Saturday September 22, 2012 Day 7 Finished Hillsborough

Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 2 Bolton Wanderers

  • Barkley 62’ (pen.)
  • Alonso 44’
  • Davies 65’

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      6 -
      Yellow Card 5.5 -
      Goal Yellow Card 6.3 -
      Substitution Out90′ 5.5 -
      Goal 7.7 -
      8.7 -
      Yellow Card 7 -
      Substitution Out66′ 3 -
      5.5 -
      Substitution In90′ - -
      Substitution In66′ 6 -

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  1. Up Yours! = Brain Dead

    From Always Right, on Mon 24 Sep 15:36
  2. I'm right = "rooders"! (OvO) ­ = "manproper" (pooper) ;-)

    From HEISENBERG, on Mon 24 Sep 9:18
  3. Good try piggy but the more you try the more I am­ convinced you are also rodders.

    From Always Right, on Mon 24 Sep 8:05
  4. not really a champion team, get back to league 1

    From Roy, on Sun 23 Sep 12:49
  5. Never mind "Piggies" we will show you how to­ deal with the "Trotters". swfc supporters =­ just a bunch of deluded Dee Dar! MUGS!

    From HEISENBERG, on Sun 23 Sep 8:52
  6. I repeat number 16 - pieater ( all we get now on this­ site is fools leaving stupid comments ) and you fit the­ bill perfectly, infact I am even more convinced­ justapiggypieater and rodders are the same person.

    From Always Right, on Sun 23 Sep 8:13
  7. Well well look who's on the Owls page,got lost on­ your way back from Yeovil?,never missed a match eh?­ you've got my sympathy,you'd have only got 5­ years if you'd committed rape.

    From Anon, on Sat 22 Sep 23:25
  8. I told ya , come xmas you'll be bottom ot league, I­ don't like sayin this, but i'ts obvious to­ everybody who care's & that's not many.­ neer mind.

    From bam bam, on Sat 22 Sep 23:13
  9. By eck, hic! it reet grim oop north hic! I'l tell­ thee sen sumut, thas al blathered oop an a daggle in ma­ britches . . . HIC!

    From Thick Northener, on Sat 22 Sep 18:41
  10. Luv it reel stile. U PIG LOZERz r reel s***. PALACE­ ULTRAz wavin at ya goin bak down!

    From Daz, on Sat 22 Sep 18:11
  11. Thath's more like it Bolton if we keep winning we­ will be at the top of the table before you know it and­ we will be back in the premier league were we belong­ not the championship.

    From , on Sat 22 Sep 17:18
  12. What the hells gone wrong ? were looking good for­ relegation already

    From B, on Sat 22 Sep 16:58
  13. Come on u whites!

    From MARK, on Sat 22 Sep 15:59
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I'm with you 16 mright, it is a perverse mark of­ respect from these sad and probably lonely people that­ they pick on Wednesday to air their frustrations. they­ know it is only time before we are back in the Premier,­ and whilst we have had a bit of a hiccup, so will all­ the rest in the this league. Just look at Backburn­ today. Need I say more. Oh yes.. UP THE OWLS!

    From PHILIP, on Sat 22 Sep 13:20
  15. What happend to good old fashioned banter between fans?­ All we get now on this site is fools leaving stupid­ comments.

    From Always Right, on Sat 22 Sep 11:22
  16. ya goin straight back down wendy, if ya blow it today­ ther'll be no hope for ya, by xmas you'll be­ bottom of the division. looozerz. oink oink.

    From bam bam, on Sat 22 Sep 8:05
  17. What's the matter piggy,is it feeding­ time?you'll feel better after you've had your­ snout in the trough.Coyle for the chop after this­ game,don't worry piggy it's not a pork chop.

    From Anon, on Fri 21 Sep 14:14
  18. Well another disgrace on Tuesday. Coyle blameing the­ officials yet again, it not the officials sorry Owen­ its, you and that raggedy team you call players. NON of­ you have PRIDE in Bolton Wanderers and it is about time­ players were brought in who can PLAY THE GAME AND SCORE­ GOALS AS WELL AS DEFEND THE GOALMOUTH (OURS THAT IS)

    From Gary, on Thu 20 Sep 13:30
  19. Ha Ha Ha Ha wavin at ya LOZERz. Reel stile. PALACEş­ ULTRAz dun ya, Gayz dun ya, Terriers dun ya, Bolts n­ Nuts will do ya LUV it AV it!

    From Daz, on Thu 20 Sep 11:57
  20. Them ol' Pig boys gunna lose AGAIN? YEP!

    From The Yahoo Yee Har!, on Thu 20 Sep 11:42
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