Tuesday April 16, 2013 Kick off: 19:45 Day 43 Elland Road

Countdown: -366 Days

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  1. Where is "Pud" ???? Nothing to say eh­ !!!!!!

    From B4ts, on Wed 17 Apr 14:18
  2. Super goal beaten by far better side very well done EL­ HAD DIOUF. Oh dear the storm clouds are gathering over­ TURD MOOR.

    From JACK, on Wed 17 Apr 12:45
  3. Bertie, Bertie Bertie! "where for art­ thou" "a point a point my hovel for a­ point?" "in my hand I have a piece of paper­ signed by Sean Dyche there will "be no­ points" we shall fight them on the field we shall­ fight them in the toilets we shall never get another­ point" ?????? Sing when your winning Bertie, see­ what I mean it usually comes back to bite your bum!!­ Dont do it pal. Your now going to get your wish­ 35/36/37 yrs without a win!!. Not getting carried away­ Venkys got to go before most of the supporters ever go­ near the place again, look at the papers today the Berg­ situation they are just disgraceful­ people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From steve f, on Wed 17 Apr 7:19
  4. we are leeds .come on !!!!!

    From MICHAEL, on Tue 16 Apr 22:10
  5. three points might just leeave us out of the danger­ zone for another season, White Rose forever!

    From Richard, on Tue 16 Apr 21:35
  6. Oh Kev, Ooops????

    From steve f, on Tue 16 Apr 21:13
  7. Come on you clarets ,,,, come on you clarets

    From Dex, on Tue 16 Apr 21:02
  8. Jordy Rhodes doesn't build walls! just scores­ goals!!

    From steve f, on Tue 16 Apr 20:30
  9. Kev pal take it easy, mighty Claruts?? you could finish­ up with the trading standards prosecution here!!

    From steve f, on Tue 16 Apr 18:06
  10. Come on you claretsss cccccccoooommmee onnn ­ you clarets up the mighty clarets

    From Dex, on Tue 16 Apr 15:28
  11. Kev, a few twists and turns yet to come me thinks??­ very tight at the bottom?? no pun intended! anyone in­ the bottom half of the league could go!!

    From steve f, on Mon 15 Apr 18:23
  12. well sean may go on moaning ,,,,, but he s ­ our mannager an awolled to moan hahaha ­ you just sack em haha for fun steve ,, its­ blinkin tight !!!!

    From Dex, on Mon 15 Apr 17:01
  13. is sean guna loes his head ,,,he may ­ ,,,the players need to show thay want him t­ stay ,,,, fans want ,,, saftey but were ­ not safe yet lads

    From Dex, on Sun 14 Apr 20:30
  14. COYC if we manage another win this century especially­ our game in hand we are 1 point behind Sean the­ moaner??my god he doesn't half go on!!!

    From steve f, on Sun 14 Apr 18:13
  15. Another Leeds win needed and we are safe this season.­ Then we can enjoy the remaining matches.

    From B4ts, on Sun 14 Apr 9:00
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