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  1. You must know something we don't, Heisenberg. That­ picture of yours does look a bit #$%$.

    From Ant, on Mon 23 Sep 13:55
  2. Andy = G A Y !

    From HEISENBERG, on Mon 23 Sep 8:13
  3. wot the f..k is goin on this team looked awesome end of­ last season now it #$%$ wheater Baptist tierrney #$%$­ ngog beckford there not got a goal in them lee is off­ his game spearing has lost it RELEGATION IS IMINANT

    From , on Sun 22 Sep 10:09
  4. looks like we r starting to click now....last 2­ games...superb....come on ..seagulls

    From Andy, on Sat 21 Sep 21:34
  5. Unless Bolton do something about it very soon Dougie­ Freedman and his cronies will get them relegated, sack­ them now before its too late.

    From TTM, on Sat 21 Sep 18:23
  6. Sad to see the demise of two of the North West Clubs,­ BW and BRFC disgracefull.

    From steve f, on Sat 21 Sep 17:54
  7. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR££££££££DDDDDDDDman . . . . . . . .SACK­ HIM!

    From HEISENBERG, on Sat 21 Sep 17:36
  8. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR££££££££DDDDDDDDman . . . . . . . .SACK­ HIM!

    From HEISENBERG, on Sat 21 Sep 17:36
  9. Sack GR££Dman, and his cronies . . . . .NOW! . .­ "Wot Me Worry"?

    From MAD!, on Sat 21 Sep 17:28
  10. I said before last season that Bolton will not go up­ and that this season we will be fighting to stop going­ down. SO FAR RIGHT.

    From JOHN PARKINSON, on Sat 21 Sep 16:48
  11. 38 games left to avoid relegation. I feel Bolton will­ need 58.

    From Richard, on Sat 21 Sep 16:42
  12. Bolton have not scored a goal yet 3-1 get busy buying­ new quality players or get busy going down again. get­ rid of the #$%$ that you keep buying you are buying­ conference players. the manager freeman what has he­ done before he come to Bolton. QPR are a team by­ example. GET A GOOD MANAGER WITH EXPERIENCE AND BUY­ QUALITY PLAYERS THAT WHAT WILL GET YOU BACK IN THE­ PREMIERSHIP AGAIN. TO THE BOARD AND MANAGEMENT LOOK AT­ YOURSELFS AND STOP TAKING THE #$%$ OUT OF FANS PAYING­ THEIR GOOD ERNED CASH BEFORE REEBOK STADIUM BECOMES­ EMPTY. big sam knew what he was doing. great manager­ and Bolton let him go. that's how stupid Bolton board­ are. see you in division 2 in a short time. ha serves­ you right . will someone tell Bolton you build a team­ around good players not keep selling them.

    From harry, on Sat 21 Sep 16:35
  13. Freedman you are a joke. Now is the time to say goodbye

    From trotter, on Sat 21 Sep 16:24
  14. your a disgrace. You should not be wearing a Bolton­ shirt

    From trotter, on Sat 21 Sep 16:22
  15. I wish Bolton well, but this is great as a palace fan­ greedman must be sacked soon he will be gutted when­ he gets pushed out, palace in prem now and where is he­ ?, I remember a statement from him saying young players­ should learn there trade in lower divisions before­ moving on namingly zaha bostock ect maybe he should­ have stayed at a smaller club like palace and learnt­ his trade in management cant wait till he is sacked­ that's from a palace fan again. hope you get Ince­ as I would have loved him at palace when greedman left­ not moaning thou as we have a good manager in olie but­ ince really is going to be a great manager all bar his­ early move to the prem with Blackburn his record is­ second to none good luck Bolton once he is gone I­ will leave your page for your supporters

    From yasmin, on Fri 20 Sep 18:32
  16. Worst team/manager/chairman/owner in 50 years Pi55 poor­ all round

    From justice4all, on Fri 20 Sep 10:31
  17. They say it is the worst start to the campaign in 50­ years will they eventually give us the best start from­ this match? I doubt it.

    From Gary, on Thu 19 Sep 7:47
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