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  1. Well done Leeds now lets be ready for next season,­ quality strikers needed Brian in summer and two­ attacking midfielders should do the trick for­ promotion, time GFH to splash cash. MOT

    From kevin, on Sat 4 May 17:55
  2. Leeds finished exactly as last year but one position­ higher, I suppose we can call it progress !

    From B4ts, on Sat 4 May 16:32
  3. Well done Leeds, thanks for putting in a massive­ performance against Watford! Hull City........C'MON

    From Patrick, on Sat 4 May 15:32
  4. ha ha ha yorkshire pud we are leeds

    From STUART, on Sat 4 May 15:11
  5. no:4 fender you're a Forest fan aren't you ;)

    From D J, on Sat 4 May 15:04
  6. I'm sure I speak for all Leeds United fans when I­ say I hope Jonathan Bond isn't too badly hurt. We­ wish him a full and quick recovery. Some things are­ more important than the game.

    From Magpie, on Sat 4 May 14:23
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    From Joe, on Sat 4 May 14:11
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    From Joe, on Sat 4 May 14:10
  9. 1-0 to Leeds - Poleon, Hull up Watford not.

    From Richard, on Sat 4 May 13:42
  10. Come on you Hornets - you're playing like a bunch­ of Wolseleys - put some 'sting' in it !!

    From Billy the Kid, on Sat 4 May 13:40
  11. watching both games right now, and Hull players are now­ under big pressure against the Dragons...but don't­ think the Dragons will win, probably a draw­ it's now down to Watford themselves to win to get­ the 2nd spot...

    From Bob, on Sat 4 May 13:10
  12. #4: Fender... you can slag off Colin, our previous­ "manager", all you want, but you can't­ say anything about our fans. Consistently high­ attendances at away matches, through the good and the­ bad, shows our love and loyalty for our team. ­ Never, ever, question the passion of the supporters of­ Leeds United Football Club. Win or lose today,­ we've had a terrible season, and Brian McDermott­ had to have an immediate impact just to keep us up.­ He's done that. Now we look towards the close­ season to see what he brings to the table long term. ­ Personally, I'd love to see Zola back in the­ Premier League. I followed him at Parma, and have­ always admired him. But I'm still a Leeds­ supporter, and hope we make it a memorable match for­ the right reasons. If Watford go up, they'll have­ to earn it against us.

    From Magpie, on Sat 4 May 12:36
  13. Hope Hull are beaten and Leeds get a point then Watford­ are up ( and Brucie can cry after losing in the play­ offs) Thats sounds rather splendid :)

    From B4ts, on Sat 4 May 8:37
  14. this is the day ( in malky we trust ) hope he has a­ soft spot for watford and holds hull at bay We need to­ win this or its a day out at wembly ... Good luck­ Watford and do the best you can... C.O.Y/.O.

    From GAZZA, on Sat 4 May 7:31
  15. Come on yellows ! Big win on Saturday for hornets !

    From Stephen, on Thu 2 May 20:37
  16. a very big game for watford.....SEAGULLS

    From MARKS, on Wed 1 May 8:39
  17. If Leeds finish in the bottom five then they have done­ well this season. Based on their team, management,­ ground and support its no wonder they are where they­ are and just what they deserve.

    From Fender, on Tue 30 Apr 13:09
  18. C'mon watford we need to win this fingers crossed­ hull loose C.O.Y.O

    From GAZZA, on Mon 29 Apr 18:46
  19. Ok Puddy at least we not going down with your useless­ Terriers Ha Ha.

    From kevin, on Sun 21 Apr 15:57
  20. Another 3pts to the Watford against a poor pub side­ from the backstreets of Yorks !!

    From MADE IN YORKSHIRE, on Sun 21 Apr 1:31
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