Saturday August 24, 2013 Day 4 Finished Hillsborough

Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 2 Millwall

  • Johnson 7’
  • Helan 21’
  • Zayatte 5’ (o.g.)
  • Keogh 87’

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      4 -
      Substitution Out46′ 5.5 -
      4.5 -
      Own Goal Yellow Card 1.5 -
      Goal 8 -
      3 -
      Substitution Out89′ 4 -
      6 -
      Goal 6.5 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out67′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In46′ 5 -
      Substitution In67′ 4.5 -
      Substitution In89′ 5.5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      7 -
      7 -
      6 -
      Substitution Out46′ 7 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out70′ 5 -
      5 -
      5 -
      Substitution Out55′ 5 -
      4 -
      Goal 4 -
      Substitution In70′ Yellow Card 4 -
      Substitution In55′ 5 -
      Substitution In46′ 5 -

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  1. LOLZ @ ALWAYS WRONG numpty. The term 'MASSIVE'­ is a pi55 take on the part of the Wendys as any fowls ­ fan knows, erm apart from YOU LOLZ but then again yer­ not really a fan so no change there!

    From justapiggypieater, on Wed 28 Aug 16:24
  2. Crystal Palace play Premiership football Slag us all­ you want cos your not anywhere near our standard ­ Millwall for league one....definate favourites hehehehe

    From F11ENY, on Tue 27 Aug 15:38
  3. Well at least there is one thing we agree on piggy -­ Wednesday are a massive club unlike Bacon Blades who­ are a division lower than Wednesday, have smaller­ gates, and more traveling fans. Not that you would know­ anything about that as you don't even go to home­ matches.

    From Always Right, on Tue 27 Aug 14:27
  4. Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Jones cwying about the ref AGAIN. Got­ to give it to him he's consistant. That's EVERY­ game so far! LOLZ

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 27 Aug 13:12
  5. Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Hoo shud have had least 4 penalties­ AGAIN ! Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Hoo its so unfair do thes refs­ not realise wot a MASSIVE club wendys are LOLZ

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 27 Aug 13:10
  6. These comments are on the Owls page you fool. Who's­ Dennis?

    From Always Right, on Tue 27 Aug 12:08
  7. " please depart­ this Millwall page you oinks­ & go out with Mummy­ & sort your new uniform­ out for next term !! " That's rich Dennis!­ Considering you're always around the West Ham pages­ you hypocrite! Stupid Mongwall supporters.

    From Billy, on Mon 26 Aug 15:26
  8. Thanks for that HEISENBERG - I agree when the small 3rd­ rate team Palace get relegated at the end of the season­ they won't be playing Wednesday ( bigger team )­ next season because Wednesday will be in the­ Premiership.

    From Always Right, on Mon 26 Aug 11:26
  9. get buxton out and llera in now he's a bone idle­ liability !

    From reg j, on Sun 25 Aug 18:43
  10. IF? Palace get relegated . . . .they WON'T play­ either of these small time, BIG MOUTH clubs next­ season;-)

    From HEISENBERG, on Sun 25 Aug 12:47
  11. PMSL........ where's Jones book of excuses lol

    From JOHN, on Sat 24 Aug 17:18
  12. I smell relegation for Millwall. Aha, back down to­ League 1 you go. It's still early, but after these­ poor performances, can you judge anyone for predicting­ early? It's about time too, it's been coming.­ COYI. They're just an easy 6 points. Y'know­ what's sort of strange? How a few seasons ago when­ we got relegated Millwall made the "Avram Grant,­ Millwall legend" Stuff. Well guess what? Steve­ Lomas will become our hero (Not to say he isn't­ already, we loved him at WEST HAM)

    From Billy, on Sat 24 Aug 15:54
  13. lomas out this clown is imbarasing us as a team and­ community lomas out lomas out lomas out

    From richard, on Sat 24 Aug 15:51
  14. You can get help you know,have you seen "The­ King's speech"

    From Anon, on Sat 24 Aug 8:24
  15. I see you are still at it justapiggypieater leaving­ comments as Wodders the only people you are fooling are­ pig Blade supporters.

    From Always Right, on Fri 23 Aug 15:37
  16. Anerley - definitely Pakistani, probably #$%$ and Gay.

    From Always Right, on Fri 23 Aug 9:12
  17. Sowwy Wodders wetards weren't allowed.

    From Anon, on Thu 22 Aug 23:46
  18. Are you a Pakistani Anerley because you don't speak­ English.

    From Always Right, on Thu 22 Aug 13:10
  19. God, cant you tell that brats are still off school­ around the Emus haunt of Smelwurst park, please depart­ this Millwall page you oinks & go out with Mummy­ & sort your new uniform out for next term !! Those­ of you that know their Dads ( not many I am sure ! )­ can go out & pick up conkers for the new term !!!­ Onwards & upwards. Super MIllwall from the Den. x

    From Dennis, on Thu 22 Aug 11:42
  20. Its amazing that of the 15 comments 7 are from the­ Selhurst Park Morons,pity they find other sites more­ interesting than their own,mind you its easy to­ understand that as who wants to watch/talk about this­ seasons most likely premiership relegation side! yes I­ know that Millwall are not doing well at the moment but­ just watch us when we get going with Dennis shouting us­ home!

    From Barry, on Tue 20 Aug 20:00
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