Wednesday February 20, 2013 Day 33 Finished Elland Road

Leeds United 2 - 0 Blackpool

  • Norris 57’
  • Morison 63’

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  1. It was a refreshing sight to see Paul Ince stay on his­ feet. One of my last recollections of him at Elland­ Road was when Brian Dene brought him down six yards­ outside of the area but he managed to scramble like a­ spider into the box and win Man U a penalty. I wonder­ if he uses that technique on the training ground today?

    From JOHN, on Thu 21 Feb 16:38
  2. Hope he does well and I like Warnock. I think Leeds are­ going for Claridge and Alan Green [5 live]' what­ they don't know about football isn't worth­ knowing, Don't you think journalist and sports­ broadcasters get managers the sack?

    From david vandaline, on Wed 20 Feb 22:32
  3. I just dont get some of these so called Leeds fans,­ give them and Warnock a break. Ok yes he hasnt got the­ players he wants but blame the so called board not him.­ What happened to all the money the we got from the­ takeover to get players with ? we still have a game in­ hand so can still make the playoffs and back where we­ belonf via the back door but come on we can do it but­ need to improve our goal diffrence and tonights results­ is a big step . Frank S

    From FRANK, on Wed 20 Feb 22:27
  4. blackpool,seriously have lost the plot,ince is a­ fannni,always will be

    From mark, on Wed 20 Feb 21:45
  5. what the hell did b-pool think Ince could bring to­ their game nearly as bad as leeds with warnout warnock

    From terry, on Wed 20 Feb 21:33
  6. Well I'm a huge West Ham fan, so C.O.Y.I'S, but­ go on Leeds Utd, you're the biggest team In this­ 2nd rate league, It's not too late get In through­ the back door via Wembley! Oh & speaking of­ Wembley, remember the 2012 Play-Off Final Blackpool,­ you just about sold 29-30,000 of your 38,500 tickets­ that day, so....QUE SERA SERA, WHATEVER WILL BE WILL­ BE, YOU'LL NEVER FILL WEMB ER LEE, QUE SERA SERA!­ Come on the SUPER WHITES, keep that two-bob team In the­ championship for another year at least!!!

    From Darren, on Wed 20 Feb 21:31
  7. I don't want too be harsh....but Incey?.....a­ manager?'t see it.....expect him­ too be given the old boot before Christmas next­ year!......

    From Rich, on Wed 20 Feb 21:26
  8. go on leeds!!!! finally some good news

    From luke, on Wed 20 Feb 21:24
  9. Inspite of the scoreline on Sunday, Leeds played well­ so it's no surprise that they are winning tonight.

    From Stephen, on Wed 20 Feb 21:24
  10. we have still got a slight chance in getting into the­ top flight by the back door

    From DAVE THE RAVE, on Wed 20 Feb 21:24
  11. Oh Yes, 2-0 up, COYW, Super Leeds.

    From andrew, on Wed 20 Feb 21:21
  12. yesssssss and another 2-0

    From Tony AKM, on Wed 20 Feb 21:10
  13. When did Barry Ferguson come back?

    From Nerak, on Wed 20 Feb 21:06
  14. Still showing 0-0 on here but Norris scored on the­ Hour?

    From Richard, on Wed 20 Feb 21:06
  15. 1-0 come on Leeds

    From Tony AKM, on Wed 20 Feb 21:05
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    come on blackpool

    From Roman Nose, on Wed 20 Feb 20:52
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Cheers leeds united for eric cantona !! bargain of­ the century 1 million !! mufc !!

    From Iiii, on Wed 20 Feb 20:51
  18. o-o all ready

    From , on Wed 20 Feb 20:27
  19. The whole management want a shake up from bates­ downwards.

    From Tony AKM, on Wed 20 Feb 20:26
  20. JOHN. finally something worth reading amongst all this­ dribble. you are 100% right

    From mike, on Wed 20 Feb 20:26
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