Sunday March 17, 2013 Day 38 Finished Ewood Park

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    • Burnley

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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      6.7 -
      6.9 -
      Yellow Card 6.8 -
      Yellow Card 7.3 -
      Substitution Out87′ 7.1 -
      Goal 7.6 -
      6.6 -
      6.8 -
      6.4 -
      Substitution Out45′ 6.4 -
      6.7 -
      Substitution In87′ 6.4 -
      Substitution In45′ 6 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      4.3 -
      4.4 -
      4.4 -
      Goal 4.3 -
      Red Card 4.1 -
      4.3 -
      4.6 -
      4.1 -
      Substitution Out70′ 4.7 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out81′ 5.6 -
      Substitution Out84′ 4.6 -
      Substitution In84′ 5 -
      Substitution In70′ 4.7 -
      Substitution In81′ 5 -

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  1. neither team are big enough to rate any attention these­ days!!

    From Gandalf'S Staff, on Tue 19 Mar 17:14
  2. Pathetic just pathetic as forecasted!!

    From steve f, on Sun 17 Mar 20:10
  3. ther's this owd tale 'bowt gobbiners raid ont­ sabden treacle mines,a very sticky proposition,­ sabdenites wer aw bowdy buggers on accownt o' aw­ bein' leawered deawn t'pit wi lavvy suckers­ stuck t' ther yeds,so thads wer aw ther bloody hair­ had gone. The modern context for this story is all­ those burnley fans rippin' their hair out in droves­ at their sides sheer inability to beat the worst rovers­ team in living memory. the last chance saloon is only­ open for business for so long.

    From Stephen, on Sun 17 Mar 17:41
  4. NUNO GOMES!!!!!!

    From André, on Sun 17 Mar 17:39
  5. HA ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cant play a game­ out tut tut tut I wouldent pay em in washers they are­ #$%$

    From , on Sun 17 Mar 16:52
  6. wait for it,wait for it, we were nearly done for there­ weren't we,but prince david aint dunn 'n'­ dusted yet. your wait goes on and on

    From Stephen, on Sun 17 Mar 15:14
  7. how long is it since burnley beat blackburn?

    From Tony, on Sun 17 Mar 14:43
  8. THIS IS #$%$

    From Dan, on Sun 17 Mar 14:25
  9. Why is Yahoo commentary always 3-5 mins behind the­ match?

    From, on Sun 17 Mar 14:09
  10. well dennis you can remember Jimmy adamson Ray poynter­ ect ect that was the 60's

    From , on Sun 17 Mar 13:59
  11. Oh ****!

    From Sutty, on Sun 17 Mar 13:14
  12. Come on Rovers beat these 6 fingered #$%$

    From PAUL., on Sun 17 Mar 12:52
  13. Giant !! 1960 was that not in the LAST century ???????­ Millwall were magnificent FA Cup finalists in 2004 when­ we played & lost 3-0 to the Man Utd prawn sarney­ brigade !! And we done extremely well to get nil !! we­ out sung them all say & put them to shame, it­ bought a tear to Fergies eye & he said how good it­ was to see PROPER football supporters who support their­ team win lose or draw. " NO ONE LIKES US WE DONT­ CARE"

    From Dennis, on Sun 17 Mar 11:40
  14. i dont know id like to see milwall get to the final,­ deserve it they are playing ok, and that from a burnley­ fan that remembers 1960 what a team, they all loved­ playing against us then. -lost our way when coyle went.­ played some great stuff with coyle.

    From , on Sun 17 Mar 11:16
  15. Happy St Patricks Day from the south-east London soccer­ sciece Technical Academy of Millwall. Dont foget to­ have a pint ( or in your case Steve f 6 ) of the black­ stuff to celebrate later to-day after you beat the Turd­ More brigade.

    From Dennis, on Sun 17 Mar 9:40
  16. I know we will bounce back and win this... I know...­ Pls don't spoil my Sunday.they have already been­ doing that week in week out, can Appleton pls hire a­ coach who can teach the lads how to hold the ball.­ Where is our excellent youth set up that we once had???­ And we need to resort to loans as to the fact that we­ can produce rather than paying extras.... Why???

    From John, on Sun 17 Mar 7:02
  17. Look at the table tonight, down to 3 points now loose­ to the Dingles tommorow and the Lashers thats our 2­ games in hand and were fully in the relegation mix. ­ Currently they look like they are lost!!!! ABSALUTLY­ UNBELIEVABLE FROM WHERE WE WERE A FEW GAMES AGO. ­ WELL DONE VENKYS SHABBY AND APPLEDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From steve f, on Sat 16 Mar 16:58
  18. Lol seems ive forgotten my Sunday morning Commercial­ road Spitalfields rhyming slang?? been on the cobbles­ too long eh??

    From steve f, on Sat 16 Mar 8:41
  19. Bengal Lancers ( chancers steve f )

    From Dennis, on Fri 15 Mar 21:50
  20. Bengal Lancers ( chancers steve f )

    From Dennis, on Fri 15 Mar 21:50
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