Monday April 1, 2013 Round 6 Finished Stamford Bridge

  1. FA Cup - Stunning Ba strike sees Chelsea end United's double dream

    FA Cup - Stunning Ba strike sees Chelsea end United's double dream

    Chelsea ended Manchester United's double hopes courtesy of Demba Ba's volley in a 1-0 FA Cup quarter-final replay win. More

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    • Chelsea
    • Manchester United
    • 90+4' There goes the final whistle! A 1-0 win for Chelsea. Hardly a classic, but Chelsea deserving winners for a brighter performance in the second half.
    • 90+3' Ba departs the scene to be replaced by the masked man Fernando Torries.
    • 90+2' Young picks out Van Persie with the cross, but he nods over the bar. Can't direct it towards goal.
    • 90+1' We are into four minutes of time added as Oscar departs to be replaced by Victor Moses. The Chelsea fans in full voice. They think their side is over the line here.
    • 89' Oscar joins Mata in the book for a similar sort of tackle on Young. All or nothing at all now for the visiting team.
    • 88' A booking for Mata for a late challenge on Valencia.
    • 87' Chelsea almost in at the other end for the clinching goal as Mata's shot is kept out on the line by De Gea.
    • 86' Van Persie slams the volley over the bar from seven yards out! Lovely ball from Evra after he ran beyond Young. Glorious chance for the Dutch forward. Expected that to nestle in the net.
    • 85' Ba manages to get away from Smalling, but is penalised for a spot of foul play. Not sure there was much in that. But Smalling given the benefit of the doubt.
    • 84' Oscar accepts the pass from Hazard. Darts just inside the United box, but the finish is not there as he screws the ball a couple of yards wide of the target.
    • 83' Mata slams the ball straight into Smalling. United planted deep in their own half before Young hoists the ball out of play looking for Van Persie over the top.
    • 82' Mata with his latest attempt at goal. Doesn't connect properly as the ball drifts wide of De Gea's goal. Time a real enemy now for the visiting side. What can they produce?
    • 81' Valencia with a lovely ball into the middle looking for Van Persie, but he can't direct the header towards Cech's goal. Lovely ball seconds earlier by Giggs to send Hernandez scampering clear.
    • 80' United going to shuffle their pack one last time. Young takes over from Welbeck, who hasn't exactly covered himself in glory this afternoon. A bit quietish.
    • 79' Javier Hernandez has scored in six of the last seven meetings between Manchester United and Chelsea. Could do with one now as we head for these final 10 minutes or so.
    • 78' Ball breaks to Mata after Jones failed to clear. But he leans back and lifts the ball over the bar. Another goalkick to the visiting side.
    • 77' Azpilicueta goes into the book for catching Welbeck with a late boot. Dowd meanwhile has a few words with Ba.
    • 76' Welbeck guilty of some silly play as he needlessly pushes the back of Azpilicueta to relieve the pressure on the home side.
    • 75' Bertrand overhits a ball looking for Ba. Perhaps both teams starting to look a bit tired here in these closing stages.
    • 74' Valencia shows off some pace. Decides to try the shot, but he thumps the ball wide of goal. Decent idea, but the finish couldn't test Cech.
    • 73' Jones keeps his head to wallop the ball away from Mata's flighted delivery. Ramires then drills the shot wide from Hazard's cute little pass. United have the goalkick.
    • 72' Chelsea earn themselves a corner as Smalling is forced to knock the ball behind. Chance here for the home side to apply some pressure.
    • 71' Carrick picks out Giggs, who just fails to feed Hernandez. Jones gets back to tackle Hazard as Chelsea sped to the other end of the pitch.
    • 70' Chelsea have now scored in 34 successive FA Cup matches at Stamford Bridge. Quite an impressive haul, it must be said.
    • 69' United fans trying to encourage their side. Valencia dinks the ball in, but Azpilicueta clears with the header.
    • 68' Jones actually did pretty well to apply the pressure as Hazard pulled the trigger. Mikel lifts a volley well over from 30 yards or so out.
    • 67' Glorious chance for Hazard speeding through the middle. Loose pass by Carrick, but the little Belgian slides the shot a yard or so wide. That was a chance to bury United alive.
    • 66' On comes Ryan Giggs for United as Nani departs after a disappointing sort of afternoon.
    • 65' Was a brilliant stop by De Gea. Mata should have won a corner for Chelsea, but the referee awarded the goalkick.
    • 64' Chance for Mata in the United box, but he smashes a venomous shot into the side of the net from Hazard's pass.
    • 63' Robin van Persie takes over for United as Tom Cleverley departs the action.
    • 62' Cech with a stunning one-handed save from Hernandez. Brilliant diving header from the Welbeck cross/shot, but that is an astonishing piece of goalkeeping to get the ball over the bar.
    • 61' A booking for Bertrand for a blatant body check on Hernandez.
    • 60' A Mata free-kick is headed away by Welbeck. Smalling then does a spot clearing up work to knock the ball away from Oscar.
