Saturday August 3, 2013 Friendlies Finished

AS Monaco 5 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur

  • Raggi 16’
  • Ocampos 47’
  • Falcao 49’, 67’
  • Obbadi 72’

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  1. Lol lol lol LOL Tottenham are rubbish

    From melissa, on Sun 4 Aug 16:25
  2. Who cares about totties!! Well done Monaco!

    From Toni, on Sun 4 Aug 10:48
  3. When you lose, you say, oh it's only a friend, when­ you win, you talk about how great your team is. you­ lost to a newly promoted ligue 1 side, that's­ embarassing, don't care if it's a friendly, i­ said it before to united fans about the Asian tour,­ their asian fans come to see their favorite prem team­ win in asia, if you lose you disappoint those fans,­ it's only a friendly if you play at home with­ Oldham or Crewe Alexandria, it's not a friendly­ when you play abroad, but since you lost to monaco at­ monaco, you were the sacrificial lamb to give hope to­ the Monaco fans about winning ligue 1 vs. PSG.

    From Neo, on Sun 4 Aug 2:20
  4. i am a yid, i have been supporting spurs for 50years ,­ i have never seen a guy like AVB at white hart lane­ with no guts or how to manage a team , he was handed a­ chelsea team all he had to do was pick a team , come on­ get rid of the guy before we end up the laughing stock­ of english football

    From lynchsammy, on Sat 3 Aug 23:52
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Oh great AVB HAS messed up again , I keep saying that­ he cannot pick a team , he needs to move on to some­ other country, he has no idea about the premiership ,­ we will be in a dog fight to survive next season , levy­ please get rid of this idiot , he is going to cost you­ more than you relize, put him back under the rock that­ he crawled out from

    From lynchsammy, on Sat 3 Aug 23:37
  6. it's only a friendly but some of these comments are­ anything but-they must be GOONERS who are never going­ to win another trophy-HA HA HA

    From BRIAN, on Sat 3 Aug 22:38
  7. COYI ........

    From uglytroll, on Sat 3 Aug 22:11
  8. COYI ........

    From uglytroll, on Sat 3 Aug 22:11
  9. COYI ........

    From uglytroll, on Sat 3 Aug 22:11
  10. had the wind knocked out of their Bale ....sorry sail

    From uglytroll, on Sat 3 Aug 22:10
  11. Maybe some of you muppets might care to notice we had­ no Adebayor,Defoe off after 8 minutes I think,so only­ Kane as a striker (untested properly in the EPL) 2nd­ string defence,against Falcao,Moutinho,Abidal and­ Carvalho.. Get the picture?Wait til the proper squad­ comes to a stadium near you! Hahaa! COYS!

    From , on Sat 3 Aug 21:01
  12. Tottenham Flop Spurs

    From Erebus M Chaos, on Sat 3 Aug 21:01
  13. chadli is bale replacement... haha

    From Izan, on Sat 3 Aug 20:31
  14. Oh dear, what a spanking inflicted on poor Tottenham

    From Ronaldinho, on Sat 3 Aug 20:24
  15. All is well

    From , on Sat 3 Aug 20:17
  16. trying times,and preparatory time. lets see d season­ first b4 we condemn

    From Fidel, on Sat 3 Aug 19:41
  17. no bale now wins

    From Portgas D. Gunner?, on Sat 3 Aug 19:40
  18. Good hussle Spuds!!!

    From Robert Farquharson, on Sat 3 Aug 19:35
  19. the biggest mistake ever for spurs if bale leaves now.­ we need him to bring on the new players in the squad if­ bale leaves now we will be left with to many none­ premier league players at the start of the season , let­ him leave in the next transfer window

    From RICHARD, on Sat 3 Aug 19:33
  20. Well, no Soldado, Vertonghen, Kaboul, Paulinho and­ whoever they use the Bale money to sign means that­ Spurs fans shouldn't read too much into this­ performance. However, I have no idea how Livermore got­ an England cap.

    From M, on Sat 3 Aug 19:25
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