Sunday July 3, 2011 Group Stage: Group B Finished Estadio Ciudad de La Plata

Brazil 0 - 0 Venezuela

  • Live Commentary

    • Brazil
    • Venezuela
    • 90+3' The referee brings the game to an end. A very poor game by Brazil's standards.Venezuela can be very proud of their dogged performance.
    • 89' There are boos sounding from the crowd. There are a lot of Argentines in the crowd which could explain it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were coming from the Brazilian section. Their team's performance has been very poor tonight.
    • 88' Venezuela have a corner and aim it towards Vizcarrondo. The big defender latches on to it but fails to trouble Julio Cesar.
    • 87' Andre Santos wants the headlines. He shoots from a difficult angle and although he catches it well, it sails wide.
    • 86' The midfielder's first action is to track back into his box and clear Neymar's pass. He's freash, that's what they'll need during these last five minutes or so...
    • 85' Di Giorgio replaces Gonzalez.
    • 84' Again they go long. This time Neymar attempts to pick out Fred who times his run to perfection. Unfortunately for him, Neymar's pass is too hard and Vega claims.
    • 83' The Brazilians have sustained pressure on the 18 yard box. The move looks promising but Alves commits a needless foul.
    • 82' Poor again from the 5-time world champs. They're really trying to force it now. They're attempting passes that aren't even there. Dani Alves' pass is again picked off with ease.
    • 81' Gonzalez is down and play is currently stopped.
    • 78' Maldonado, Venezuela's all-time top goalscorer replaces Miku.
    • 77' It's still very flat from the Brazilians. They've not had much luck in front of goal all day. To be honest, they've not created much either.
    • 76' The cross from the free-kick is poor. It's floated very high into the box which allows Vega to rush of his line and claim.
    • 75' Elano replaces the injured Ramires.
    • 74' Pato surges down the right wing and attempts to cross but is flattened by Arango.
    • 73' Very close from the Venezuelans. With Ramires still on the floor they attack. They start down the right but shift it over to the left. Miku is spare on the left of the penalty box and receives the pass. He runs on to it and strikes it first time but drags his shot wide.
    • 72' Ramires is down. He tricks his way past one defender but hits the deck attempting to do it past the next. A little contact, but not much.
    • 71' Gonzalez collects the short corner and attempts a shot from 25 yards. It takes a deflection on the way through to Cesar which takes the sting out of it.
    • 70' Cichero does excellently down the left wing. he beats his man and crosses for Miku. The striker's first touch is very clever but Lucio reads it well and clears.
    • 69' It's their final ball. They're really struggling to pick the right pass. Maybe they're trying to rush it now as they only have 20 minutes left to find a goal...
    • 68' Still that chance in the first half when Pato hit the crossbar is Brazil's best chance of the match. They will really need to turn it on if they are to avoid a humiliating draw.
    • 67' Nearly. Neymar and Ganso exchange passes before attempting to feed Pato. The ball beats the defender's outstretched leg but also beats Pato.
    • 66' Fred and Ramires attempt to get inbetween the centre-halves. They're penalised for a foul.
    • 65' Moreno replaces Rondon.
    • 64' Robinho is replaced by Fred.
    • 63' Oosh. Rash tackle from Gonzalez. He flies into the tackle against Neymar. He too is booked.
    • 62' Ramires skips past the full back and enters the box. His cross is poor and evades Neymar. Another half-chance.
    • 60' Great decision from the ref. Rondon has Thiago Silva backtracking in his own box. The Venezuelan produces a few step-overs before throwing himself to the floor. He's booked.
    • 59' Robinho fouls Cichero. It's needless. The Venezuelan is in his own half and looks a little panicked under the Brazilians pressure.
    • 58' Arango dispossesses Lucas down the left and surgers forward. He crosses for Miku but the ball has a little too much on it and Julio Cesar collects. Close.
    • 57' The free kick is poor. It fails to beat the first man and Brazil clear.
    • 56' Gonzalez is fouled on the half way line and the Venezuelans pack the box.
    • 55' Venezuela attempt to attack down the right this time and manage to get themselves in a good position. Seemingly out of nowhere Lucas tracks back and cuts out the ball. Great work from the midfielder.