    • 59' Ramires trying to pick out Ba, but Smalling does just enough to clear. De Gea then off his line to punch clear a cross. Chelsea lifting their game here.
    • 58' Fergie is off his seat in the technical area. And is far from happy about that decision. A Mata shot then spins behind via the back of Hazard.
    • 57' Phil Dowd awarding a free-kick to Chelsea after Welbeck is deemed to have pushed Azpilicueta on the back.
    • 56' Smalling lifts a pass straight out of play for the concession of a throw-in to Chelsea.
    • 55' Mata gives the ball away to United, who are not going anywhere with it at any great pace.
    • 54' Valencia wins the ball from Hazard before Cleverley takes out Ramires with a thumping late challenge. He is booked.
    • 53' Mata trying to link with Ramires before United regain possession deep in their own half.
    • 52' United have fallen behind in 20 games this term. And have won 12 of them. They are used to such situations. Ferdinand does enough to find Carrick with a mistimed header.
    • 51' This goal needed a game, and now we have a very special one. Ferguson continues to analyse matters from the technical area. Doesn't look overly concerned.
    • 50' GOAL! Ba manages to divert the ball beyond De Gea on the run. Terrific pass from Mata and Ba turns to guide the ball beyond De Gea. What a finish that is from inside the area.
    • 49' United without Wayne Rooney today. Wonder how long it will be before we see Van Persie plunged into the action?
    • 48' Ba flicks the ball towards goal from Bertrand's delivery, but easy enough take for De Gea. Decent movement from Ba.
    • 47' Nani slaps a free-kick into the Chelsea wall before his cross is easily gathered out of the air by Cech in the home goal.
    • 46' We are off and running in the second period. Will we see better? Let us hope so.
    • - Meanwhile, here is some reading for you during the half-time break about the latest goings with Paolo Di Canio's appointment at Sunderland. Unlike O’Neill, Di Canio has nothing to lose
    • 45+1' Mikel's shot hits off Smalling before speeding wide of goal. De Gea collects Mata's corner. And that is the last action of a fairly tepid first period. The only way is up. Hopefully.
    • 45+1' And we are now into that one minute for the Cole injury.
    • 44' We are into the last minute of the half. Maybe a minute to be added I'm guessing.
    • 43' Bertrand and Nani collide in the box. Nani was going to ground as Cech came out to collect. Not a penalty, but not the cleverest piece of play by Bertrand.
    • 42' Some superb defending by Ferdinand to deprive Azpilicueta of a run and cross as United are awarded the goalkick.
    • 41' Hernandez collects De Gea's ball. A long-range strike from the forward. Ball dipping and swerving violently in the air, but Cech does well to throw out his legs to save as he began to dive in the opposite direction.
    • 40' Mata drops the ball into De Gea's arms before the United goalkeeper looks to set up a quick United break.
    • 39' Evra protesting that he didn't clip Oscar, but the referee is thinking otherwise. Chelsea have a free-kick out wide.
    • 38' Hazard heads towards Oscar on the run. A little one-two before he thumps an effort over the bar. Probably put too much pace on that shot. A classy move from the home team.
    • 37' Nani skips away from Mata before bashing a shot a couple of yards wide of Cech's goal. Better from Nani. Better from United with Ramires caught out of position.
    • 36' Those half-time pies are already smelling good. Chelsea trying to up their work-rate as Ramires runs into traffic and is relieved of the ball.
    • 35' Chelsea win the corner. Ramires clips a shot into the arms of De Gea after Luiz failed to connect with the Hazard corner.
    • 34' That is Nani most exciting contribution to this match so far. Which tells you what sort of early afternoon he is having.
    • 33' Nani is on the deck here after running into the elbow of Mikel. Little or no contact. Nani needing some treatment.
    • 32' David Luiz decides to unload a free-kick from miles out. And sees the ball fly miles over the bar. Poor, poor stuff in keeping with the general nature of proceedings.
    • 31' Ba wins a couple of yards in the Chelsea box, but that is a fine piece of defending by Smalling to make the block from the striker's shot.
    • 30' At last a moment of goalmouth activity! Lovely pass by Hazard to pick out Ba, but De Gea is down smartly to save with his legs. Best move of the match so far. Which isn't difficult.
    • 29' Ba is not the only figure lost in this match of mediocrity, but he has not been supplied by any sort of quality.
    • 28' Neither team managing to lift themselves out of this state of torpor with Mikel taking out Jones with a late tackle.
    • 27' Azpilicueta brings down Cleverley with a late challenge. Cech then out of his goal to punch clear the Evra free-kick. Just.
    • 26' Chance for Hernandez as he ghosts beyond David Luiz, but he fails to come up with the finish as he hesistates then slips at the vital moment.
    • 25' Excluding penalty shootouts, Chelsea have not lost an FA Cup game at Stamford Bridge since March 2003 - won 20, drawn four.
    • 24' Welbeck to Cleverley, but his cross into the middle is cleared well by Ivanovic. United trying to get something going. As are Chelsea.
