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  1. The non LFC fans on here seem to be obsessed with­ LFC!!!!!!!! worry about ur own team

    From HILARY, on Sun 21 Jul 14:25
  2. only a yahoo eurosport can call a Liverpool 2-0 wins vs­ equivalent of Plymouth argyle a comfortable even­ spectacular win seriously when are eurosport going to­ stop kissing Liverpool's #$%$ and employing deluded­ liverpool fans as their journalists. I just makes me­ cringe every time i read something about them.

    From Ashley, on Sun 21 Jul 3:05
  3. wins a win

    From David, on Sat 20 Jul 17:54
  4. liverpol are strong players apparently did not survive­ until the last act to rely on new players

    From Jenius Wong, on Sat 20 Jul 17:30
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    seems about right for a mid table team. :)

    From nicnik, on Sat 20 Jul 16:57
  6. Missing both Suarez and Sturridge. That's the­ difference between today's performance and the one­ by Arsenal. Surprised that BR did not bring in a couple­ of the youth team strikers to fill in. Borini has been­ very disappointing. He really needs to step up in the­ next couple of matches.

    From FootballFanatic, on Sat 20 Jul 16:35
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show


    From Martin, on Sat 20 Jul 16:33
  8. Two games two wins, Aussies next. Massive LFC support­ in the stadium today 88,000 singing YNWA.

    From A.N.Field59, on Sat 20 Jul 16:29
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    POB says Liverpool will have a bad season again because­ they are only a mid table club now. pffffffffffffffft­ that on your window and clean it :)

    From POB, on Sat 20 Jul 16:26
  10. Duke of Heysel just got owned.

    From Peter, on Sat 20 Jul 16:24
  11. Sterling scores, 2-0

    From lofty1082002, on Sat 20 Jul 16:21
  12. Sterling scores, 2-0

    From lofty1082002, on Sat 20 Jul 16:21
  13. Well done Sterling...

    From Jacqui, on Sat 20 Jul 16:20
  14. Come on u REDS

    From Asim, on Sat 20 Jul 16:16
  15. well duke you obviously dont understand the logic of­ pre season do you ? its about getting players up to­ scratch and match fit and gelling in new players by the­ way my name is Ross and its my wifes account...

    From LISA, on Sat 20 Jul 16:04
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Brendan Rodgers lol

    From N W, on Sat 20 Jul 15:59
  17. I bet you were not obsessed with Leeds though Duke. ­ You are clearly obsessed with Liverpool.

    From Zool, on Sat 20 Jul 15:54
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hi there lisa, thats what a leeds united fans used to­ say,.. but its ok.. littlepool is not that big anymore,­ the pl will be just as exciting without them,. NOt like­ the will challenge for the top 4 or the title anyways

    From Duke of Heysel, on Sat 20 Jul 15:38
  19. Just shows that Liverpool are finally heading in the­ right direction with quality signings at reasonable­ prices.

    From Johnny, on Sat 20 Jul 15:34
  20. its not about results its about fitness i couldnt care­ less if we win 1-0 or 10-0 so long as the players get a­ decent run out and stay fit for the season.... come on­ the new season and 1 or 2 more new signings

    From LISA, on Sat 20 Jul 15:24
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