Saturday May 4, 2013 Day 46 Finished Vicarage Road Stadium

Watford 1 - 2 Leeds United

  • Abdi 45’
  • Poleon 41’
  • McCormack 89’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Watford
    • Leeds United
    • 90+5 Free-kick Watford but put into the wall and that's the whistle! The play-offs for Watford and Hull are in the Premier League! Poor Watford ruined by injuries to BOTH their keepers, meaning an untried teenager had to go in nets and he was at fault for both goals. Heartbreaking.
    • 90+4 Watford are still pushing for a goal as Kenny makes another smart stop while the defence does its job at the corner.
    • 90+3 In the third of four minutes injury time. This will be it for Hull, with Watford having to go through the play-offs.
    • 90' Leeds with a counter attack now, Watford commit men forward and McCormack is in AND HE LOBS THE KEEPER! HULL ARE UP!!!!!! The keeper was at fault for that, letting it through his arms, and the first, what a shocker of a debut.
    • 88' SIDE NETTING FORIESTIERI! Half the ground thought that was in!
    • 87' Forestieri is offside now as Watford desperately hunt for a winner!
    • 86' AMAZING DOUBLE SAVE FROM KENNY! Abdi with the follow-up effort! If Leeds hang on Hull should give Kenny the freedom of the city!
    • 83' Watford know they need one goal to go up but they're down to 10 men - they're still chucking everything at the visitors!
    • 75' Kenny with a superb save from Vydra! What a stop!
    • 62' WATFORD DOWN TO 10 MEN! Second yellow for Deeney after a reckless challenge on Brown! His first red card in three years! Disaster for the Hornets!
    • 46' Because of those injuries, Watford-Leeds restarts 15 minutes later than expected. This could well be nail-biting for Hull.
    • 47' To people confused by the initial teamsheet, Watford made a late change with Almunia suffering an injury; but replacement Bond was also injured during the match, hence why Bonham is in goal. Meanwhile, Poleon came off the bench early in the match after Morison was injured. Lots of injuries today.
    • 45' Finally, about 15 minutes behind schedule, Watford-Leeds is half-time and it's 1-1.
    • 45' Watford really pushing for a second before half-time as Abdi again goes close. Still a few minutes to go in this...
    • 45' GOAL WATFORD! The match is still going on because of that injury to the keeper and Watford have levelled! Abdi with his 12 goal of the season, a fantastic curling effort and they are level! Still behind Hull but in with a chance now!
    • 42' GOAL LEEDS! Brown with a long ball, the defender gets mixed up with the young keeper who just came on, and Poleon - whose challenge hurt Bond earlier - taps it in! Deary me and that is a real shame. It also means Hull are going up as it stands!!
    • 35' Bond has been stabilised and taken off so now Jack Bonham - parents Led Zeppelin fans maybe? - makes his debut. Yikes!
    • 30' The match has not been restarted as Bond appears to be seriously injured. The stretcher is on, they're stabilising his neck and this match could well be finishing 10 minutes after the Hull game. Irrelevant though as the boy is hurt.
    • 26' Jonathan Bond, Watford's reserve keeper, started because of an injury to Manuel Almunia. He has hurt himself though, looks like his shoulder, so young Jack Bonham comes on in his place. What a time to make your debut!!
    • 14' Watford have a penalty appeal rejected as Deeney is brought down by Brown! Looked a foul!!
    • - Watford: Almunia, Doyley, Cassetti, Ekstrand, Hogg, Pudil, Anya, Chalobah, Abdi, Deeney, Forestieri; Subs: Bond, Hall, Yeates, Briggs, Vydra, Geijo, Battocchio /// Leeds: Kenny, Peltier, Lees, Pearce, Drury, Green, Tonge, Thompson, Varney, Morison, McCormack; Subs: Cairns, White, Warnock, Brown, Poleon, Hall, Killock
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  1. Well done Leeds now lets be ready for next season,­ quality strikers needed Brian in summer and two­ attacking midfielders should do the trick for­ promotion, time GFH to splash cash. MOT

    From kevin, on Sat 4 May 17:55
  2. Leeds finished exactly as last year but one position­ higher, I suppose we can call it progress !

    From B4ts, on Sat 4 May 16:32
  3. Well done Leeds, thanks for putting in a massive­ performance against Watford! Hull City........C'MON

    From Patrick, on Sat 4 May 15:32
  4. ha ha ha yorkshire pud we are leeds

    From STUART, on Sat 4 May 15:11
  5. no:4 fender you're a Forest fan aren't you ;)

    From D J, on Sat 4 May 15:04
  6. I'm sure I speak for all Leeds United fans when I­ say I hope Jonathan Bond isn't too badly hurt. We­ wish him a full and quick recovery. Some things are­ more important than the game.

    From Magpie, on Sat 4 May 14:23
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    From Joe, on Sat 4 May 14:11
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    From Joe, on Sat 4 May 14:10
  9. 1-0 to Leeds - Poleon, Hull up Watford not.

    From Richard, on Sat 4 May 13:42
  10. Come on you Hornets - you're playing like a bunch­ of Wolseleys - put some 'sting' in it !!

    From Billy the Kid, on Sat 4 May 13:40
  11. watching both games right now, and Hull players are now­ under big pressure against the Dragons...but don't­ think the Dragons will win, probably a draw­ it's now down to Watford themselves to win to get­ the 2nd spot...

    From Bob, on Sat 4 May 13:10
  12. #4: Fender... you can slag off Colin, our previous­ "manager", all you want, but you can't­ say anything about our fans. Consistently high­ attendances at away matches, through the good and the­ bad, shows our love and loyalty for our team. ­ Never, ever, question the passion of the supporters of­ Leeds United Football Club. Win or lose today,­ we've had a terrible season, and Brian McDermott­ had to have an immediate impact just to keep us up.­ He's done that. Now we look towards the close­ season to see what he brings to the table long term. ­ Personally, I'd love to see Zola back in the­ Premier League. I followed him at Parma, and have­ always admired him. But I'm still a Leeds­ supporter, and hope we make it a memorable match for­ the right reasons. If Watford go up, they'll have­ to earn it against us.

    From Magpie, on Sat 4 May 12:36
  13. Hope Hull are beaten and Leeds get a point then Watford­ are up ( and Brucie can cry after losing in the play­ offs) Thats sounds rather splendid :)

    From B4ts, on Sat 4 May 8:37
  14. this is the day ( in malky we trust ) hope he has a­ soft spot for watford and holds hull at bay We need to­ win this or its a day out at wembly ... Good luck­ Watford and do the best you can... C.O.Y/.O.

    From GAZZA, on Sat 4 May 7:31
  15. Come on yellows ! Big win on Saturday for hornets !

    From Stephen, on Thu 2 May 20:37
  16. a very big game for watford.....SEAGULLS

    From MARKS, on Wed 1 May 8:39
  17. If Leeds finish in the bottom five then they have done­ well this season. Based on their team, management,­ ground and support its no wonder they are where they­ are and just what they deserve.

    From Fender, on Tue 30 Apr 13:09
  18. C'mon watford we need to win this fingers crossed­ hull loose C.O.Y.O

    From GAZZA, on Mon 29 Apr 18:46
  19. Ok Puddy at least we not going down with your useless­ Terriers Ha Ha.

    From kevin, on Sun 21 Apr 15:57
  20. Another 3pts to the Watford against a poor pub side­ from the backstreets of Yorks !!

    From MADE IN YORKSHIRE, on Sun 21 Apr 1:31
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