    • 23' Ferdinand wins the ball from Ba before Smalling makes sure Mata can't continue his surge up the park.
    • 22' Cech and De Gea have seen little or no action in either goal. Can't really believe what we are watching. All very bizarre this.
    • 21' It wouldn't surprise this onlooker to see Nani hooked at the break as Ramires contributes to the poor play by sticking a pass straight out of the park.
    • 20' Van Persie doing a spot of warming up. He looks to be seeing more action than this match which has yet to get started after 20 minutes.
    • 19' Hamstring injury for Cole. That is a huge blow to the home side. Cole departs to be replaced by Ryan Bertrand.
    • 18' The move breaks down with Nani a bit loose with a pass. Meanwhile, it looks like Cole is going to depart the scene here.
    • 17' Brilliant play by Welbeck to speed away from Cole, who looks like he is injured here.
    • 16' Carrick chips the ball down the line. Ramires with a smile on his face as United quickly collect and head back to Ferdinand. This feels like a training exercise so far.
    • 15' Welbeck tries a little touch on, but Ivanovic clears before Smalling takes out Ba from behind.
    • 14' Luiz takes out Welbeck which gives United the chance to regain control of the football. All a bit sedate this match in the opening 15 minutes.
    • 13' Ba to Hazard, who thumps a shot from distance straight into the body of Smalling.
    • 12' Jones clatters Hazard with a late tackle. Chelsea regain possession deep in their own half.
    • 11' Nani then gives the ball away again. He looks like he has never played football before. Cue more boos for Ferdinand. Which is already growing a bit tired.
    • 10' All a bit slow at the moment it must be said as Cole gives the ball away for no apparent reason.
    • 9' Benitez sitting back scribbling down a few notes as Ivanovic shows his strength to win the ball from Welbeck.
    • 8' Oscar dinks the ball straight out of play from out wide. Ball runs out of play. Goalkick to United.
    • 7' Nani tries a cross, but Cleverley can't connect with the high ball into the middle. Chelsea then pick up.
    • 6' Not much happening so far apart from Rio Ferdinand getting booed. United on the ball again. Chelsea forced to retreat.
    • 5' Evra looking for Hernandez, but Luiz heads clear. Nani then loses the ball. Sluggish start to the match by him.
    • 4' Nice piece of play by Oscar to skip away from Evra, but Jones is well positioned to clear the danger. Mikel's shot is then blocked.
    • 3' United pick up out wide. Smalling winning the ball from Ba. Ferdinand getting booed for some reason or other.
    • 2' Carrick back in the thick of things after a superb performance on Saturday at Sunderland. Nani ships possession needlessley. Chelsea look to get moving forward.
    • 1' Chelsea get the match off and running then.
    • 12:25 Teams on their way out for this one here. Chelsea in traditional blue, Manchester United have guessed it.....traditional red. Should be a corking match.
    • 12:20 Sir Alex Ferguson: "In the last few years, we’ve had some very difficult draws in the FA Cup. Chelsea have enjoyed a great benefit of home draws and I don’t think they have had one hard game in the run-up to the semi-finals over the years. That helps, no doubt about that. But they have us to play at Stamford Bridge and we won’t be easy for them."
    • 12:15 "We have never played two games in 48 hours," said Benitez. "We will be trying to finish in the top four of the Premier League, but we are trying to win every competition we are in."
    • 12:10 Ferguson saw his side record a 1-0 win over Sunderland on Saturday, pre-empting the sacking of Martin O'Neill, and a win today will set up a semi-final meeting with Manchester City. Can United starting dreaming of yet another double?
    • 12:05 Rooney is out with a groin strain and today Ferguson is showcasing the depth of the squad that has put his side in touching distance of a 20th league title. Only this week Benitez said United's strength in depth in attack was key to their success. Benitez: Strikers key to United success
    • 12:00 So Chelsea, who lost to Southampton at the weekend, make six changes with captain John Terry dropping to the bench but Rafa Benitez fields his strongest front four. United make seven changes with Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez starting up top.
    • 11:55 TEAMS: Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, David Luiz, Cole, Mikel, Ramires, Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Ba. Subs: Turnbull, Terry, Bertrand, Lampard, Benayoun, Moses, Torres. /// Man Utd: De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Cleverley, Nani, Hernandez, Welbeck. Subs: Lindegaard, Vermijl, Giggs, Young, Powell, Kagawa, Van Persie.
    • 11:50 Big team news coming in as Manchester United leave Robin van Persie on the bench and exclude Wayne Rooney entirely from their starting XI. A brave move by Sir Alex Ferguson at a busy juncture of the season.
    • 11:45 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the FA Cup quarter-final replay between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.
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  1. Chelsea won! they won against a hard team well done­ demba ba

