Saturday August 31, 2013 Day 5 Finished Ewood Park

Blackburn Rovers 4 - 1 Bolton Wanderers

  • Dunn 26’
  • Rhodes 27’, 83’
  • Evans 70’
  • Baptiste 45’

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      6.3 -
      6 -
      Yellow Card 5.5 -
      6.3 -
      6.3 -
      5.8 -
      Substitution Out67′ 5.5 -
      Substitution Out84′ 6.5 -
      Goal Substitution Out59′ 6.5 -
      6 -
      Goals ×2 6.5 -
      Substitution In67′ 5.8 -
      Substitution In59′ Goal 5.8 -
      Substitution In84′ 5.3 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      3.6 -
      1.6 -
      1.8 -
      1.8 -
      Goal 2.2 -
      Substitution Out79′ 2.5 -
      2.7 -
      Substitution Out55′ 2 -
      2.2 -
      Substitution Out58′ 2.5 -
      1.5 -
      Substitution In55′ 2.6 -
      Substitution In58′ Yellow Card 2.4 -
      Substitution In79′ Yellow Card 1.5 -

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  1. At the time I felt that getting rid of Owen Coyle and­ appointing Dougie Freedman was a panic move by Phil­ Gartside and nothing which has happened since has­ changed my opinion.I feel that Freedman talks a very­ good game.Some of his close season signings has one­ scratching ones head.Why Jermaine Beckford,he is­ lazy,why did Leicester let him go so easily? Tierney­ isnt good enough.I also feel that the weakest link in­ the defence is Zat Knight.he loses the ball far too­ easily in bad positions.I think we desperately need to­ get Craig Dawson back ASAP.

    From NAT HEYES, on Sun 1 Sep 20:25
  2. Dougie Freedman really has to sort out the middle of­ defence. Wheater and Knight are both beaten very­ easily.The whole back line looks very weak indeed. we­ played better for short periods when the subs came on.

    From NAT HEYES, on Sun 1 Sep 15:47
  3. wot a load of #$%$ Bolton we r in trouble not a chance­ of going up why the hell does freedman keep playing­ that lazy lump of lard beckford TOM EAVES is ur man­ ngogg has a go lee is nackered needs a bench start ,­ wheater is 20yrd off the pace baptise and knight give­ the ball away to much mears hes a bury player , medo­ spearing go missing too much hears a tip freedman goal­ bogdam baptise wheater c.dawson play ream in front­ of back 3 midfield prattley spearing eagles r.hall ­ front men ngogg eaves subs lonegan knight, riley,­ medo,morits, lee, c.davis.

    From Andy, on Sun 1 Sep 14:07
  4. Bolton in the premiership?Don,t make me laugh.They­ would not survive in league one. The biggest load of­ rubbish to grace a soccer pitch.Freedman has to go.

    From apintofmildortwo, on Sun 1 Sep 8:35
  5. Hmmmmm! I guess I was the ONLY one to say that­ "The King Is In The Altogether" . .know what­ I mean?;-)

    From HEISENBERG, on Sat 31 Aug 21:37
  6. No not 4 games left. Goooooooooooo nowwwwwww before­ it's to late and take the fat man garside with you­ freeman

    From JOHN PARKINSON, on Sat 31 Aug 17:00
  7. Close prediction Steve F but not close enough mate!

    From James, on Sat 31 Aug 16:45
  8. Its that man Rhodes again, Huddersfield Town really­ miss this player.

    From Martin, on Sat 31 Aug 16:15
  9. Bolton = rubbish.

    From RICHARD, on Sat 31 Aug 15:42
  10. What is happening at my beloved club (gone are the days­ of the super white army and the okocha's.... Bolton­ board listen.......this was once a great football club­ with ambition and fight and they could play a little­ too.....sack freedman before its to late....bring­ someone who cares for our football club and not just­ the money....gartside (who will never leave because of­ his greed) ......a new start is needed.....thumbs up if­ you agree !!!....wanderers forever....

    From Ashley, on Sat 31 Aug 13:38
  11. SACK GR££Dman . . . . . . .NOW! "Wot Me­ Worry"!

    From MAD!, on Sat 31 Aug 12:28
  12. Non League Blackburn 0 Bolton 5 ????

    From steve f, on Sat 31 Aug 9:20
  13. No more scottish managers PLEASE.

    From justice4all, on Fri 30 Aug 11:17
  14. Monkey on Bolton for sure!!

    From steve f, on Mon 26 Aug 14:28
  15. This I expect to be freedmans last game in charge of­ Bolton before he is fired

    From Commenter, on Sat 24 Aug 16:33
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