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  1. Burnley blew it when they went into the premiership,­ they had the money then to spend on a couple of top­ class but didn't and they crashed out. They are­ just about punching their weight at the moment. I have­ supported them since 1957. But nothing could ever­ compare with the team of the 60s. That's why I­ don't go anymore. Birmingham are a great club,­ they will be back. Geographically and with the­ population pull they have, its only matter of time

    From Dirkle, on Sat 21 Sep 9:11
  2. burnley haven't spent any money ­ ,,,,,,,,,,this summer ,,, in fact we let one­ or two go

    From Dex, on Wed 18 Sep 17:59
  3. I was going to take my 5 year old son to his first BCFC­ game this coming Saturday. But after that last night­ and the start we have had I am embarrassed to put him­ through it. Another young lad who will probably grow­ up to support Man U or Chelsea, and can I blame him?­ For those who wanted the golds and Sullivan out - you­ shold be careful what you wish for. I doubt very much­ we would be in this position now with them at the helm.­ Thank you mr yeung for ruining our fantastic club.­ Hopefully some minted geezer will see our potential and­ buy us and put us back on the road. I can dream on!

    From ANTHONY, on Wed 18 Sep 17:00
  4. Is it time for the Birmingham ground to be sold for­ housing? This team is the worst in living history.

    From No, on Wed 18 Sep 0:24
  5. 1 word for birmingham city rubbish 2 words for­ clark -pannu-yeung-f-off 3 words for our­ strikers--you need goals. lots of derbies against-­ wolves-shrewsbury-walsall-notts-county-coventry-burton ­ league 1 here we come this this team of lonies-old­ hasbeens, sorry birmingham you lost my support and­ no doubt many more fans will stay away and gates drop­ below 8,000, per gate soon. well blues you get what­ you deserve. ( you are a insult to the city of­ birmingham)

    From Stephen Bennett, on Tue 17 Sep 22:58
  6. My beloved BCFC. A team of no hopers and has beens.­ Cant believe its come to this? League 1 next year I­ fear? Well done Carson Yeung, You should be proud of­ yourself!

    From Andrew, on Tue 17 Sep 21:47
  7. what do you expect spent no money ??????

    From City Parking Contracts Ltd, on Tue 17 Sep 21:03
  8. SUPER BURNLEY SUPER BURNLEY SUPER BURNLEY ­ ,,,,, SUPER CLARETS WAT A CLUB ­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ !!!!!!!!!!!

    From Dex, on Tue 17 Sep 19:59
  9. Super super dan super super danny ­ ,,,,,,,

    From Dex, on Tue 17 Sep 19:53
  10. get in there burnley...........

    From , on Tue 17 Sep 19:52
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