    From Shkurte, on Tue 2 Apr 21:47
  2. haha united fans cant admit that they were well beaten­ all they did on the day was force cech into a stunning­ save and van persie missed from 7 yards

    From Ooh Arrrrrr, on Tue 2 Apr 21:04
  3. To all Man U­ fans..............................................sorry­ guys.......we will win next chelsea­ fans it was only lucky

    From Nigel Mugg, on Tue 2 Apr 15:42
  4. Torres is the 3 rd best player in Chelsea.

    From Boris, on Tue 2 Apr 10:51
  5. man u is no longer man u, never came back into a game­ if scored first... too bad...

    From obinna, on Tue 2 Apr 9:46
  6. Once again the pensioner did not get anywere near Demba­ Ba when he scored. Its about time you retired Rio.

    From ALLAN, on Tue 2 Apr 7:29
  7. Where is borat comment.... hahahahahaha loser

    From Srawut, on Tue 2 Apr 5:48
  8. Not to mention, stoke and west ham are not easy teams­ to beat! We still have arsenal and Chelsea! Yes 8 draws­ will do it for us, but I am sure fergie is not only­ aiming for that

    From Clement L, on Tue 2 Apr 0:29
  9. Do only I feel it or is united get a little bit­ complesant last few weeks? Poor showings against­ Sunderland, and Chelsea! Should have won it at old­ trafford! 15 points gap? By the way united are playing­ now, that gap may not be wide enough! Tough 3 games­ coming! At least 6 from 9 is needed! City, stoke and­ west ham. Oh my god, we may jot get any out of them if­ we continue playing like we played against sunderland­ and Chelsea!

    From Clement L, on Tue 2 Apr 0:27
  10. Hey Colin, at least we got one Treble, a few doubles­ and loads of singles. What you got you bitter numb­ #$%$.

    From Sir Bertie Magoo, on Mon 1 Apr 23:41
  11. Lot's of turd burgling ABU's on here tonight,­ must be Chelski pride night .

    From Sir Bertie Magoo, on Mon 1 Apr 23:39
  12. SUPERMAN We are better than United on the day , Demba­ Ba is fantastic and his goal was majestic , Fergie went­ even redder once he saw the ball fly in De Gea saw it­ fly in as well and said to himself ...' I­ couldn't get it boss , it was too good for me , I­ give up ' . Hernandez , in an offside position­ when the ball was played ,had the best chance but Cech­ is too good , even without Terry and Lampard United­ were outplayed , even Townsend had to give Chelsea more­ praise than normal , difficult for him to admit United­ are out, another shooting match from­ Chelsea............they had a lot of chances to win by­ 3/4 nil, United looked a shabby outfit , Van Persie­ cannot shoot with the right foot. The Old Man from­ Wales came on , Van Persie came on , Diver Young came­ on , Fergie tried all sorts of tactics even getting the­ chance to get a few words to the ref. at half-time , no­ change in LUCK FOR UNITED , they didn't deserve any­ more luck this and any time!

    From Stanislaw, on Mon 1 Apr 22:47
  13. game needs goals

    From Luxian, on Mon 1 Apr 22:15

    From leo, on Mon 1 Apr 21:30
  15. Chelsea are the best team ever thats why they had a­ dramatic comeback 2-0-2-2 then 1-0

    From leo, on Mon 1 Apr 21:18
  16. Get in ! Well done Chels!

    From SW6, on Mon 1 Apr 20:27
  17. quite happy with PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS this­ season,considering we haven't played well this­ season, shows u how s%%te your team is,victor &­ colin

    From Nidge, on Mon 1 Apr 20:22
  18. Didn't Alan Ball pocket an FA Cup winner's­ medal with Everton in 1971 or 72!!!!!!!

    From FRANCIS, on Mon 1 Apr 20:18
  19. HAHAHAHAHA bacon face and klanchester out of two major­ cups already. PMSL.

    From Victor Meldew lol, on Mon 1 Apr 18:57
  20. 51st mintue 'this goal needed a game' ­ looool

    From Richard, on Mon 1 Apr 18:05
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