Tuesday February 19, 2013 Kick off: 19:45 Day 33 The Den

Countdown: -421 Days

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  1. Mr Football, i see you are still having problem­ spelling, with enough practice you will get better­ trust me.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Fri 22 Feb 13:43
  2. pod: U prat....Florist r #$%$ and u know u r. ­ Leicester rule the mids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From peter c, on Fri 22 Feb 12:06
  3. Are you completley "STUPID" tomas niel? It is­ out of contempt that I don't use capitol letters­ for your name and I hope a further irritant that I use­ the Welsh version of your name. May I suggest that you­ learn a little more about football before you make­ rediculous predictions. Now we can expect the usual­ racist comments from the ignorant.

    From Mr Football, on Fri 22 Feb 11:53
  4. Julie number unlucky 13, for your information i have­ not been forcasting results all season, get your facts­ right, and with comments that you post you must be a­ rather rude lady!!!

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Fri 22 Feb 11:20
  5. Mr Football when are you going to learn how to spell­ and write, have a look at your post, hit the space key­ when you are adding another word. Always use a capital­ letter when spelling names. Lesson over for the time­ being, now go and practice. Millwall 2 Middlebrough 1.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Wed 20 Feb 19:17
  6. Just love the way tomas neal gets it right allthe time.­ !

    From Mr Football, on Wed 20 Feb 9:46
  7. Best display of the season.... A Boyd master class.....­ One of those nights where I am just so pleased to have­ witnessed... UTP

    From graham palmer, on Tue 19 Feb 23:23
  8. You pathetic ignorami !

    From brian, on Tue 19 Feb 22:04
  9. poor show millwall cup run is no good if you cant­ maintain your league form.

    From DAVID, on Tue 19 Feb 21:20
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Yes, great scoreline, what a two-bob pile of #$%$ with­ your measly 8-10,000 miserable fans at the New Den! It­ only holds 20,000 yet you have to completely shut down­ an entire end just to make the crowd look bigger, but­ you're staying in this league this year, then taking a­ trip to league one the following year. Come on you­ Irons...WEST HAM TIL' I DIE, I love It when you get a­ good stuffing Millwall racists!!!!!

    From Darren, on Tue 19 Feb 21:15
  11. lol ^^^^

    From will, on Tue 19 Feb 19:39
  12. Lions win tonight...again Henry to score first­ goal...he was 10 to 1 v Luton.

    From WackyHarpo, on Tue 19 Feb 19:32
  13. A hard fought win for the Millwall, 2-0 to the lions.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Mon 18 Feb 14:19
  14. 6 or 7 wins on the trot will see POSH comfortably stay­ up.

    From skorob, on Sun 17 Feb 15:39
  15. 28-0 to Millwall, Peterborough are staying bottom.

    From msg, on Wed 13 Feb 15:34
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