Thursday November 22, 2012 Kick off: 20:05 Group Stage: Group A Anfield

Countdown: -518 Days

  1. Europa League - Matchpack: Liverpool v Young Boys

    Europa League - Matchpack: Liverpool v Young Boys

    Team news, manager quotes and bookmaker odds ahead of Liverpool's Europa League Group A clash with Young Boys at Anfield. More

Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Liverpool

    Manager: Brendan Rodgers

  • BSC Young Boys

    Manager: Martín Rueda

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BSC Young Boys’s last 5 results

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  1. Yesil Must play

    From Ali, on Wed 28 Nov 19:09
  2. suso and assaidi is overrated...they were bullied off­ the park too easily..i hope Br starts both of them­ against swansea..

    From Duke of Heysel, on Sat 24 Nov 5:47
  3. My goodness BR stated yesterday that Liverpool was­ heading in the right direction, what he failed to say­ is that direction is DOWN, There were 5 players on the­ park last night that are not fit to wear the shirt. ­ Sorry they need a kick quickly, if no improvement OUT. ­ Money is coming far to easy.

    From Sam, on Fri 23 Nov 5:16
  4. Liverpool suck

    From Peter, on Fri 23 Nov 1:16
  5. BR must have talked a lot of sense at his interview for­ this job to get it.He must have known the owners have­ no idea about tactics or else they would have seen­ through this cowboy and chased him.Woeful team­ selection that stinks of arrogance.Taxi for Rodgers.

    From sandy, on Thu 22 Nov 22:58
  6. Brenda is just not up to the job, the old Liverpool way­ was kill the game, rest the players. This man has no­ idea, resting players to play in a game the team have­ not even qualified for, very naive thinking. He will­ never be able to fill KKs position, no man management­ skills, no plan A,B or any other plan. It is going to­ be a hard few years ahead

    From THOMAS, on Thu 22 Nov 22:34
  7. half of are team and br his just not good enough for­ liverpool fc get rid

    From 3Dog, on Thu 22 Nov 22:26
  8. we need br out and them Americans before its 2late

    From 3Dog, on Thu 22 Nov 22:24
  9. its same old story well its same problem we have add­ in nearly in every game well we add same problem all­ season we control game and play a lovely and great­ passing game but looking good and passing ball about­ good dont win us games like we always give goals away­ well we always give ball away in wrong areas what­ always lead to other sides getting a goal and that his­ happening in nearly every game and still br still dont­ learn but its true we add this same problem all­ season we cant finish teams off and thats are problem

    From 3Dog, on Thu 22 Nov 22:18
  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG the mighty LFC!!!!!!!! 2-2 but it was­ against one of the giants of world football - ha ha ­ Come on lads, YNWA and all that, next game will get you­ through!!! you are LFC, ha-ha

    From ., on Thu 22 Nov 22:18
  11. lol

    From aberdeenlad, on Thu 22 Nov 22:13
  12. Rogers should go now

    From Orange LK, on Thu 22 Nov 22:12
  13. Why take Cole off when he was the best player on the­ pitch. Rodgers keeps taken players off when there­ winning .

    From Lord Summerisle, on Thu 22 Nov 22:10
  14. liverpool should of played jimmy savil up front he­ would of slotted a few more away !!!!! ;o)

    From dave p, on Thu 22 Nov 22:09
  15. Poor result, it is time Rodger's decided that it is­ Liverpool he is manager of and not some smaller club, I­ think he is rubbish and apart from a few players they­ are just not good enough and the way they play is poor.­ Get it together Rodger's before you ruin Liverpool­ all together. Liverpool fann all the way.

    From will, on Thu 22 Nov 22:08
  16. another #$%$ performanse by a so called top players the­ boss can not keep on saying that he is proud of the way­ they played give him the boot & half the bloodie team

    From BARBARA, on Thu 22 Nov 22:06
  17. if u draw agaist swansea on saturday i bet the­ liverpool fans will turn on u , ur honeymoon period is­ over tick tock br

    From John, on Thu 22 Nov 22:04
  18. Young boys are not hovering about liverpool pool your­ pants up and train harder

    From Genady, on Thu 22 Nov 22:03
  19. Rodgers wont need to worry about resting players now­ because Liverpool will get beaten in Udinese and be out­ of the Europa League anyway so he may aswell have just­ played his first choice team from the start.

    From Paul, on Thu 22 Nov 22:01
  20. All experienced managers would be organising­ defensively 5 mins from the end. Rodgers was sat­ watching!

    From Andrew, on Thu 22 Nov 22:00
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