    • 54' Pato picks up a lovely position in between teh centre-half and full-back. He receives the ball and attempts to roll the ball in betweenm too. He very nearly does so but the ball rolls away from him. Vega collects.
    • 53' Arango exchanges a number of passes with Lucena before surging down the right. Alves recovers and clears for a corner.
    • 52' It's just not happening for Brazil. They're in a favourable position with a 3-on-2 but Ganzo's pass is very poor. It is played straight at Cichero.
    • 51' Ramires' lobbed through ball is aimed for Robinho but the offisde Pato thinks it's for him. As soon as he touches it the flag goes up. Robinho's not too happy as the striker would have been clean through.
    • 50' It's still seems slow and a little sluggish from the 5-time World Champions. They'll need to up the tempo in order to break down the Venezuelans.
    • 49' Nice play from Robinho in the opposition half. He somehow manages to pirouette betwen two players. He attempts a one-two with Neymar but the Santos striker's touch is poor.
    • 48' Dani Alves tries to be clever and it backfires. The marauding right-back cuts inside and attempts a flashy flick with the outside of his foot but completely mis-kicks the ball. Rosales clears and Venezuela go on the break.
    • 47' Rincon collects the ball deep in his own half and makes his way into the Brazil half. He dwells too long on the ball though, and is fouled. He was fortunate not to lose possession.
    • 46' The second half is under way.
    • 45+1' The referee blows the whistle to end the first half.
    • 45' Great chance to take the lead before half time. Robinho finds Neymar in the penalty area and the Santos striker only has to beat the goalkeeper. His attempted curled effort sails wide of the goal. Poor finish.
    • 44' Neymar plays a reverse ball through towards Ganzo but it's cut out. Neymar's not happy with himself.
    • 42' This game is suiting the Venezuelans right now. It's slow and a bit scrappy. The Brazilians will have wanted more from their midfielders.
    • 41' Rondon bursts down the line but is double-teamed by Alves and Lucio. He is sent flying but the challenge was fair.
    • 40' It's turned a little scrappy. A few of the players from both teams look a bit frustrated and are going in hard on each other. Referee Arozco stops play to calm it down.
    • 39' Lucas again goes in very hard. Again he goes unpunished. This time he flies in on Lucena. The Venezuelans aren't too happy with the Brazilian.
    • 38' Brazil break through Neymar who passes to his left. Robinho bursts through one-on-one but his finish is poor and is cleared off the line. He should have scored
    • 37' Venezuela have an excellent opportunity to go through on goal. Thiago Silva cynically commits a foul on the half way line and the referee fails to give Venezuela the advantage much to their disappointment. Silva is booked.
    • 35' Brazil have a good chance to attack as they are rewarded a free-kick. Instead of taking it quickly and passing through the gap, they take their time and pass back towards Lucio.
    • 34' The build-up play is quite relaxed from the Brazilians. They don't look like they're rushing as they try to find the opener.
    • 33' Robinho and Neymar neatly exchange a few passes. The latter creates a gap through two defenders but Robinho's pass wasn't hit firmly enough and the attack breaks down.
    • 32' Venezuela are allowed to pass the ball around their half for a moment but Brazil are soon on to them. Vega receives the ball before punting it up-field. Santos is fouled in the air and again Brazil have the ball back.
    • 29' Neymar is lifted into the air after a hard tackle from Cichero. The ref blows for a foul and Brazil take it quickly.
    • 28' Play is stopped for a minute as there is a dog on the pitch.
    • 27' But just as i write that Pato hits the bar. Alves bursts down the right and centers for Lucas. The Liverpool midfielder leaves it and the ball runs on to Pato who shoots first time. Vega is beaten but the ball cannons back off the bar. Good chance.
    • 26' It's been a little tricky for Brazil so far. They've had a few half chances but nothing that they'd really expect to score from.
    • 25' Robinho has his pocket picked by Rincon and then commits a foul attempting to regain possession for his team.
    • 24' Ramires collects the ball in a promising position on the edge of the area. He lays it off to the onrushing Pato. The strikers left-footed shot is blocked.
    • 23' Again Brazil control the ball. Rapidly passing betwen each other but struggle to fins a probing pass so go back towards their defence.
    • 22' Brazil push men forward as they attack their opponent's box. The Venezualeans regain the ball and attempt to break away. Lucas fouls Miku to allow his team to re-shape.
