Saturday January 19, 2013 Day 28 Finished Elland Road

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    • Leeds United
    • Bristol City

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      7 -
      7 -
      7 -
      7 -
      7 -
      7.5 -
      7.5 -
      7.5 -
      Substitution Out81′ 8.5 -
      Goal Substitution Out89′ 8 -
      8.3 -
      Substitution In89′ 5.5 -
      Substitution In81′ 6.5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      8 -
      6 -
      6 -
      7 -
      7 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out78′ 5 -
      6 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out72′ 5 -
      Substitution Out65′ 5 -
      Yellow Card 5 -
      Substitution In65′ 5 -
      Substitution In78′ 5 -
      Substitution In72′ Yellow Card 6 -

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  1. Wd leeeeeds

    From nezir, on Sat 19 Jan 18:47
  2. Where are you all today? We won for gods sake!!!

    From D&L, on Sat 19 Jan 17:52
  3. The Spurs are next

    From David, on Sat 19 Jan 17:30
  4. It's 1-0 to Leeds from the 67min. Yahoo if you­ can't be bothered to update the scores don't­ bother in the first place!!!!!

    From ROBERT, on Sat 19 Jan 16:53
  5. Funny, I thought Leeds were 1 - 0 up ?­ Yahpoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

    From B4ts, on Sat 19 Jan 16:49
  6. wat a joke, leeds scored ten mins ago and u still­ havent registered it.

    From luke, on Sat 19 Jan 16:42
  7. This is not good enough Leeds.. lost to bottom of the­ table last week and now struggling against the same...­ Premier League? Not a hope

    From garibaldi, on Sat 19 Jan 16:31
  8. warnock time with leeds see so close in the end..

    From iwan, on Sat 19 Jan 16:25
  9. We need to get ower selves into a playoff place,does­ not seem to be happening,Warnock on about bringing in­ some new faces,do they really want to come to Leeds.­ itnseems that we are struggling and could lose the­ better players again

    From DARREN, on Sat 19 Jan 15:52
  10. Two early bookings for Bristol so we might end up­ playing 10 men, it its true to form we usually struggle­ against 10 !!!

    From B4ts, on Sat 19 Jan 15:27
  11. Come on, Leeds... Bristol City are propping up the rest­ of this division, we shouldn't have any major­ issues today. We're due to give somebody a good­ pasting at some point, today's as good an­ opportunity as any. Let's show everyone what it­ means to pull on the white shirt at Elland Road! MOT!

    From Magpie, on Sat 19 Jan 14:46
  12. If tate is playing Leeds are "DOOMED".

    From Mr Football, on Sat 19 Jan 13:12
  13. I see a win for Leeds probably 2 - 1 and it will be­ painful to watch ....not because of the snow ! Wonder­ if Nigel Adkins wants a job ?

    From B4ts, on Sat 19 Jan 12:04
  14. come on city, come on reds!!!!

    From Benfica Eagle Power, on Fri 18 Jan 19:21
  15. 2-0 leeds becchio 36 mccormack 57

    From Jordan, on Wed 16 Jan 22:41
  16. Richard lets hope the lads make it a good one for you .­ MOT minus the Panto display : - )

    From Tom, on Wed 16 Jan 22:12
  17. Thanks for the sdvice Tom, this time I rather think­ I'll try Elland Road seeing as he has already­ bought the tickets, its a long time since my last visit­ and incidentally I have never seen Leeds loose at­ Elland Road live.

    From Richard, on Wed 16 Jan 21:55
  18. Typical Yahoo you wait for one to arrive and two come­ along.

    From Tom, on Wed 16 Jan 14:21
  19. Richard, the pantomime season is still on and you and­ your son will be better entertained going to The Leeds­ Grand not Elland Road. Widow Warnock and his twankies­ are no match for the real "panto pros". They­ remember their lines and know what they are doing ! ­ Cant wait for the curtain to come down on Warnock, and­ the two ugly sisters Bates and Harvey. No encores­ please.

    From Tom, on Wed 16 Jan 14:18
  20. As a Birthday present my Son is taking me to this game­ so don't let me down Warnock 2-0 Leeds.

    From Richard, on Tue 15 Jan 23:49
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