Sunday November 18, 2012 Day 17 Finished The Den

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    • Millwall
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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      4.9 -
      4.9 -
      5.9 -
      5.7 -
      6.3 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out82′ 5.7 -
      Yellow Card 5.6 -
      6.3 -
      5.7 -
      Substitution Out59′ 5.9 -
      Goal 6.1 -
      Substitution In82′ 7.8 -
      Substitution In59′ Yellow Card 9.5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      4.1 -
      4.6 -
      3.7 -
      3.7 -
      3.7 -
      Yellow Card 3.6 -
      Substitution Out65′ 4.3 -
      4.7 -
      Red Card 5.8 -
      5.8 -
      5.1 -
      Substitution In65′ 1 -

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    From Chewy, on Mon 19 Nov 11:33
  2. Not a good game but in the end we got the points,give­ credit to leeds they shut us down for the second half­ but we broke them down.Not sure about the red card but­ he did look back with his elbow up and knew who was­ behind him so 50-50 and the ref thought 51-49.Great­ goal from woods,and i really hope Antony does not take­ Michaels offer up about saying that to his missus,i­ know her and she will wear his nuts as a trophy.Lets­ have Blackburn now and if we win this i have a feeling­ we are on the way to the promised land,cmon the wall­ millwall till i die

    From demo mick, on Mon 19 Nov 10:44
  3. my missus wants to know if antonys comment is­ suggesting she is a wanton woman,not sure what she­ means but i know one thing if antony would like to come­ down the den and say that to her face he would be going­ home short of the two things that makes him think he is­ a man,we are not slags we are MILLWALL

    From Michael, on Mon 19 Nov 10:31
  4. always a tough game but SUPER MILLWALL do it again. ­ @anthony ,you are #$%$,everton are #$%$ now fVck­ off,MILLWALL TIL I DIE

    From d53, on Sun 18 Nov 23:21
  5. In answer to Anthony , at the top of this list , yes­ Milwall fans are S.L.A.G.S. Allow me to explain what­ that means .Superb.Loyal,Always,Great Supporters. Now­ disappear !!!!

    From RICK D, on Sun 18 Nov 20:14
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From anthony, on Sun 18 Nov 16:59
  7. bye bye warnock

    From bob, on Sun 18 Nov 15:47
  8. Nice and easy does it, 3 lovely point's in the bag.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Sun 18 Nov 15:30
  9. Diouf should be brought to task, that guy incites all­ crowds at every match he plays in he could have started­ a big clash today at the Den

    From BERNARD, on Sun 18 Nov 15:30
  10. top 6 no bottom 6

    From Vivienne, on Sun 18 Nov 15:26
  11. Come on all Leeds supports, we need to take action now­ !!! we will be in a relegation battle if we stay under­ the current dictatorship, Warnock was never good enough­ for this club. Get him out NOW!!! Bates must go too,­ they are ruining our wonderful club. We need to take­ action pickets, stop going to games, stop buying­ merchandise, its time to act now!!!!

    From jonathan c, on Sun 18 Nov 15:26
  12. You're doing a great job Kenny. Please stay and­ finish what you started.

    From RICHARD, on Sun 18 Nov 15:24
  13. Please go Warnock and take Bates with you, plus all the­ players, give us a level playing field to start from

    From Richard, on Sun 18 Nov 15:20
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Man United!!

    From Ciaran, on Sun 18 Nov 14:59
  15. i wants grays job...10k a week and just sits on bench­ all year

    From reality check, on Sun 18 Nov 14:57
  16. I watched the first have which stoutly fought and was­ producing a close match. Too tense for me and­ couldn't watch the second half.

    From GARRY, on Sun 18 Nov 14:45
  17. what is the red for

    From Vivienne, on Sun 18 Nov 14:25
  18. @1; at least your comments match your stupid looks:)

    From bobby, on Sun 18 Nov 14:13
  19. mohammed whats that bum fluff on your face are you not­ man enough to grow a proper beard, in fact it looks­ fake is it a stick on one like they have in pantomine,­ are you in pantomine are you a clown, is mohammed a­ clown yes mohammed is in pantomine he is a clown hes a­ puppet mohammed is a puppet clown in pantomine that­ wears silly gowns mohammed is a pantomine clown that­ wears a gown, nice comment jez you are on a bad run and­ we are on a good run both had different starts to the­ season, this should be a good game but on our recent­ form i fancy us, not by a big margin but i think we­ will sneak it..................

    From sinbad the sailor, on Sun 18 Nov 13:33
  20. Mohammed,snake who is a snake and honour and pride come­ with both our teams,albeit a little screwed up at­ go back to whatever hole you crawled out of­ and trim your beard.Oh by the way 2-1 to the wall. ­ Millwall till i die

    From Michael, on Fri 16 Nov 21:59
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