Saturday December 1, 2012 Kick off: 17:20 Day 20 King Power Stadium

Countdown: -502 Days

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  1. Nigel you as a forward must know goals win games you­ get no points for possesion time for a complete rethink­ about your staff and your plans for derby ,defending­ ask you coach to leave if he cant do better then he­ must go

    From john, on Sun 2 Dec 11:51
  2. Derby fans love sheep so much they even put one on­ their badge.

    From damocles120000001, on Sat 1 Dec 22:50
  3. the rams silenced again. well done city

    From Alfie P, on Sat 1 Dec 22:03
  4. derby are such a joke away from home, nigel and the­ board are on a different planet if they think this lot­ will get promoted. Still historically in the last 20­ years derby have always been rubbish away from home­ except when they get promoted. When are you gonna­ score more away goals??? Our tally is RUBBISH

    From D ATTENBOROUGH, on Sat 1 Dec 19:18
  5. Come on you Rams! You can do it! From Anna

    From A LABAS, on Sat 1 Dec 18:47
  6. derby will win and theo will score and it will be a­ good match and derby will beat leeds as well and derby­ will win the title

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 18:35
  7. who the hells theo robinson?...sounds like a soft­ drink....

    From S, on Sat 1 Dec 18:32
  8. Foxes slaughter sheep 3-0

    From max, on Sat 1 Dec 17:38
  9. cmon derby

    From Linda, on Sat 1 Dec 17:35
  10. oh for pity's sake derby get a grip

    From D ATTENBOROUGH, on Sat 1 Dec 17:27
  11. Come on City 3pts today

    From Andrew, on Sat 1 Dec 12:36
  12. Derby can win this one!

    From Mr Football, on Sat 1 Dec 12:26
  13. theo robinson will score tommorow come on you rams

    From , on Fri 30 Nov 20:36
  14. derby will win tommorow because we beat birmingham city­ 3-2 and we draw against bolton wanders 1-1 to theo­ robinson and theo robinson is the best player in the­ world so come on you rams beat leicester 2-3

    From , on Fri 30 Nov 19:21
  15. 4-1 leicester danns 14 nugent 35 60 80 davies 73

    From Jordan, on Thu 29 Nov 22:37
  16. Come on Leicester!!!! Let's beat the sheep­ S```gers Forever Leicester!

    From peter c, on Thu 29 Nov 11:52
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