    • 21' Pato crosses from the right but it's hit too hard. Robinho keeps the ball in play and then attempts to return the favour to Pato. The forward is penalised for climbing on his opponent.
    • 20' The Brazilians have controled a lot of the ball but look to be walking the ball into the back of the net.
    • 19' Robinho gives the ball away needlessly on the half-way line and Venezuela are allowed to hold the ball.
    • 18' Ganzo and Pato exchange passes down the right. The former plays a long cross-field pass to Neymar. The Venezuelans regain their shape and Brazil's attack is stifled.
    • 17' Santos has a number of passing options but elects to cross towards the solitary Robinho in the box. Unsurprisingly his teammates are not best pleased.
    • 16' Gonazalez takes on two players and advances out of his own half. A gap opens up for Rondon but Gonzalez's pass is wayward and is cut out.
    • 15' Brazil are controlling play very well. Passing it around their defence, waiting for a gap to open up.
    • 14' Rondon surges towards the Brazil goal but gives the ball away to Thiago Silva. The Venezuelan concedes a foul.
    • 13' Neymar collects the ball on the edge of the Venezuela penalty area before shifting it left to Santos. The midfielder crosses towards the front post but Robinho's volley is sent way over the bar.
    • 12' Venezuela attack the Brazil penalty area for the first time in the match. Lucena cross from the right flank towards the onrushing Rincon but he is unable to keep his header down.
    • 11' Pato receives the ball by the corner flag on the right wing. His control lets him down and he concedes a foul through frustration.
    • 10' Ramires attempts a through ball to Dani Alves who is charhging down the right flank. The left-back cuts it out but loses control of the ball and nearly allows the Brazilian through. Vega rushes off his line to clear.
    • 9' Miku does very well in his own half. He barges Robinho off the ball before flicking it over Andre Santos. His attmpted pass out wide is weak though, and Brazil regain possession.
    • 8' It's all a bit hectic in the centre circle. Lucas comes across, collects the ball and calms it all down.
    • 7' Andre Santos' long ball is brought down perfectly by Pato. The striker plays it to Neymar on the edge of the penalty area but the Santos man takes too long to pull the trigger and is dispossessed.
    • 6' Already you can see what a difficult task this is going to be for the Venezuelans. Brazil are doing what they do best and pass the ball around very comfortably.
    • 5' Dani Alves wins a free kick on the half way line. As you'd expect, the Brazilians take it quickly but lose possession through a sloppy pass.
    • 4' Neymar bursts into the Venezuela half and bares down on goal. Pato peels away from his defender and recieves the ball. The linesman's flag goes up though and played is stopped.
    • 3' Robinho collects the ball on the edge of the opposition penalty area. He has players to his left and right but ellects to take on a defender before shooting. Vega collects with ease.
    • 2' The sides have barely had chance to settle down but already Brazil are flicking and tricking their way into the Venezuela half.
    • 1' Referee Raul Orozco blows his whistle to start the match.
    • 21:04 For some unknown reason, the national anthems have been skipped. The players have now taken to the field and are just going through the motions before the game gets under way.
    • 20:59 As has been a recurring theme of these championships so far, the set kick off time is just a guideline. We still await the arrival of both teams.
    • 20:48 Venezuela: R. Vega. R. Rosales. G. Cichero. O. Vizcarrondo. J. Granados. F. Lucena. T. Rincón. J. Arango. C. González. Miku. S. Rondón. SUBS - J. Rey. G. Maldonado. D. Arismendi. A. Moreno. L. Morales. L. Seijas. G. Perozo. G. Di Giorgi. A. Gonzalez. D. Hernández. Y. Orozco. J. Meza.
    • 20:48 The line-ups are in: Brazil: Júlio César. Dani Alves. Lúcio. Thiago Silva. André Santos. Ganso. Lucas. Ramires. Robinho. Neymar. A. Pato. SUBS - A. Correia. Sandro. Elias. Luisão. Maicon. Elano. Jadson. Fred. Jefferson. David Luiz. Victor. Lucas.
    • 20:42 Brazil have won four of the last five Copa Americas, having triumphed just once in 48 years prior to that.
    • 20:38 Good evening and welcome to the LIVE commentary of the Group B match between Brazil and Venezuela.
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    Manager: Mano Menezes

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    Manager: Cesar Farias

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