Saturday August 3, 2013 Day 1 Finished St. Andrew's

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      3.5 -
      Yellow Card 3.8 -
      3.8 -
      Yellow Card 3.5 -
      3.6 -
      3.8 -
      4.4 -
      Yellow Card 3.2 -
      Substitution Out80′ 3.4 -
      Substitution Out74′ 4.6 -
      Yellow Card 4.4 -
      Substitution In80′ 4 -
      Substitution In74′ 3.8 -
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      6.8 -
      6.5 -
      6.5 -
      6.8 -
      6.5 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out69′ 6.8 -
      Substitution Out74′ 6.8 -
      6.8 -
      Goal 8.4 -
      Substitution Out69′ 7 -
      Substitution In74′ 5.7 -
      Substitution In69′ 6 -
      Substitution In69′ Yellow Card 6 -

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  1. mabe watford should change their name to ac watford or­ interwatford whats up watford your english players not­ good enough for championship. or you trying to copy the­ to6p 6 in premier league by tring to buy promotion. ­ very sad when you have to rely on foriegn players to­ win you cups-league-promotion. to all watford fans­ you wont win jack this season you'll finish midway­ in table below birminghan city. mark my words your­ not good enough for premier league youll be like your­ nieghbours Q.P.R. straight down following season if­ your lucky to go up. ha ha ha ha ha

    From Stephen Bennett, on Fri 9 Aug 13:02
  2. whats (vertical) foreign team mean steve, is it cos we­ are honest and upright.

    From Michael, on Tue 6 Aug 22:48
  3. what a bunch of sour over jealous people you blues fans­ are ...does it go back to the days of chief whinger­ trevor francis now there was a bloke who could­ moan.....or is it because you all read fat samuels in­ the daily mail

    From keith, on Tue 6 Aug 22:07
  4. Well Stephen Bennet im old and wise enough to­ apologies. I see your point and i knew it was a bad­ move when plenty of Blues fans wanted the Golds out and­ this laughing stock in running the club. I guess i­ jumped the gun and a shame you cant see past Carson and­ come back down to support the team. I still buy my­ season ticket for the team, not Carson and his cronies.­ KRO and hope this young team settle and do themselves­ and Blues proud. Sorry if Watford fans don't like­ the facts, but its not right for an English team to­ field a vertical foreign team however much you crave­ glory.

    From steve, on Mon 5 Aug 22:32
  5. oye busdriver catch the next bus out of town. you old­ nonowt.

    From Michael, on Sun 4 Aug 19:38
  6. One down 45 to go, though not a winning start for the­ Blues it was certainly promising and deserved at least­ a draw. We have a young squad who have to gel, they­ were not over run or out played, in fact they were the­ better team for long spells and with a little bit of­ luck could have won comfortably. If I was a Watford­ fan I would be ashamed at the antics of some of the­ foreign players with their simulation and rolling­ around whenever they lost the ball, it was­ embarrassing, fortunately the referee saw through it in­ the second half and allowed the game to flow more. I­ think I qualify as a true Bluenose since I have­ followed BCFC since the late 50's, all over the­ country in the glorious 70's and for the last 4­ seasons been home and away and into Europe too. KRO

    From busdriver, on Sun 4 Aug 16:00
  7. to steve , well mate i went to every home and away game­ last season, and back through the 70s-80s i went to­ every legue game f.a. cup-league cup- home and away so­ i think qualified as a loyal blue nose. but since­ pannu-yeuong took over club i have better things like­ my missus my dogs and i have at least something to show­ for my money. so until pannu and the fraudster as gone­ completly thats where my money will be going. on my­ gf-dogs and house.If you mugs want to support pannu and­ the fraud be my guest.

    From Stephen Bennett, on Sun 4 Aug 12:52
  8. ha ha ha well done watford. claret and blue army

    From alan, on Sun 4 Aug 11:26
  9. fanks steve haha dont feel sorry for me, i support a­ great team of european players who have come to watford­ to play for us,, when we had to sell all our best­ players to save us going to the wall. im just glad we­ still have a team. and i hope they all enjoy their­ football, as us supporters will, up the euro horns.

    From Michael, on Sat 3 Aug 23:54
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    ooooo hahah you make me laugh.. Thanks Michael. Get­ your facts straight and I might take you serious, funny­ man.. haha. thanks again. Real Watford or maybe call­ yourselves Europe United. Embarrassing, I really feel­ sorry for you.

    From steve, on Sat 3 Aug 22:28
  11. so good, i said it twice

    From Michael, on Sat 3 Aug 20:00
  12. brum hahaha full of loanees as a watford fan i would be­ embarrassed . our players are under contract, even the­ british ones who scored.the winner.

    From Michael, on Sat 3 Aug 19:58
  13. That's fine words Stephen Bennet. BUT, me being a­ true Blues fan and actually go matches Home and Away, I­ can see the potential. We looked ok for the first game­ and Watford are no mugs. I don't like the fact that­ there team is basically Foreign and would be­ embarrassed if Blues went that way, but you have to see­ that they are a good attacking team all the same. ­ Blues held there own and will come good when they gel­ and become comfortable as a team. I for one see great­ potential and maybe we could tickle the Play offs, but­ you would have to actually go to a game to see this My­ Bennet.

    From steve, on Sat 3 Aug 19:10
  14. What's the odds on Blues being relegated ?

    From R S, on Sat 3 Aug 17:40
  15. same old start from blues guess we are going to get­ beat at home by lesser teams than us again pannu do­ us all a favour with carson fraud oops i mean young­ and go and buy a club from another part of the world ­ like outer mongolia

    From Stephen Bennett, on Sat 3 Aug 16:47
  16. ghandi you muppet

    From Michael, on Sat 3 Aug 16:27
  17. Also, Ghando it always helps a joke to get the punch­ line right. It's Udinese, not Udines. I'm sure­ a serious comic like yourself will happily accept a­ little constructive criticism.

    From John, on Sat 3 Aug 16:02
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Let's all salute Ghando, Orns fans, the world's­ most original comic! It's always refreshing to hear­ genuinely new material do the comedy rounds and­ you've certainly come up with a new line that none­ of us have ever heard before. I look forward to­ watching your one man show at Live at the Apollo.

    From John, on Sat 3 Aug 15:59
  19. troy the man.

    From Michael, on Sat 3 Aug 15:18
  20. COME ON YOU 'ORNS!!!!!! Let's win three points­ today and get off to a great start! Got to aim for­ automatic promotion this year, no more heart-stopping­ play off drama, please!!

    From John, on Sat 3 Aug 13:22
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