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  1. good job liverpool fc

    From , on Mon 29 Jul 7:27
  2. gerard you best midfielder in the liverpoolfc

    From , on Mon 29 Jul 7:25
  3. A.N.Field59, ... spot on mate of exactly what I was­ thinking plus didn't concede a goal in 4 games.­ Simon look's good in goal!!!, and also yes suarez­ didnt seem too intetrested to score when he came on­ except when he hit the bar from that header. genious­ and nutcase all wrapped into one!, it's weird­ becasue he's done it all to himself with the­ incident's he's been involved in and yes the­ media have jumped on each one fiercfully and­ ruthlessly, so no matter where who he would play for­ the media will be watching him like a hawk ready to­ pounce......what ever happens We must not sell to the­ goons if he was to go no matter what as they are bunch­ of mug's lol and in know mean's a step up from­ us, i say strike a deal with real madrid 40-45 mill­ plus alonso should be the deal i reckon, but saying all­ that Id still love for him to stay and put right what­ he owes the club and fan's for sticking by him and­ to give it his 100% but again do we really need him,­ seen as we seem to score a hell of alot of goal's­ with out him anyhow.....End of the day we mustn't­ sell to another premiership, could talk about this­ topic for hr's, thought his heart was playing for­ liverpool getting the anfield anagram tattooed on his­ wrist and kisses each time he scores!!!???.

    From Edward, on Sun 28 Jul 18:32
  4. 4 games 4 wins, things are beginning the gel, more­ work to do but you can only play the team in front of­ you. Coutinho looking a good prospect to play with­ Sturridge maybe one or two additional team players to­ hold the ball. they tend to give it away to easily at­ times but another clean sheet. Suarez I'm losing­ interest in him yes a genius on the ball but the most­ self destructive personality in sport today. I'm­ still inclined to say cash in now

    From A.N.Field59, on Sun 28 Jul 13:45
  5. Full time Liverpool win easy 3-0.

    From Alan, on Sun 28 Jul 13:27
  6. Thailand is not a team to reckon with, when it comes to­ football against a more experienced liverpool Fc. ­ This is more or like a warm-up match for liverpool and­ i expect them to make it more than three or more goals­ at full time.

    From Leonard, on Sun 28 Jul 13:25
  7. Well done you lovel REDS.

    From Valerie, on Sun 28 Jul 13:21
  8. Here comes Alberto on.

    From Alan, on Sun 28 Jul 13:16
  9. Thailand are worst than Liverpool

    From Michele, on Sun 28 Jul 13:16
  10. lets score more if not we'll still win we're­ better than Thailand

    From Michele, on Sun 28 Jul 13:14
  11. Thailand west than liverpool

    From Michele, on Sun 28 Jul 13:08
  12. Thailand west than liverpool

    From Michele, on Sun 28 Jul 13:08
  13. nice for liverpool

    From Samuel, on Sun 28 Jul 13:08
  14. Suarez looks unhappy, but that's standard practice­ for him, but hands up immediately wanting the ball, he­ should stay One more season then the position will be­ clearer and leaving if no CL football would be more­ acceptable to most Liverpool Fans

    From Kevin, on Sun 28 Jul 13:00
  15. Gerrard what a beauty...

    From Jacqui, on Sun 28 Jul 12:58
  16. Steven Gerrard scores 3-0 to Liverpool.

    From Alan, on Sun 28 Jul 12:57
  17. 3-0 Gerrard...

    From Kevin, on Sun 28 Jul 12:56
  18. Watching the game, all credit to the Thailand team they­ are full of running and their heads aren't­ dropping, their wingers are quick and the defence have­ to be on their toes, Toure is very much filling the­ Carragher role and looks quality, Mignolet is top draw­ and Aspas is putting the ball away well, but needs to­ be more accurate in his passing, enjoyable runout.

    From Kevin, on Sun 28 Jul 12:56
  19. Here comes Suarez now....

    From Jacqui, on Sun 28 Jul 12:54
  20. Coutinho is Fantastic...

    From Jacqui, on Sun 28 Jul 12:51
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