Saturday December 1, 2012 Kick off: 12:30 Day 20 Galpharm Stadium

Countdown: -503 Days

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  1. Nice momentum to take into the busy christmas­ period.....keep it up Leeds and lets see where we­ go.....good all round team performance saturday and­ especially coming from behind..... Lloyd the Suffolk­ White

    From LLOYD RICHARDS, on Mon 3 Dec 13:52
  2. MANDY I AM NOT FROM HUDDERSFIELD SO I WOULDN'T­ KNOW. I just happen to detest ALL things LEEDS, like­ MILLIONS of other true football fans. .

    From intheblood1, on Mon 3 Dec 10:21
  3. town garbage again what do you expext when you sell­ your best player and replace him with injured rejects­ no ambition at town anymore outplayed yesterday

    From Michael, on Sun 2 Dec 20:31
  4. Town and Grayson rubbish glad you were sacked now,­ Leeds Leeds Leeds MOT on our way to the premier league­ where we belong.MOT MOT.

    From kevin, on Sat 1 Dec 15:34
  5. Dont cry simon hahahahaha come on you leeds 4-2 4-2­ 4-2 hahahaha

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 14:49
  6. Thats three convincing results by Leeds, great showing­ lads and hopefully we improve now !!

    From B4ts, on Sat 1 Dec 14:43
  7. What a Great derby Win Leeds!! Keep on keeping on!!

    From George, on Sat 1 Dec 14:29
  8. Well thats that town fans leeds leeds leeds what more­ can we say

    From MICHAEL, on Sat 1 Dec 14:28
  9. I knew Grayson would work his magic on the terriers!­ The man's a footballing genius. I honestly believe­ he could get Barcelona relegated without any effort.

    From Troy, on Sat 1 Dec 14:23
  10. what can we say marching on together LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS­ LEEDS LEEDS

    From MICHAEL, on Sat 1 Dec 14:16
  11. intheblood oh shyte we are wining whos in the shyte now­ #$%$ mot

    From PAUL, on Sat 1 Dec 14:14
  12. Now we know why Grayson was got rid of by Leeds united!

    From Scenicman, on Sat 1 Dec 14:04
  13. just another one Leeds

    From Les, on Sat 1 Dec 13:20
  14. keep going leeds no easing off mot

    From Glyn Davies, on Sat 1 Dec 13:12
  15. and, Intheblood, your point is ? Huddersfield­ isn't exactly the jewel in yorkshers crown is it? ­ By the way, you have a shyte manager so nerrr

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 13:09
  16. Get in Town !

    From MADE IN YORKSHIRE, on Sat 1 Dec 12:49
  17. i think town r the far better team so we will see at­ the end come on town show up leeds

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 12:48
  18. Don't Huddersfield always turn Leeds over?

    From MICHAEL, on Sat 1 Dec 12:38
  19. 0-0

    From Jordan, on Sat 1 Dec 12:22
  20. After the last couple of months, we get two wins and­ its nice to see some positive forecasts on here. Think­ it will be a tight game though, would be happy if Leeds­ squeeze a win out of it.

    From Richard, on Sat 1 Dec 11:28
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