Sunday September 30, 2012 Day 8 Finished City Ground

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    • Nottingham Forest
    • Derby County

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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      2.3 -
      Substitution Out78′ 2.7 -
      2.4 -
      3.5 -
      3.3 -
      3.6 -
      Substitution Out75′ 3.3 -
      Yellow Card 3.4 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out74′ 3.5 -
      Red Card 4 -
      Yellow Card 2.6 -
      Substitution In74′ 2.7 -
      Substitution In75′ Yellow Card 2.7 -
      Substitution In78′ 2.7 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      7 -
      6.9 -
      6.9 -
      Yellow Card 6.2 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out79′ 5.6 -
      6.9 -
      Goal 7.3 -
      6.1 -
      6.3 -
      Substitution Out65′ 7.1 -
      Substitution Out82′ 7 -
      Substitution In82′ 7.1 -
      Substitution In79′ 7.1 -
      Substitution In65′ 7.3 -

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  1. Hold on to your fish and chips folks, the seasons not­ even started properly yet! If we can get mid table­ after the turmoil of the last 15months it will be an­ achievement. because we were the last team to get­ beaten in the division and some of the football we­ played in August, peoples expectations get raised too­ high. this league is so tough and teams have seen­ the kind of potential we have, now its up to Forest­ to adapt their style when required. The players are at­ the club to do it,. now is when the patience and good­ decisions become key. enjoy it, because we are going­ a rollercoaster of a ride with the Hasawi family. and­ the future is looking great, IF we all have the­ patience to stick with it.

    From Mark, on Tue 2 Oct 11:40
  2. lets just say forest was playing against 12 men­ !!!!!!!!!! #$%$ referee who was probably wearing a­ derby county shirt under his black outfit, but i,m­ not bitter!! FOREST TILL I DIE

    From SJ, on Mon 1 Oct 21:15
  3. UUUUUUU RAMS!!! florest fans have sour grapes hanging­ out there #$%$ #$%$

    From Danny M, on Mon 1 Oct 17:49
  4. Maybe we should teach you lot how to play with ten men­ and win.Great result for the rams,you`ve spent alot of­ money and got the same outcome as last year,you can`t­ buy success you have to build with the right blend of­ players.Having a decent manager also helps.

    From Andy, on Mon 1 Oct 17:05
  5. @comment 4, the sheep just shrugged ur trees off and­ got back up again. GET IN THERE RAMS! YOU RAMS!

    From Jack, on Sun 30 Sep 17:58
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    neither side will get anywhere near the top this year.­ shame! lcfc

    From pauline, on Sun 30 Sep 16:11
  7. What a shambles. Forest you are an embarrassment. Back­ to the drawing board.

    From Willber, on Sun 30 Sep 15:06
  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Love it. I feel yet another 6­ point season coming...

    From Jim, on Sun 30 Sep 14:35
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Derby are rubbish. It`s all Forest!

    From db, on Sun 30 Sep 13:47
  10. Nottingham Forest v Derby live now on - FootySofa­­ 'c'o'm'

    From footy, on Sun 30 Sep 13:28
  11. Jenus is back and derby are doomed..... Tricky trees­ fall on the sheep baaaa and crush em.......

    From nottschampers, on Sat 29 Sep 18:30
  12. COYR'sss this time we'll play with nine

    From DcFcMAD, on Tue 25 Sep 14:06
  13. Come on you Rams, lets get back to our winning ways!­ COYR

    From Timothee, on Mon 24 Sep 16:51
  14. Lets have a good score line for this one Nottm Forest..­ You Reds.

    From Chris, on Fri 21 Sep 18:03
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