Saturday September 15, 2012 Day 5 Finished Ashton Gate

Bristol City 3 - 5 Blackburn Rovers

  • Adomah 1’
  • Pearson 69’
  • Baldock 82’
  • Rhodes 28’, 90’
  • Gomes 55’
  • Rochina 81’
  • Dann 90’

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      Substitution In22′ 7 -
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      Substitution In77′ Goal 7 -

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  1. I think city did enough not to lose and after we made­ it 3-3 i thought that would be it the final score, I­ feel we did give them 1 goal the first and rhodes did­ take it very well. but lets not forget blackburn­ ex-prem team and if you give chances like what we did­ to the opposition they will take them....come on you­ reds.

    From Paul, on Mon 17 Sep 12:44
  2. Another leaky show from an alledged defence?? another­ lucky finish to the game thanks to the young Rhodes­ well done son another few of them and Banana will sell­ you to Man U, City, Chelsea etc for a huge profit ala­ PhillJones perhaps someone with only half a brain could­ handle the sale this time and we could have at least­ the market value????. Lets not get carried away, were­ playing in a sub standard mickey mouse league and­ playing teams one would expect to beat 9 times out of­ 10 cant take away the fact were top and long may it­ continue!! but when bristol????? net three it makes­ you wonder just how many a prem team would have­ scored?? LOL

    From steve f, on Sun 16 Sep 13:11
  3. How Blackburn got Rhodes? But he will be good for the­ has he already shown. ­ Bob Iredale Spain

    From Ex Pat, on Sat 15 Sep 18:53
  4. Good game by rovers who were losing until Jorden Rhodes­ scored and then the match just played and blackurn had­ really beat Bristol by the end of the match.

    From SQUIRES, on Sat 15 Sep 18:17
  5. well done to J Rhodes, he left Hudds. but, good luck­ to the lad. now he trying to pay his way by doing what­ he does best, scoring goals. remember though, he­ can't score against the­ TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!

    From Richard, on Sat 15 Sep 17:47
  6. Someone pass me a bucket as Blackburn's defence is­ LEAKY AS #$%$ AGAIN!! ... Anyway's on the plus side a­ good 3 points away from home, top of the league and­ have a great set of strikers!! ... David... grow up­ mate. This whole sack Kean thing is growing very old.­ Beside... He'd only be sacked if we have lost 3 in a­ row... So far we are undefeated and top of the­ league... well for now.

    From Gary, on Sat 15 Sep 17:13
  7. this might get kean the sack hopefully

    From DAVID, on Sat 15 Sep 15:23
  8. come on city come on red┤s!!!!!

    From Benfica Eagle Power, on Sat 15 Sep 12:21
  9. If Blackburn don't get 3 points here then I feel­ the bid for promotion would already be over, before it­ ever really got started!! My mate reckons IF Blackburn­ don't go up this year, they would be relegated from­ the championship next... I have to say.. I could see­ that happening!!

    From Gary, on Sat 15 Sep 9:29
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Is this whats it come to?? Bristol City?? the dizzy­ heights of the championship??.

    From steve f, on Thu 13 Sep 18:16
  11. This Win is important

    From jake pike, on Sun 9 Sep 7:53
  12. come on city

    From Brian, on Thu 30 Aug 19:52
  13. City v Rovers it has to be good!

    From jake pike, on Sat 23 Jun 19:14
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