Wednesday January 9, 2013 Last 16 Finished Bernabéu

Real Madrid 4 - 0 Celta de Vigo

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 3’, 24’, 87’
  • Khedira 89’

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    • Real Madrid
    • Celta de Vigo

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  • Real Madrid

    Manager: José Mourinho

  • Celta de Vigo

    Manager: Paco Herrera

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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      8.4 -
      5.3 -
      5.2 -
      Red Card 4 -
      Yellow Card 4.3 -
      Goal 6 -
      Substitution Out46′ 4.8 -
      Substitution Out75′ 5.9 -
      4.8 -
      Goals ×3 8.5 -
      Substitution Out65′ 4.7 -
      Substitution In65′ 4.1 -
      Substitution In75′ 4.1 -
      Substitution In46′ 5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      7.7 -
      Substitution Out44′ 8 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out46′ 7.3 -
      8.3 -
      8.3 -
      7.7 -
      8 -
      Yellow Card 7.3 -
      6.3 -
      7.5 -
      Substitution Out56′ 7.7 -
      Substitution In44′ 8 -
      Substitution In56′ 8.3 -
      Substitution In46′ 8 -

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  1. esay for real Madrid 4- 0 win

    From FIONA, on Sun 13 Jan 12:31
  2. esay for real Madrid 4- 0 win

    From FIONA, on Sun 13 Jan 12:31
  3. why cant Messi score against Chealsea he even lost a­ penalty Messi is good but only in Barca he should come­ to PL or Seria A one good tackle and he will be on­ bench for 10 months bur Ronaldo will take it and move­ on LAST WORLD CUP SHOWS MESSI IS NOT GREAT LOOK HOW­ ARGENTINA WERE DEMOLISHED 4-0 and messi could not get a­ goal what a shame

    From JUDE, on Thu 10 Jan 18:14
  4. does anyone know who got sent of?

    From , on Thu 10 Jan 17:01
  5. Only Ozil & Khedira !!!

    From New, on Thu 10 Jan 16:29
  6. Messi has to leave the comfort of a Barca team set up­ for him to see if he is great. Ronaldo has already­ done this in many leagues and at different clubs. If­ they had a game of world cup willy I recon Ronnie­ shades it. Headers and volleys he may shade that to.

    From JAMES, on Thu 10 Jan 13:42
  7. yes,it is good

    From konrad, on Thu 10 Jan 9:08
  8. nibiruf i read your highly illuminating comments. Messi­ is the best in his generation but please stop comparing­ him with Maradona or Pele. it is stupid to do that.­ those guys played in an era where there was absolutely­ no protection for strikers or creativity. Nowadays all­ u need is to be creative the system will protect you. ­ i will love to see Messi play in England or Italy at­ some points in his career so we can really know him­ better.

    From AFRA-BEEB, on Thu 10 Jan 8:57
  9. Give honour to whom honour is due. Barca fans hate him­ or love him, there are so many millions of people who­ love Ronaldo. Your hate will not, I repeat, will not­ take away anything from him nor his skills.

    From Bobby, on Thu 10 Jan 6:22

    From Mr.nasiru Makinzen, on Thu 10 Jan 4:24
  11. barca fans real fans are both childish, however to use­ a comparison to ronaldo being a midfielder and messi a­ forward is just plain stupid, messi plays way deeper­ down the pitch initiating attacks and getting involved­ in the build far more than ronaldo ever did, ronaldo­ played in the number 9 position many times in his­ career both for united and real, watch the 2009 final­ in rome again in case you all forgot, messi plays as a­ false number 9 meaning he can come deep, bringing the­ central defenders with him creating space for others to­ exploit, if the defender doesnt come with him then he­ will just destroy them when he picks the ball up, when­ i saw messi play for the first time he was 15 and­ everyone laughed when i said he was better than­ maradona, he only looks good because they are kids, oh­ well guess i was right then and i dont care if he never­ wins a world cup, football has come to far since the­ days when one man could win a tournament, he is in his­ own league, he is the number one numbero uno whatever­ language you speak, if he could play against the­ players maradona played against with lower fitness­ levels etc he would have won more than one world cup, i­ remember after the 2009 final graeme souness whom i­ think is a #$%$ most time being gobsmacked at how he­ makes fast and fit defenders look slow and stupid and­ the argument about him not performing for argentina as­ well as maradona, well 31 goals in 76 games against­ maradonas 34 in 91 will soon be beaten, maybe even in­ the next game, so you see he has a higher goals to game­ ratio and batistuta's record of 56 goals may not be so­ hard to beat either if he can keep his fitness and form­ for another few years, how many legends never won world­ cups? maybe cryuff, van basten, gullit, rijkaard,­ eusebio, di baggio, koeman, keane, or those who never­ even played in a world cup like best, weah, di stefano,­ cantona, giggs, le tissier were not that good after­ all, cut the #$%$ people, messi is the best ever, end­ of

    From nibirufc, on Thu 10 Jan 3:10
  12. @39 CR has done nothing at all but look at his bank­ balance

    From joao, on Thu 10 Jan 0:13
  13. I just think Barca fans are childish. Honestly just­ give honour to whom honour is due. making fun of a­ player is jst childish besides it does not take single­ cent away from the player. Messi is a great number 10­ close to maradona before him( he will be better when he­ wins the world cup) and Ronaldo is the greatest number­ 7.CR7

    From michael, on Wed 9 Jan 22:52
  14. i dont know why Barca fans like Calling Ronaldo­ gaynaldo. i find that childish. and honestly most­ Barca fans are using that word. it shows that Madrid­ fans are more mature and well behaved more than Barca­ fans. Besides one is a foward and the other is an­ attacking Midfielder. how many Midfielder(s) have­ scored the number of goals Ronaldo scored?! is there­ any? i need proves please! So he is amazing, he is the­ best, when it comes to midfielder(s). i can even say he­ is the best player ever!! cos it is not easy to be a­ midfielder and score the number of goals he is scoring.

    From ETAH, on Wed 9 Jan 22:47
  15. A hat trick and an assist for Ronaldo.He is the best.

    From Manos, on Wed 9 Jan 22:44
  16. its unfurtunate that such a goal scoring machine goes­ unrewarded, CR7 scored many amazing goals last season­ even better than the so called FIFA goal of the­ season. CR7 dipping goal today was just amazing like­ many last season and freekicks.I really hope he gets­ rewarded this season.

    From michael, on Wed 9 Jan 22:36
  17. well what can i say?! they have been highly impressive­ in their last two matches and Ronaldo is on fire! so­ can i then deduce that this 2013 is gonna be a good­ year for Madrid? i think they just need to polish­ their defence. its still a little shaky. somehow­ Mourinho was calm today, i even saw him (on tv i mean)­ holding his assistant coach and telling him to calm­ down when Ramos was giving a red card. Maybe that is­ what Madrid need to do to win have a­ calm mind.

    From ETAH, on Wed 9 Jan 22:36
  18. Ronaldo IN Form card incoming, if you know what i mean­ :)

    From Fgb Rftg, on Wed 9 Jan 22:24
  19. Ronaldo, as Figo, started in Sporting Lisbon

    From fernando, on Wed 9 Jan 22:22

    From cristian ronaldo, on Wed 9 Jan 22:22
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