Wednesday April 17, 2013 Kick off: 19:45 Day 43 Ewood Park

Countdown: -366 Days

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  1. Stephen most of the article sounds like Burnley town­ centre on a Friday night?? lol.

    From steve f, on Wed 17 Apr 14:56
  2. taxi for maxi,is he a loon from pune?,(only­ kidding,everyone is entitled to voice their own­ opinions in a democracy,tho' his remarks have­ certainly got the blue&white goat by the throat).­ relieved as i am as a suffering fan,to see rovers­ finally winning on the pitch again, the mere matter of­ a football teams relegation or survival pales into­ somewhat insignificant stature when you consider the­ insanities of this troubled world, bombs in­ boston,syrian savagery,etc etc etc, since cane went and­ slew abel (there's brotherly luv for you) the world­ of man has been on a somewhat slippery slope, hatred­ and intolerance are the big big issues here,so­ who's for gettin' up a petition to have the­ dingles excommunicated to o'er the yorky border,now­ there's wishful thinking for you.

    From Stephen, on Wed 17 Apr 6:03
  3. Town look to be going down!

    From Scenicman, on Wed 17 Apr 1:06
  4. Maxi your completely insane!! LMAO

    From steve f, on Tue 16 Apr 21:07
  5. Come on town ,,,,,, you need to score ­ ,,,,,barnsley wolves are winning

    From Dex, on Tue 16 Apr 20:59

    From Dex, on Tue 16 Apr 20:24
  7. Whilst on holiday I saw a car with a sticker in it­ "I MISS LIVERPOOL" so! I smashed the window­ stole the stereo and left a note "hope that­ helps"......

    From steve f, on Tue 16 Apr 20:15
  8. Not sure thats just correct to be honest think­ there's alot more squeaky bum time yet for a few­ teams!!

    From steve f, on Tue 16 Apr 7:51
  9. Whoever loses this are going down.

    From Anon, on Mon 15 Apr 22:42
  10. Long way to go yet ,,,,,,,, till yappy ­ dogs are safe ,,,watford away omg !!!

    From Dex, on Sun 14 Apr 20:33
  11. Nope!! they need a kick in the nuts!!!!!

    From steve f, on Sat 13 Apr 20:06
  12. Blackburn players wages costing blackburn ­ 30 million staggering stuff ,,,,,,,venkys are ­ nuts

    From Dex, on Wed 10 Apr 20:36
  13. Final score Rhodesburn 2 and Yappy Dogs 0 HaHa !

    From B4ts, on Sat 6 Apr 7:57
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