Saturday June 9, 2012 Friendlies Finished MetLife Stadium

Argentina 4 - 3 Brazil

  • Messi 32’, 35’, 85’
  • Fernández 76’
  • Romulo 23’
  • Oscar 56’
  • Hulk 71’

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      6.2 -
      7.2 -
      Goal 7.1 -
      7.4 -
      7 -
      Yellow Card 6.8 -
      Yellow Card 7.5 -
      Substitution Out56′ 6.6 -
      Substitution Out74′ 7.5 -
      Goals ×3 8.9 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out88′ 7.6 -
      Substitution In74′ 8.6 -
      Substitution In56′ 6.8 -
      Substitution In88′ Red Card 4.2 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      5.8 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out80′ 6.5 -
      6.3 -
      5.7 -
      Red Card 5.5 -
      Goal Substitution Out74′ 6.4 -
      6 -
      Goal Substitution Out60′ 6.7 -
      Goal Substitution Out81′ 7.2 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out68′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In60′ 6.3 -
      Substitution In68′ 6.3 -
      Substitution In80′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In74′ Yellow Card 6.8 -
      Substitution In81′ - -

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  1. Lets hope that's Messi all sorted out with­ Argentina. 3 games this year, 7 goals and an assist.­ Remarkable. But when the big the next big tournament­ arises we will need that kind of record when it matters­ most.

    From John, on Sun 10 Jun 14:38
  2. It doesn't matters the players that played the­ match. Even though it was Brazil forth team Messi­ should have done the same. Any team brazil provided is­ regarded as Brazil national team. MESSI IS WORLD BEST­ EVER. The world can see it

    From Golchert Rainer, on Sun 10 Jun 11:58
  3. Messi, Messi, Messi, Argentina!

    From iulian, on Sun 10 Jun 11:20
  4. If Ramires and Luiz had been playing, Messi­ wouldn't have had three maybe not even one. He­ knows how difficult it is to score against­ Chelsea.............actually he has never scored­ against them.. Hulk looks decent though, he has scored­ three now in three games and Chelsea should buy him. He­ has a good eye for goal. Fair play to Argentina but­ Brazil were missing at least half their first team.­ Silva, Luiz, Ramires, Maicon and Alves would have­ closed down a lot of space last night and reduced­ Argentina to one or two at most.

    From charles, on Sun 10 Jun 10:35
  5. did argentina win

    From Kabir, on Sun 10 Jun 10:07
  6. last goal for messi was a typical FIFA 2012 goal :)

    From , on Sun 10 Jun 9:10
  7. arfies r on the right path to win the worlcup .. but­ they need a better defenders

    From , on Sun 10 Jun 9:08
  8. Messi is the best from now to 2020

    From Fato, on Sun 10 Jun 8:49
  9. Messi now worth £200m

    From MICHAEL, on Sun 10 Jun 8:27
  10. Messi messed Brazil

    From , on Sun 10 Jun 8:21
  11. Outstanding performence by the great MESSI... I really­ salute u.. World is waiting to c ur action in Brazil­ world cup...

    From Shamudra, on Sun 10 Jun 7:42
  12. for sure messi is the best but can't approach even­ to a little bit with me!!!

    From www, on Sun 10 Jun 6:51
  13. Messi the best in the world just proved it again. No­ Xavi No Iniesta and he scores 7 goals for Argentina in­ the last 3 matches inluding 2 hat tricks. Messi has­ over 80 goals for club and country.

    From Barcelona Dream Team #2, on Sun 10 Jun 6:19
  14. Great match for Brazil. Lets take in consideration here­ that Brazil played with their olympic team and Messi­ with their full team. 6/11 players that played for­ Brazil is not part of the first team, especially the­ defense. Juan, Bruno Uvini, Rafael, Rafael (GK), Sandro­ and Romulo. All of these players play a defensive role­ in the team. Considering Thiago Silva, David Luiz,­ Dani Alves, Diego Alves, Lucas Leiva and Ramires,­ Brazil would not have conceded 4 goals that easily as­ they did. So, way to go for Brazil for scoring 3 goals­ and played really well offensively. Not taking credit­ out of Messi, he's fantastic for both Argentina and­ Barca, always has been.

    From Victor, on Sun 10 Jun 6:19
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Congratulations to Leo for scoring Hat-trick for­ national team side!! I'm Barça fan and Spanish­ Supporter here and i'm happy for Leo that he worked­ well and I hope he can try to win Euro2012 (It would be­ honour for him).

    From Hasan, on Sun 10 Jun 6:16
  16. based on Y! user rating, i can see only Rafael da Silva­ perform better than other three defenders with him..can­ i believe this or not? :\

    From Firdaus, on Sun 10 Jun 5:27
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    messi is great but his failure some times dissappoint­ me it is unfair to compare him with marodona all time­ great player n king of dribling

    From subhash, on Sun 10 Jun 5:18
  18. Argentina need new a defence, if it was not for messi­ they would of lost big time

    From Portgas D. Gunner?, on Sun 10 Jun 3:54
  19. messi well, i respect you a lot i dont know what else­ can a player do to be called the greatest ever but­ whether your oppositions like it or not you are the­ best ever.

    From Mike, on Sun 10 Jun 2:34
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Messi scores a hat-trick in a friendly, suddenly a­ proven international goalscorer. Do it when it counts­ at international level, not just against the plebs of­ the Spanish league.

    From Sezowot, on Sun 10 Jun 1:04
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