Saturday November 24, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 18 Ewood Park

Countdown: -510 Days

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  1. Wolves then Carlton pathetic !! Neither will be easy­ but if we can play to our strengths & form we can­ keep the momentum going !! Onwards & upwards you­ lovely Lions the light of my life.

    From Dennis, on Mon 26 Nov 9:38
  2. Millwall till I die! another great result !

    From Mario, on Mon 26 Nov 5:13
  3. As predicted another 3 pointas to the Mighty Millwall,­ Wolves next.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Sun 25 Nov 17:55
  4. as i stated at the start of the season the lions will­ be the team to beat this year .champions who knows but­ great chance if they keep playing great football.

    From david, on Sun 25 Nov 13:52
  5. I thought that the Hampsters ground Upturned Park­ Westhamabab was bad till i saw that Blackburns ground­ ground yesterday, just an idea steve f but why dont you­ ground share with your nearly as bad as you neighbours­ Bolton Wanderers ??? from what i have seen from both­ teams recently i reckon you could possibly get a decent­ team between you then argue about the name ie,­ Blackburn Wanderers, Bolton Rovers, Boltburn Town or­ even Blackton Utd ?? just an idea to save you lot a few­ bob up there. NO ONE LIKES US WE DONT CARE.

    From Dennis, on Sun 25 Nov 10:02
  6. ps. next to me your a spring chicken im much older than­ you pal.

    From steve f, on Sun 25 Nov 9:49
  7. Dennis, the old ones are still the best!! but there­ again you'd know that wouldnt you??LOL

    From steve f, on Sun 25 Nov 9:47
  8. Knees up Muvver Brown, just got home 6.30am after­ stopping to get a boot full of these northern chicken­ balti pies they are ideal for my requirements ! i am­ doing a concrete base for my new shed & i have run­ out of hardcore ! the dodgy pies will do the job. It­ was slow going on the motorway, the trouble you knew­ you were getting nearer to Blackburn when you notice­ the road surface is cobbled. Great day, great­ game,great result. Wolverhampton tues night here we­ come. Thanks Billy Neil for your help. The 3 yellow­ cards were a bit unfair i thought. steve f, thanks for­ all your praise + the Balti pies info. get your Dad to­ pump up the tyres on your tryicycle mend the bell &­ you go down the shops & get a comic & some­ sweets today, that will take your mind off the way your­ team is playing. Onwards & upwards you lovely­ Lions. SUPER MILLWALL FROM THE DEN.

    From Dennis, on Sun 25 Nov 6:58
  9. Lets hear from the brfc fan who called the­ championship 'mickey mouse'. With arrogant­ support like this looks like your getting what you­ deserve . Well done millwall. Bcfc always believe

    From Brian, on Sat 24 Nov 20:20
  10. without all the normal abuse well done millwall­ starting to look good ,hopefully play off's next­ year good times bad times still there

    From James, on Sat 24 Nov 19:22
  11. Where's all those "Jordon Rhodes Hat Trick­ Today" loudmouth Rovers fans gone? You've­ been telling us all week how brilliant is Bergs­ appointment. OK, so you're all a bit dumb and­ brain dead in Blackburn but I can't say I­ didn't warn y'all. "Taxi for­ Berg", or what?

    From Dumping on the grumpies, on Sat 24 Nov 19:06
  12. hold up we on a bloody good roll here lets just hope­ wolves lay down tuesday,Millwall till i die

    From Michael, on Sat 24 Nov 17:57
  13. thats the way to do it ha huh ha huh,well done fellers­ great game and result,cmon the wall Millwall till i . ­ How you like that steve f and you can eat all your pies

    From demo mick, on Sat 24 Nov 17:45
  14. Well played Millwall, came with a plan very physical­ big side and played to thier strength's and won all­ credit to them perhaps a good job they had Dino Zoff in­ goal saved three certain goals!!. Rovers????? no target­ man, did Rhodes play today, no wingers no service to­ the front midgets, need a big striker and at least­ three decent defenders, Old man Murphy in midfield ??­ not against a physical side!! as Ive been saying all­ season and last season what defence, was it Lowe who­ fell asleep or one of the other alleged so called­ defenders?? EVEN the staunchest of Rovers supporters­ could say that was even a display worth a carrot shows­ how bad Peterborough really were. Thought Batty was­ back we played the ball backwards more than forwards­ Barcelona they aint !! first time down this season and­ the last im afraid if there's no change and before­ anyone says what a supporter im NOT funding rubbish!!!!­ and thats what was dished up today!! desperately need a­ defender or two what we dont need is another 5ft 5­ striker a winger might be a good idea though!!

    From steve f, on Sat 24 Nov 17:42
  15. great game fellers cmon the wall

    From demo mick, on Sat 24 Nov 17:30
  16. " NO ONE LIKES US WE DONT CARE" Thanks for­ the easy 3 points Rovers. Get your act together or you­ will be for the drop. SUPER MILLWALL FROM THE DEN.­ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    From Dennis, on Sat 24 Nov 17:19
  17. Milllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll#

    From Big Stew, on Sat 24 Nov 16:52
  18. afternoon dennis sorry me old mucker been­ grafting,steve f had enough of bloody oatcakes when i­ lived in stoke.I am trying to imagine a Northern­ chicken balti pie,will look down brick lane tonight to­ see if that has crept down this way yet Dennis all­ changed over on the island now boy you have to talk­ with a carrot up your durante these days.Yes and it was­ Mortons and i still wear the old badge on me coat Two­ red Lions. better then two old hammers Cmon the wall­ and i will treat you to a balti pie and deli belly no­ doubt

    From demo mick, on Sat 24 Nov 15:45
  19. cmon the wall get it together,

    From demo mick, on Sat 24 Nov 15:32
  20. Millwall to go crashing down to reality today!!

    From Ben, on Sat 24 Nov 12:39
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