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  1. Chelsea won! they won against a hard team well done­ demba ba

    From Shkurte, on Tue 2 Apr 21:47
  2. haha united fans cant admit that they were well beaten­ all they did on the day was force cech into a stunning­ save and van persie missed from 7 yards

    From Ooh Arrrrrr, on Tue 2 Apr 21:04
  3. To all Man U­ fans..............................................sorry­ guys.......we will win next time...........to chelsea­ fans it was only lucky

    From Nigel Mugg, on Tue 2 Apr 15:42
  4. Torres is the 3 rd best player in Chelsea.

    From Boris, on Tue 2 Apr 10:51
  5. man u is no longer man u, never came back into a game­ if scored first... too bad...

    From obinna, on Tue 2 Apr 9:46
  6. Once again the pensioner did not get anywere near Demba­ Ba when he scored. Its about time you retired Rio.

    From ALLAN, on Tue 2 Apr 7:29
  7. Where is borat comment.... hahahahahaha loser

    From Srawut, on Tue 2 Apr 5:48
  8. Not to mention, stoke and west ham are not easy teams­ to beat! We still have arsenal and Chelsea! Yes 8 draws­ will do it for us, but I am sure fergie is not only­ aiming for that

    From Clement L, on Tue 2 Apr 0:29
  9. Do only I feel it or is united get a little bit­ complesant last few weeks? Poor showings against­ Sunderland, and Chelsea! Should have won it at old­ trafford! 15 points gap? By the way united are playing­ now, that gap may not be wide enough! Tough 3 games­ coming! At least 6 from 9 is needed! City, stoke and­ west ham. Oh my god, we may jot get any out of them if­ we continue playing like we played against sunderland­ and Chelsea!

    From Clement L, on Tue 2 Apr 0:27
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hey Colin, at least we got one Treble, a few doubles­ and loads of singles. What you got you bitter numb­ #$%$.

    From Sir Bertie Magoo, on Mon 1 Apr 23:41
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Lot's of turd burgling ABU's on here tonight,­ must be Chelski pride night .

    From Sir Bertie Magoo, on Mon 1 Apr 23:39
  12. SUPERMAN We are better than United on the day , Demba­ Ba is fantastic and his goal was majestic , Fergie went­ even redder once he saw the ball fly in De Gea saw it­ fly in as well and said to himself ...' I­ couldn't get it boss , it was too good for me , I­ give up ' . Hernandez , in an offside position­ when the ball was played ,had the best chance but Cech­ is too good , even without Terry and Lampard United­ were outplayed , even Townsend had to give Chelsea more­ praise than normal , difficult for him to admit United­ are out, another shooting match from­ Chelsea............they had a lot of chances to win by­ 3/4 nil, United looked a shabby outfit , Van Persie­ cannot shoot with the right foot. The Old Man from­ Wales came on , Van Persie came on , Diver Young came­ on , Fergie tried all sorts of tactics even getting the­ chance to get a few words to the ref. at half-time , no­ change in LUCK FOR UNITED , they didn't deserve any­ more luck this and any time!

    From Stanislaw, on Mon 1 Apr 22:47
  13. game needs goals

    From Luxian, on Mon 1 Apr 22:15

    From leo, on Mon 1 Apr 21:30
  15. Chelsea are the best team ever thats why they had a­ dramatic comeback 2-0-2-2 then 1-0

    From leo, on Mon 1 Apr 21:18
  16. Get in ! Well done Chels!

    From SW6, on Mon 1 Apr 20:27
  17. quite happy with PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS this­ season,considering we haven't played well this­ season, shows u how s%%te your team is,victor &­ colin

    From Nidge, on Mon 1 Apr 20:22
  18. Didn't Alan Ball pocket an FA Cup winner's­ medal with Everton in 1971 or 72!!!!!!!

    From FRANCIS, on Mon 1 Apr 20:18
  19. HAHAHAHAHA bacon face and klanchester out of two major­ cups already. PMSL.

    From Victor Meldew lol, on Mon 1 Apr 18:57
  20. 51st mintue 'this goal needed a game' ­ looool

    From Richard, on Mon 1 Apr 18:05
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