Tuesday April 16, 2013 Kick off: 19:45 Day 43 Molineux

Countdown: -367 Days

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  1. No 18 Rick Hodge. Great win for Wolves that I did not­ expect. However, I do beleive that Wolves would not be­ where they are now if they had taken Bruce instead of­ Connor. Someone said the Wolves job is not for a novice­ and an experienced manager was required. They then­ appoint Connor, Solbakken and Saunders, all novices and­ with no experience of "managing" in the prem­ or championship. That mate is why we are where we­ are.We can only hope that if Wolves do survive in the­ Championship that Morgan will have learnt his lesson­ and finally do something about the mess he and Moxey­ have created.

    From Boddo, on Thu 18 Apr 9:13
  2. hello Boddo yes! we did see mate.

    From Rick Hodge, on Wed 17 Apr 16:05
  3. Come on Wolves supporters give them a chance, ironic­ cheers at the Doumbia shot, we were drawing 0-0 at the­ time against the 2nd placed team, and that wouldn't­ have been too bad after the #$%$ Huddesfield result, I­ know we've had a #$%$ season again, and the worst could­ still happen, a good statement about tough times not­ lasting, but tough people do on the advertising board,­ football's about cycles, we've struggled in this­ division before, but won it easily 4 years ago, and­ especially what happened during the 80s and bouncing­ back from that

    From Mark, on Wed 17 Apr 15:49
  4. I am a Portsmouth Supporter so I understand the­ difficult situation that you are in. Sometimes it is­ hard to be positive. We as a Club, have gone through­ hell but we will fight to the very end. Even if we­ continue to win our last few games, the Football League­ will deduct a further 10 points from us, it certainly­ looks as if we are going to suffer again through bad­ ownership. But we are going to fight and so must you.­ Believe in your Manager and your team and fans. Blow­ the roof off the stadium with your applause, Give the­ team your vocal support as they will be able to repsond­ much better. Go on Wolves win, and contiue to be proud.

    From Dave H, on Wed 17 Apr 14:07
  5. A surprise win but welcome nevertheless. Three games­ left and 4 points is the minimum needed to avoid the­ drop. As the final game is away to Brighton, the 4­ points must come from the next two games.

    From BRIAN, on Wed 17 Apr 10:51
  6. As a Wolves fan this result is a big surprise

    From Mac, on Wed 17 Apr 1:25
  7. Well don Wolves from a Blues Fan dont want you to go­ down

    From paul, on Tue 16 Apr 21:58
  8. ban all night matches too much noise, some of us have­ to be up at 3am to drive 44ton trucks

    From , on Tue 16 Apr 21:46
  9. Lets just hope Watford have the same toothless strikers­ has Hull or promotion is on the way out mind you over­ the last few games it hasn't been deserved

    From J.A, on Tue 16 Apr 21:10
  10. Same old Hull 45 minutes is all they can manage all­ down hill from now

    From J.A, on Tue 16 Apr 21:03
  11. Come on Simpson at least show us you haven't­ forgotten what your out there to do and score a ruddy­ goal you call yourself a striker so strike and make it­ snappy

    From J.A, on Tue 16 Apr 20:33
  12. come on u tigers lets finish the job.

    From Keith, on Tue 16 Apr 19:54
  13. wolves couldnt beat a egg ,,,,,down for me ­ ,,,,, wolves have gone ,,,, unless thay ­ surpries me ,,, not botherd ,,realy ­ ,,,,wouldnt like t see wolves go down ,,,,, ­ so pull yr fingers out best of luck wolves

    From Dex, on Tue 16 Apr 17:26
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    comes on Wolves beat the hullies....... Keep in­ the mids and c u lot next season LCFC till I die

    From peter c, on Tue 16 Apr 12:16
  15. morgan lowlife to blame no one else wish he could see­ this get out of wolves we all hate u

    From Peter, on Tue 16 Apr 8:00
  16. just like us to go and win this 1.

    From heathy, on Mon 15 Apr 21:43
  17. For once, I actually want Hull to win!

    From skorob, on Sun 14 Apr 14:55
  18. Wolves 0 - Hull 3 and a few more goals in the second­ half !!

    From Boddo, on Sun 14 Apr 13:07
  19. Wolves wil ba able to see what they could have had!!

    From Boddo, on Mon 8 Apr 12:26
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