Saturday January 19, 2013 Day 28 Finished Bloomfield Road

Blackpool 1 - 2 Cardiff City

  • Taylor-Fletcher 60’
  • Kim 54’
  • Smith 63’

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      3.3 -
      3.3 -
      3.3 -
      3.3 -
      3.3 -
      Substitution Out76′ 3.3 -
      Substitution Out61′ 3.3 -
      3.3 -
      3.3 -
      3.3 -
      Goal 3.3 -
      Substitution In61′ 1 -
      Substitution In76′ 1 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      8.3 -
      8.6 -
      8 -
      Substitution Out48′ 7.5 -
      7.5 -
      Yellow Card 8.4 -
      Yellow Card 8.6 -
      Goal Substitution Out76′ 7.9 -
      7.9 -
      6.9 -
      Goal Substitution Out65′ 7.3 -
      Substitution In65′ Yellow Card 7.7 -
      Substitution In76′ 7.5 -
      Substitution In48′ 7 -

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  1. I have got that feeling that Cardiff will falter at the­ latter stages off the season, and meet Millwallin the­ playoff final and lose. Millwall to make the­ playoff's and win it.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Thu 31 Jan 23:09
  2. good

    From Rosickys, on Sun 20 Jan 12:36
  3. Ahhhh poor little vic, just because Liverpool whooped­ some norwich butt, what has he to say about his­ beloved blackpudding getting turned over by cardif ?

    From rock lobster, on Sun 20 Jan 10:55
  4. Comment !! 18.....we, sh---g them you Eat them....10­ Points Clear!!!! CARDIFF GOING UP YOU ..You boys Need­ to play the

    From wayne, on Sat 19 Jan 19:20
  5. Luke you racist fool

    From MATT, on Sat 19 Jan 19:14
  6. Yahoo - Cardiff City have a new badge this season. ­ Please don't display the old one.

    From Gareth, on Sat 19 Jan 19:14
  7. Leicester city will finish top, Cardiff will fall like­ usual every year then fail in the play offs like they­ do every year. silly sheep bummers

    From luke, on Sat 19 Jan 19:07
  8. Be nice to see 2 Welsh sides in the PL

    From mark, on Sat 19 Jan 18:59
  9. C,MON CARDIFF..STAY STRONG...Chepstow BlueBirds...

    From wayne, on Sat 19 Jan 18:53
  10. Common on Cardiff City!!!!!

    From Gareth, on Sat 19 Jan 18:49
  11. cardiff will win 2.1

    From Chris, on Sat 19 Jan 18:49
  12. Cimon CARDIFF STAY STRONG!! Chepstow Blue Birds,,

    From wayne, on Sat 19 Jan 18:39
  13. Where is Victor Meldrew? WITH A PITCH LIKE­ BLACKPOOL'S they should be a none league club!

    From Mr Football, on Sat 19 Jan 18:25
  14. That's because the pitch is none league standard­ (if that)!

    From Mr Football, on Sat 19 Jan 18:21
  15. Good game, Cardiff are not getting it all their own­ way...

    From B ALEXANDER, on Sat 19 Jan 18:14
  16. cmon the difff, do it today

    From gary j, on Sat 19 Jan 18:00
  17. If the tide is out the game will be played on the beach­ as the pitch is #$%$!

    From Mr Football, on Sat 19 Jan 16:01
  18. there are no easy games in this league, look at­ peterborough and ipswich, anything can happen but I am­ confident we can do it this time, been a city supporter­ for over 50 years, would love to seem them get there

    From gary j, on Sat 19 Jan 13:56
  19. Come on cardiff, you are in the best position you have­ been for years! A few away games on the run now so­ don't let it slip! You have been lucky with results­ over the xmas period but that's what winners do-­ grind out results against the run of form. Most of the­ teams below are slipping up so lets capitilise on this­ now and get the new year rolling with some decent­ football to prove we are ready for the prem! We have a­ lot of talent and Marshall is on killer form atm! Lets­ get up there with the jack bstads and show 'em who­ is the pride of Wales!! Plus we owe Blackpool from when­ they turned us over at Wembley! They are vunerable­ since their new gaffer took over. Bluebirds should boss­ this one!

    From Alix, on Sat 19 Jan 8:52
  20. Still trying to poach other team managers?????­ Southampton have just let a really good manager go.­ INTERESTED.

    From Roy, on Fri 18 Jan 14:48
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