 18:25

    From MAD!, on Mon 10 Dec 18:25
  11. The first step to being a truly good manger, is to stop­ describing every failure as "disappointing"­ !, that is suited to little girls that did not get the­ 1D album that they craved! (and DF) As for­ "Anerley" you say you support Palace, but­ when do you actually go? As for "Mr­ Football" . . .AKA "Mr Been" . . . .Pot­ calling kettle? Do C.P.F.C. a favour and both of you­ KEEP away from yahoo. Then you will not encourage the­ other fools?

    From MAD!, on Mon 10 Dec 18:24
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Stupid keyboard feelings

    From Anon, on Sun 9 Dec 23:12
  13. Have a hanky ready for Holloway when Birmingham­ score,don't hurt his poor little fealings

    From Anon, on Sun 9 Dec 23:11
  14. Well said Anerley, up yours, nelson, south london­ egale, thick northerner and mr "t" are the­ same person (a ten year old with no friends). Pitty he­ knows FA about football, hope the medication works. ­ This should be a defining game for cpfc win and they­ will make the play off's if no just outside.

    From Mr Football, on Sun 9 Dec 11:59
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