Wednesday December 26, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 24 Reebok Stadium

Countdown: -561 Days

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    From justapiggypieater, on Sat 29 Dec 11:09
  2. thankyou to the board and management to the fans with­ just keep kicking the teeth in to them week after week.­ you getting rid of the their best players all the­ chance of getting out of the championship. the­ board and the management are a joke. and then they ask­ the fans to get behind them. reebok the joke shop.

    From harry, on Fri 28 Dec 8:42
  3. wanderers on the same level as the town,and the­ management have the same level of forethought as the­ town council. ENOUGH SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!.

    From Francis, on Wed 26 Dec 21:57
  4. best thing that can happen at the reebok is to get rid­ of the football club & bring in a super league­ rugby team, that will provide 80 mins of end to end­ entertainment, to replace the half hearted effort by­ overpaid footballers being dished up every week.

    From CAROL, on Wed 26 Dec 21:30
  5. Ha ha all the Palace fans have gone quiet,so has piggy­ & Co.

    From Anon, on Wed 26 Dec 19:42
  6. Can guarantee that Freedman's response will be to say­ that...'we didn't play to our strengths...' what #$%$­ strengths. BWFC becoming a laughing stock from top to­ bottom.

    From S, on Wed 26 Dec 19:36

    From JOHN PARKINSON, on Wed 26 Dec 17:08
  8. The same old story

    From BARRY, on Wed 26 Dec 17:01

    From JOHN PARKINSON, on Wed 26 Dec 15:53
  10. What a surprise!

    From Oliver, on Wed 26 Dec 15:29
  11. Can see a tight and scrappy game. Wednesday will park­ the bus. Can't see beyond 3 goals between them.­ Hope I am wrong.

    From S, on Wed 26 Dec 11:23
  12. Come on trotters 2_0 piggies goin down again.

    From bam bam, on Wed 26 Dec 11:00
  13. When the club is being run by monkeys what do you­ expect ? Eddie davies & gartside haven't got a­ clue,i was no fan of coyle but getting another scotsman­ with no idea reminds me of out of the frying pan and­ into the fire yet again,we dont stand a chance of­ promotion with these three idiots in charge !!

    From justice4all, on Mon 24 Dec 10:52
  14. We keep getting the results we have been, and fewer­ fans will go and the bigger our debt that we will never­ get rid of.

    From Gary, on Mon 24 Dec 9:34
  15. freedman for f..k sake we can all see mears is not up­ to the job i go home and away every year. give JOE­ RILEY a chance or buy left back needed center half­ needed two midfielders needed play kev davis in holding­ mid field to knock on hold up win lay off to ngogg and­ sordell cum on we aint goin up this season not gud­ enough

    From Andy, on Sun 23 Dec 12:55
  16. What a result in the last match, pathetic to lose­ against the bottom team. This next match Bolton to lose

    From Gary, on Sat 22 Dec 22:24
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