Thursday December 6, 2012 Kick off: 18:00 Group Stage: Group D Stade Chaban-Delmas

Countdown: -500 Days

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  1. Joseph, I don't recall anyone calling them the­ mighty magpies. We all know how bad we have been this­ season, and that is as bad as Sunderland have been. ­ We haven't played well at all so far and this needs­ to change. The thing with the PL is a couple of wins­ and you are back up the top end, it's that close. ­ 2 or 3 right players added in January and we can start­ moving back up the top.

    From Cards Fan, on Fri 7 Dec 18:05
  2. Just thought , the Mags have qualified,yet most of­ their wins have been odd goal jobs, just like their­ prem league record really,very fortunate club I reckon­ !!! Not at all the Mighty Magpies they claim to be ,­ oh dear what a sad mackem fat slapper I am !

    From Joseph, on Thu 6 Dec 22:17
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    lucky mags only lost 2 nowt pity

    From Blackcat, on Thu 6 Dec 20:58
  4. good money wasted on reserves

    From Geoff, on Thu 6 Dec 20:22
  5. Did any of you commenting about how bad Newcastle were­ even look at the team sheet? The only result expected­ was a defeat. We were already through to the next­ round, so we might as well give the young players and­ fringe players some experience. At least we are in­ Europe, where are Sunderland?

    From Cards Fan, on Thu 6 Dec 20:21
  6. @Nick,spot on mate.@rick juves first strip was PINK,

    From Joe T, on Thu 6 Dec 20:20
  7. Well I expected that result based on the team we put­ out. Not to concerned as we are through to the next­ stage.

    From Cards Fan, on Thu 6 Dec 20:18
  8. SHOCKING!!!!!!

    From Arrogant oldcastle fan, on Thu 6 Dec 20:07
  9. Why bother getting into the europa when you don't­ field your best player's

    From SWEETNUT, on Thu 6 Dec 20:02
  10. This bunch of no hopers will get football done away­ with....shocking

    From geoff, on Thu 6 Dec 20:01
  11. nick 25 looks like you evening went t*ts up , no draw­ for you , outplayed & outclassed by an equally­ light team allez GIRONDINS

    From Ricky, on Thu 6 Dec 19:58
  12. I can truly say i,ve watched better Sunday league­ football(in fact that,s exactly what Newcastle looked­ like)Time to clear out the dross!!!and invest in some­ FOOTBALLERS!!!

    From Barbara, on Thu 6 Dec 19:55
  13. OK. that should have said fielding a young team.

    From Cards Fan, on Thu 6 Dec 19:52
  14. Firstly, we've already qualified which is why we­ are fielding a you team. And Nick, to top the group we­ would need to win.

    From Cards Fan, on Thu 6 Dec 19:44
  15. The Geordie jokers in Europe, ridiculous. There are­ Liverpool pub teams that play better football.

    From JAMES, on Thu 6 Dec 19:34
  16. Even though we had already qualified, looks like he has­ used one or two 2nd team players too many. Another win­ would have been nice.

    From Keith, on Thu 6 Dec 19:34
  17. Get in there!!!!! LOL.

    From Arrogant oldcastle fan, on Thu 6 Dec 19:31
  18. Yellow number two....LOL.

    From Arrogant oldcastle fan, on Thu 6 Dec 19:27
  19. look at the team ,just giving the fringe players a­ chance

    From Mick, on Thu 6 Dec 18:59
  20. @15 rick "Sad Juventus wannabes" NUFC was­ formed in 1892 . . .5 years before Juventus (1897) you­ MUG! there Newcastle wanabes . . . (well actually . .­ .Notts County, That is were they got the black and­ white strips from! Know your History!) Newcastle can­ still grab a Draw here and top the group, but its a­ dead rubber game with all the Toon kids having a run­ out! :)

    From Nick, on Thu 6 Dec 18:56
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