Tuesday August 21, 2012 Day 2 Finished Reebok Stadium

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  1. How are we idiots and planks, Did you see the­ performance of last season, and evena gainst Burnley!? ­ Pipe down you bellends, its like when exeter said a­ few years ago, thye would get demolished off Man UTD in­ the cup and they actually get a draw, it was expected­ but they put a performance in. Comments 14 and 15,­ you can suck my bollucks.

    From Ryan, on Thu 23 Aug 14:35
  2. Too early to say how the season is going to go, but it­ was obvious that we Bolton lacked any confidence until­ just before the first goal. Our only saving grace­ before then was that Derby had even less chance of­ getting one in the back of the net than we did! ­ However, once SKD scored things changes, heads went up,­ and chances were being created. We were still rocky at­ the back at times, and it would have been a different­ game if Derby's shot against the post had bounced­ in, but, for a change, lady luck was on our side. I­ questioned OC taking off Sordell, but it seemed to be­ an inspired choice. A real game changer. Let's­ hope we can keep the confidence shown at the end of the­ match through until we meet Forest on Friday evening.­ Until then COYWM!

    From Pete, on Wed 22 Aug 17:26
  3. did any of you see the result tonight we won 2-0!!! you­ were all commenting before the game when clearly we are­ one of the favourites to go up.... idioots!!!!

    From freisman, on Tue 21 Aug 22:00
  4. at least you won 2-0 ya thick planks

    From Thomas, on Tue 21 Aug 21:52
  5. do we need a new manager?

    From gary, on Tue 21 Aug 21:41
  6. As a life long wanderers fan i can honestly say that­ this team is the worse to ever don the White shirt,the­ board are clueless the manager is ?????.Change is­ needed and quickly.....COYLE FLUCK OFF YOU USELESS­ PIECE OF #$%$..WANDERERS FOREVER

    From Ashley, on Tue 21 Aug 21:19
  7. I bet its a barrel of laughs when the three stooges get­ together,Coyle ,Gartside , and Davies (Eddie) playing­ tiddlywinks.

    From justice4all, on Tue 21 Aug 21:07
  8. has Coyle sat down with his head in his hands yet? ­ when it comes to leading and motivating the team­ he's as thick as a whale omlette. Gartsides no­ better...he's as thick as a Gurkhas foreskin. Talk­ about Lions lead by donkeys...Kevin Davies should leave­ before his reputation is tarnished by association with­ these two morons

    From Mark, on Tue 21 Aug 20:58
  9. Not just OC to retire - GARTSIDE as well.

    From S, on Tue 21 Aug 20:35
  10. this is gonna be a good match but unfortunate the­ eliminated for the premier league they where a good­ team and i'm an everton supporter and they did good­ yesterday to beat that red #$%$ manchester United

    From , on Tue 21 Aug 19:31
  11. As long as we have this loser at the helm we are only­ going to sink further !!!!

    From justice4all, on Mon 20 Aug 18:21
  12. Lets hope on Tuesday night that we see some young blood­ on the field and give the fans something to shout­ about.Saturday was utter rubbish and if there is no­ improvement its looking bleak for the rest of the­ season.I know it was our first match but it was awful.­ COME ON YOU WHITES AND SHOW SOME FIGHT.

    From Blondie, on Mon 20 Aug 18:02
  13. Where are the signings? we arent going anywhere if we­ cant get a few more.... A loss against Derby in this­ match will make me already thing we arent going­ anywhere this season. do it for the fans!

    From Ryan, on Mon 20 Aug 9:41
  14. Do the decent thing coyle,retire

    From justice4all, on Sat 18 Aug 17:21
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